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A Look Into the 33rd WonderCon, including links to trailers of upcoming films, TV news, and more!


WonderCon returned to Anaheim  March 29-March 31 at the Anaheim Convention Center.  This year’s attendees enjoyed presentations from 20th century Fox, Amazon, DC Comics, DreamWorks Animation, FX, Geek & Sundry, Marvel, Nerdist, and Warner Brothers to name a few.  In addition, there were approximately 300 hours of programming featuring comics, movies, television, and an annual costume competition.

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The 32nd annual WonderCon is back!


I can never miss a WonderCon! From Los Angeles to Anaheim, I have made my journey to this convention of comic books, animation, costumes, TV, and movies. This year’s WonderCon lasted from March 23 – 25.  In addition,  the Anaheim Convention Center greeted its attendees with a new change – expansion of a new building near the Area!  This wonderful addition allowed for more space to attend activities and programs.  After all, there is so much to see and do for both new and returning fans, this addition for the thousands of visitors was a welcome change.

Just like previous WonderCons, the blood drive and Masquerade completion for cosplayers returned.  There were panels for people’s fave shows, autograph signings in the convention hall, and educational lectures on those who want to follow their own aspirations in writing or animation.  Endless comic books, anime products, and costumes abounded in the never-ending booths.

Watching the amazing costumes are one of the best parts of WonderCon.  Here’s but a handful of the wonder costumes that abounded at the convention center!

Of course, you know I love TV and movies!  Where else can fans of their fave shows go celebrate and perhaps catch a glimpse of their hero in real life? Previews and panels of TV shows and movies this year included Reverie, Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, The 100, The Expanse, Constantine, Lucifer, Black LightningSiren, SuperMansion, NBC’s Timeless, Syfy Krypton, Bad Samaritan, A Series of Unfortunate Events, LEGO DC Super Hero Girls:  Super Villain High, Into the Badlands, Final Space, Teen Titans Go! and Unikitty.  Classics such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Back to the Future and X-Men were revisited in discussions.


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The 31st annual WonderCon returns to Anaheim!

For the 4th year in a row, I made my annual trek to one of the largest comic conventions on the West coast –  WonderCon!  After a brief foray in Los Angeles last year, WonderCon returned to its usual location at the Anaheim Convention Center from March 31-April 2. With over 900 exhibitors, over 200 hours of programming featuring comics, movies, and TV shows, and numerous panels on your fave TV shows, the sold out convention was sure to delight fans again.  And this time Eclipse Magazine’s fearless leader Michelle Alexandria joined me all the from the east coast!

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WonderCon celebrates its 30th anniversary in Los Angeles

WonderCon LA Conv Center 3-28-16

It’s that time of the year where everyone dons their Batman and Stormtrooper and favorite Disney character costume.  No, we’re not talking Comic Con (although give us a few months and we’ll be in full blown Comic Con mode).  We’re talking WonderCon.  All thirty years of it.  And they have relocated to my part of town–Los Angeles!  It is the first time that Comic-Con International has done a convention in Los Angeles.  Now let’s take a trip back in time from March 25 to 27 and recap my annual pilgrimage to one of the best conventions that comic book fans flock to every year.

WonderCon 2016 3-28-16

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Eclipse Magazine returns to WonderCon!

WonderCon welcome 2015 4:3:15

April 3, 2015 marked the official start of the 29th annual WonderCon in Anaheim, CA.  This sold out convention once again boasts of panels with celebrities, producers, showrunners as attendees get a sneak peak of upcoming shows that will be debuting their pilot soon or simply listen to people who have brought their favorite shows back season after season.   Continue reading Eclipse Magazine returns to WonderCon!

Interview: Cast and Crew of TNT’s New Drama The Last Ship Speaks with EM!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Juan Manuel Marquez

We all love a good Michael Bay TV production.  His latest show answers the question what would happen if you were on The Last Ship after a viral Outbreak.  Helmed by veteran TV and TNT Producers Hank Steinberg (creator of With a Trace, The Nine) and Steven Kane (The Closer) the show stars Charles Parnell (Pariah) who plays Commander Master Chief and Travis Van Winkle (Heart of Dixie) who plays Lt. Danny Green. It’s a Bay production so expect a lot of quality production values. The show was filmed in the San Diego area and in an actual Navy Yard. Our very own Lora Bofill caught up with these fun loving guys at WonderCon. Check out the interview.

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The Last Ship Trailer Preview!

The Last Ship opens with a global pandemic from a deadly virus that wipes out eighty percent of the world’s population.  The crew and captain of the Navy destroyer U.S.S. Nathan James avoids this tragedy due to its positioning.  However, now they must confront the fact that they may be among the last remaining survivors. The only hope for a cure may be in the hands of a scientist on board their ship. This action-packed drama series is  executive-produced by Michael Bay and stars Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Adam Baldwin, Travis Van Winkle, Charles Parnell, Christina Elmore, Sam Spruell, and Marissa Neitling. The Last Ship premieres on Sunday, June 22 at 9 pm (ET/PT) on TNT. Here’s a sneak peek at the brand new extended trailer!

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Doctor Who Comes to America; Highlights of the WonderCon Panel


TRUST YOUR DOCTOR.  Doctor Who, the longest-running TV sci-fi series, is coming to America tonight!  And I’m not just referring to the premiere episode that will be airing at 9pm on BBC.  The team is actually coming to America… as in Utah.

The spectacular two-part season premiere kicks off tonight with Part one, “The Impossible Astronaut.”  The mysterious time traveler, the Doctor [Matt Smith], and his companions Amy [Karen Gillan] and Rory [Arthur Darvill], find themselves on a secret summons that takes them on an adventure from the desert in Utah – right to the Oval Office in 1969. The two-parter is penned by lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat (Sherlock, Jekyll).  It will also feature guest star Mark Sheppard (Supernatural, Leverage, Battlestar Galactica) and Alex Kingston (ER, Flash Forward) returns as the irrepressible River Song and the new season features an episode written by Neil Gaiman.

Earlier this month, fans were gathered bright and early outside of the Moscone Center in San Francisco in order to ensure their entrance, and were eagerly awaiting the presentation of the Doctor Who panel at WonderCon.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend and bring you these highlights.

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NIKITA Makes an Outstanding Thursday Return

Gamechanger.  NIKITA returns tonight after several weeks’ hiatus to an explosive (literally) and truly outstanding episode titled “Covenants” that can easily be labeled a ‘gamechanger’ among many other positive adjectives.  Even if you have not been following this new Nikita very closely, you can easily treat yourself as a viewer to a most entertaining, emotional, and exciting hour.  All elements come together adeptly and beautifully: the writing, directing, production, action, and filming.  And the twists, turns, and revelations move the story forward in a frenetic yet satisfying manner.

Those of us attending WonderCon this past weekend had the pleasure of seeing the full episode a full week before tonight’s official return.  One thing that gave me particular joy was seeing the auditorium nearly full.  Sadly, that was not due to everyone’s interest in Nikita, but to their desire to secure a seat for the “Doctor Who” panel to follow.  But this gave me joy because all those people now  had  to see Nikita.  And if they were not regular viewers before, then this episode would no doubt have made them into viewers now.  Yes, it was  that  good!  It would truly be a crime if the new incoming CW President does not renew this series for a Season Two.  Excellent writing, compelling characters, talented and charismatic actors, outstanding action sequences… what more could you ask for other than a few more ratings point perhaps.

Comments and spoilers after the jump.  And dare I say it for all the die-hard fans? … “Mi-kita” alert!!

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Preview: FOX’s New Comedy “Breaking In”

Attendees at WonderCon had the unique opportunity to screen the Pilot episode of FOX’s new comedy series “Breaking In” right before the panel discussion.  The series will be premiering Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 9:30pm immediately following ratings behemoth American Idol.

FOX’s description of the series is as follows:  BREAKING IN is an offbeat half-hour workplace comedy about a high-tech security firm that takes extreme – and often questionable – measures to sell their protection services. Created by Adam F. Goldberg and Seth Gordon, the series centers on a team of uniquely skilled oddball geniuses hand-picked to work for a manipulative mastermind.

Contra Security, corporate America’s answer to “The A-Team,” gives clients a sense of security by first ripping it away. The firm is led by OZ (Christian Slater), a larger-than-life head honcho who is a man of mystery and master of manipulation. The members of the odd squad include alluring bad girl MELANIE (Odette Annable), who is in charge of lock-picking, safe-cracking and heart-breaking; and CASH (Alphonso McAuley), a fanboy who specializes in strategy, logistics and office pranks only a mad genius could think up.  Oz’s newest recruit, plucked right out of college, is lovable and charming computer hacker CAMERON PRICE (Bret Harrison). Unfortunately for Cameron, cracking into state-of-the-art security systems is a lot easier than dealing with his co-workers. Between Melanie’s sex appeal and Cash’s hazing, Cameron has more than a few obstacles to overcome if he wants to cement his status as part of the team and become Oz’s go-to guy.

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