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Mark Sheppard Teases Doctor Who, Supernatural and Leverage

I had the opportunity to chat with Mark Sheppard, the ubiquitous actor, as part of the press event during this past weekend’s WonderCon.  Although he was attending in conjunction with his upcoming appearance on viagra for sale uk click audrey levitra cost follow site benefits of balanced diet essays popular cv proofreading for hire online buy creative essay on pokemon go no prescription propranolol statistics dissertation help Generic Ceclor Cd uses for luvox source site essay writing scholarships 2013 thesis describe in hindi say no to junk food essay for kids good opening paragraphs for essays examples paxil used to treat watch scarlet letter essay on alienation cialis argentina precious metals go here Doctor Who, I tried my best to divert his attention to Supernatural.  Of course, this was no easy task considering that Mark prefers to keep a shroud of mystery surrounding  all  his appearances.  After all, this is the man who insists that his name  not  be used in the opening credits for fear that viewers reading it will then know in advance that his character will be making an appearance!  Getting a straight answer from Mark is almost as challenging as getting a straight answer out of Misha Collins, who appears as the angel Castiel on Supernatural and entertains followers with a hilarious Twitter account (@MishaCollins).  Unfortunately due to time constraints, we had less than five minutes to present questions to this personable, funny, and engaging actor.

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Broadcast Thought: Real Doctors Offer Fascinating ‘Fanboy’ Analyses

What do you create when you combine real medical doctors and sci-fi/comic fanboys?  You get the team from Broadcast Thought, a group of three physicians specializing in forensic, child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry who provide expert consultation to the media and entertainment industries.  These psychiatrist are both medical professionals and fans of film, TV, comics, and other popular media.  They brought attendees of WonderCon 2011 a fascinating conversation with their presentation “Transcending Trauma: From the Birth of Batman to the Rise of the Red Hood.”

Almost all heroes and villains are created due to some type of traumatic event in their life, but the key question is why do some lean towards “hero” while others join the ranks of “villain”?  New psychiatric analyses exploring the effects of traumatic experience on characters’ paths to heroism or villainy were analyzed.  The team of physicians, H. Eric Bender, M.D., Praveen R. Kambam, M.D., and Vasilis K. Pozios, M.D., founders of Broadcast Thought, applied modern psychiatric knowledge and new insight to characters such as Batman, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Hulk, Red Hood, and more. They explored how these classic characters became the heroes or the villains we have grown to love or fear, asking questions such as: What drove Batman to become a hero?  Was Robin destined to become the Red Hood?  How is insanity defined medically and legally as applied to Joker?  And they offered insight into the diagnosis of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).  The discussion and analysis was detailed, educational and hugely entertaining, bringing a scientific backdrop to aspects of pop culture.  More info on this team is available on their website:

WonderCon’s Wild, Wonderful, Wacky Costumes

The 25th Anniversary WonderCon in San Francisco is well underway!  One of the funnest things about such Conventions is the enthusiasm and dedication of the attendees to show up in some truly fascinating costumes — the majority they have made themselves — depicting characters from all genres of comics and sci-fi.  So, before diving into the regular coverage, I offer up this fun little post with just a handful of the hundereds of costumes that can be found there this year.  But boys and girls, don’t try this at home unless you’ve been working out like crazy; there isn’t much that spandex can hide!

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Dorothy of Oz Comic Unveiled at WonderCon; Plus Win the Comic Contest

Fans of the beloved “Oz” franchise will get a glimpse of the Emerald City with the official unveiling of the Dorothy of Oz limited edition comic book Saturday, April 2 at San Francisco’s 2011 WonderCon.  Ten lucky Ozians who can’t make the voyage to San Francisco will also win the comic in an exclusive Facebook Fan contest. Entrants must submit a personal video explaining in 60 seconds or less why they are excited about DOROTHY OF OZ and why they are the biggest OZ-fans on Facebook. It will run worldwide from Wednesday, March 30 through Wednesday, April 6.

There is also a forthcoming animated feature film starring Lea Michele (“Dorothy”), Martin Short (“The Jester”), Jim Belushi (“The no-longer Cowardly Lion”), Dan Aykroyd (“Scarecrow”), Kelsey Grammer (“The Tin Man”), Oliver Platt (“Wiser the Owl”), Hugh Dancy (“Marshall Mallow”), Megan Hilty (“China Princess”) and Patrick Stewart (“Tugg”).

Now, it has been a while since I’ve collected comics, so I’m not sure if this will be as big a buzz as the Godzilla one (which completely sold out in  one  day!), but it is an interesting concept based on the old classic.  The complete press release follows the jump.

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Preview of WonderCon this Weekend!

WonderCon in San Francisco is almost upon us and I will do my best to be your roving reporter on site.  Since I will be trying to pay attention to the Panels and will be attempting a few interviews, there will be no real-time tweeting, but I hope to be able to provide in-depth coverage that simple messages of 140 characters cannot cover.  First up, an overview of some of the upcoming highlights is listed below.  Also, each year a program book is produced for the event and the 2011 WonderCon marks the 25th Anniversary.  The Program Book cover features Batman, with art & color by special guest Frank Quitely.  For complete details on guests and schedules, please visit the WonderCon site:  The event has also posted the following short promo video via Twitter:

Just a few of the events that I plan on bringing to you:

  • The new 3-D film, The Immortals
  • Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
  • The film  Hanna
  • The film  Priest  (featuring Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Maggie Q)
  • FOX’s  Human Target  and  Breaking In
  • BBC’s  Doctor Who
  • CW’s  Nikita
  • ABC’s  “V”
  • Robert Kirkman, creator of  The Walking Dead
  • Dorothy of Oz  comic
  • News on more Games and Comics
  • Film and TV Music Composers

…and so much more!!