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Syfy Acquires Dark Matter Space Opera From Stargate Writers!


Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, veteran writers/producers from the Stargate franchise, have sold a space opera, Dark Matter to Syfy. The series will be produced through Prodigy Pictures whose Lost girl is about to enter its final season on the network.

Based on their Dark Horse Comics graphic novel, Dark Matter details the circumstances in which the crew of a derelict spaceship is awakened from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board. The series is planned for airing in 2015. For more, follow the jump.

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Freddy to Visit Syfy’s Town of the Living Dead!


For the town of Jasper, Alabama, getting their horror movie, Thr33 Days Dead has been a kind of nightmare – they’ve been working on it for six years – but on two November episodes of Syfy’s Town of the Living Dead, Japer will welcome the maker of another kind of nightmare: Robert Englund, the original Freddy Krueger.

Englund will appear in the episodes airing on November 11th and 18th, as the Thr33 Days Dead team ask him to inspire director Jim Ware to carry on after some recent setbacks.

Town of the Living Dead airs on Syfy, Tuesdays (10/9C). Details follow the jump.

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Incorporated Into Syfy Family!

matt damon & ben affleck

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are doing sci-fi with Syfy – their Pearl Street Films is developing Incorporated, a futuristic espionage thriller for the cable network.

In the future, corporations have all the power and Incorporated will be the story of one man’s efforts to beat the system. Check out the press release following the jump.

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Syfy’s Ascension Takes Off in December!

Ascension Title - 10-13-14

Syfy has set the premiere date of its three-night, six-hour event series, Ascension, about murder on a generation ship seeking a new home for humanity.

Ascension will premiere on Monday, December 15th (9/8C). Further details follow the jump.

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NYCC 14: SyFy’s Bitten Takes a Bite out of NYCC


Fan’s of SyFy’s latest hit show Bitten will not be disappointed. The wolf pack is back in full force and all hell is about to break loose! The cast revealed that Season 2 starts just a few days after we left off of Season 1 and things in Stonehaven are about to get even darker, bloodier and of course a lot more skin. We will be introduced to a few new characters including a few more women with the addition of some witches. The cast was pretty tight lipped about what’s in store this season but assures me we are in for a wild ride!

Video of the cast interviews are on their way. Sadly you’ll have to wait for Season 2 of SyFy’s Bitten until 2015.

Syfy Announces 12 Monkeys Premiere Date!

12 Monekys - Cast

Syfy’s TV adaptation of Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys has been scheduled – the series will premiere on Friday, January 16th, 2015.

The series follows a time traveler (Stanford, above left, with Amanda Schull and Emily Hampshire) from the year 2043, who comes to our present to try to prevent a deadly plague that eventually will destroy the human race.

Details follow the jump.

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Syfy Greenlights Hunters From Gale Anne Hurd!

Gale Anne Hurd 09-24-14

Gale Anne Hurd’s previously untitled project at Syfy has been given a thirteen episode order under the title of Hunters.

Based on Whitley Strieber’s best-selling novel Alien Hunter, series follows a Philadelphia cop as he investigates the disappearance of his wife, leading him into the world of a shadowy government unit assigned to hunt a ruthless group of terrorists – who just might not be of this world.

The series is based on Whitley Streiber’s bestselling novel, Alien Hunter. Hunters is scheduled to premiere in 2016. For more, follow the jump,

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Z Nation Zips Along In Prime B-Movie Mode!

Z Nation - Season 1

If The Walking Dead is A-list, Z Nation (Syfy, Fridays, 10/9C) is definitely B-movie goodness. A fresh twist in the zombie movie/TV show sweepstakes, it finds a group of ordinary people turned survivors attempting to get the one known survivor of a zombie attack to a secure lab in California so a cure can be synthesized from his blood.

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200th Ep of Ghost Hunters, Town of the Living Dead Highlight Syfy’s Annual 31 Days of Halloween!

Ghost Hunters - Season 9

Tales of the paranormal and Zombie tales never fail to draw an audience – which may be why Syfy’s annual 31 Days of Halloween feature the 200th episode of Ghost Hunters (pictured) and the premiere of new docuseries (that’s right – docuseries) Town of the Living Dead.

The Town of the Living Dead is Jasper, Alabama – a town that has been working on a zombie movie for six years. Will they overcome the obstacles in their path and get their movie made? Will it ever appear on Syfy? Town of the Living Dead premieres on Tuesday, October 7th (10/9C).

Along with the 200th episode of Ghost Hunters (series returns Wednesday, October 8th, 9/8C; 200th Ep, October 22), three new Syfy Original movies will premiere during October: Dead Haul (Saturday, October 4, 9/8C), Dead Still (Monday, October 6, 9/8C), and Finders Keepers (Saturday, October 18, 9/8C). New eps of original series Z Nation will continue and the network will also feature Shutter (October 5) and the re-make of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (October 11). Follow the jump for details.

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Syfy Greenlights Childhood’s End for Six-Hour Miniseries!

Childhood's End

An adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End – famously the basis for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey – has been greenlit by Syfy for a six-hour miniseries to premiere in 2015.

Matthew Graham (creator of BBC’s Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes) will write the adaptation; Akiva Goldman (A Beautiful Mind) and Mike DeLuca (Moneyball, The social Network) will be executive producers, and Nick Hurran (Sherlock, Doctor Who) will direct.

Follow the jump for details.

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