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Interview: Ben McKenzie on Jim Gordon and Season 1 of “Gotham”


In tonight’s episode “Lovecraft”, we reach the winter finale and revisit what happened to Martha and Thomas Wayne when they were murdered which launched the series back in the pilot. We also learn from the official synopsis that following a misstep, Gordon is reassigned to duty at Arkham Asylum while Selina leads a friend, presumably Bruce, through Gotham on what proves to be a dangerous adventure trying to keep killer assassins at bay.

Recently we sat down with Jim Gordon himself, Ben McKenzie, to discuss Jim’s journey to hold on to what he holds dear while fighting the ever-growing dark forces that continue to plague Gotham.

Full interview after the jump.

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Blu-ray Review: Batman The Complete TV Series is Everything!

Batman The Complete Series Blu-ray Review

One of the most anticipated home video releases of the decade is finally here! Batman The Complete Television Series is available in a glorious limited edition (I got 46,805 out of 95,000) re-mastered Blu-ray boxed set. I’ll save you the suspense; it was well worth the wait. Warner Home Video has really given fans of the series what they have been clamoring for.

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Exclusivie Interview with the Great Adam West!


Holy Complete Batman Box Set Robin! Fans of the 1960’s cult classic Batman your wait is over. The complete Batman 66 is officially a box set DVD/BluRay. It’s jam packed with all the BLAMS, POWS and campy goodness we all loved watching the original series.

Recently I had the honor of speaking with the one and only Batman himself, Adam West, to reminisce about his time on the show and what it meant to be Batman. Full interview and box set details after the jump!

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New York Comic Con Day 1 & 2 Recap


Well kids it has been a wild and crazy ride! The first two days of New York Comic Con have been a whorl wind of excitement and running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off! lol But seriously folks I’ve had a chance to chat with the stars of some of your favorite shows and you wont be disappointed!

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Batman Assault on Arkham. Yahtzee! One of the Best Films of 2014.


While I’m a big fan of the DCU Animated films and even put last year’s amazing Dark Knight Returns film on my top 5 movie list for 2013, I have to say, I’m a little tired of DC Animation focusing on Batman and Superman. So I wasn’t particularly excited about their latest effort Batman Assault on Arkham. Boy was I wrong.

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Batman Arkham Origins Mobile App Launches!


I really dig the two current mobile Batman games – Batman Arkham City Lockdown and the game based on The Dark Knight Rises so I’m really looking forward to seeing what Warner Interactive does with the mobile game based on Batman Arkham Origins. The free game will hit iOS around the console game launch (Oct 25th) with an Android version coming later. Generally, I find the freemium model irritating, I’d rather just pay $5.99 or $7.99 and get a fuller experience. Based on the new trailer, this year’s installment looks amazing. Have I said recently how much I’m looking forward to Batman: Arkham Origins on Oct 25th?

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Ben Affleck as Batman, Cranston as Luthor, Episode VII Details, Marvel Casting Rumors, The Mortal Instruments Reviewed

It’s possible…just possible, you may have heard the news that Ben Affleck will be our next cinematic Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel film. Now that some time has passed since the announcement, this week’s GeekScholars Movie News podcast opens with some perspective on the casting decision, and an analysis of the strong reactions that followed it.

From there, the hosts play a round of ‘Never Tell Me the Odds’, where they muse about the probability of: Bryan Cranston playing Lex Luthor, Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket Raccoon, Star Wars: Episode VII making a December 2015 release, and a few more interesting rumors you’ll want to hear more about.

After that, the GeekScholars check out the trailer for Parkland, a drama about the JFK assassination, and Chris reveals his ultimate let-down at the mess entitled The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.