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Eureka and Warehouse 13 Return With Killer Summer Premieres!

NUP_139390_0308 WAREHOUSE-13-The-New-Guy-3-550x417

Eureka [Syfy, Mondays, 8/7C] and Warehouse 13 [Syfy, Mondays, 9/8C] have built up a core of devoted fans because they combine humor and drama with unique, and entertaining, premises. Their return, this evening, is fraught with the kind of unusual perils –and twisted senses of humor – that keep them unpredictable fun.

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Jimmy Olsen Joins Warehouse 13!

Aaron Ashmore

Aaron Ashmore, Smallville’s version of the iconic Jimmy Olsen, will be replacing Joanne Kelly as Eddie McClintock’s partner on Warehouse 13 – at least temporarily.

Ashmore joins the series as Steve Jinks, a young ATF agent who has the innate ability to tell when someone is lying. Mrs. Frederic [CCH Pounder] brings him onto the Warehouse 13 team following Myka Bering’s [Kelly] resignation at the end of season two to be Pete Lattimer’s [McClintock] new partner. Though Bering remains a regualr character, her character arc remains unrevealed at this time.

Details from the official press release follow the jump.

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Syfy Christmas 2: On Warehouse 13 A Secret Santa Isn’t Necessarily A Good Santa!

Myka & Toy Soldier - Steve Wilkie-SyfyPete & Toy Soldier - Steve Wilkie-Syfy

The second of Syfy’s Tuesday Christmas episodes is Warehouse 13’s [Tuesday, 10/9C] Secret Santa. It opens with Pete [Eddie McClintock] and Myka [Joanne Kelly] popping by the Warehouse to say Merry Christmas to everyone before heading home for the holidays and discovering the office awhirl in the coolest Christmas decorations [marshmallow snowflakes, anyone?] courtesy of Claudia [Allison Scagliotti] – before Artie [Saul Rubinek] storms in and deflates the scene with his interpretation of Scrooge. He has a new case – no one’s going anywhere but to work, hambug[!] – a wealthy businessman [Paul Blackthorne] who has been terrorized by… Santa!

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What Took Them So Long? Syfy Renews Warehouse 13!


Syfy’s Warehouse 13 had a second season that both entertained like crazy and pulled in strong ratings, so it’s hard to understand why the series didn’t have a third season pick-up by the time the second season ended. Finally, the logical/inevitable decision was made and the snappy series about two Secret Service agents who snag, bag and tag dangerous supernatural artifacts has been granted  that well deserved third season.

Executive Producer Jack Kenny has signed a new development deal that will see him continue to head the show’s creative team and work on new projects for Syfy.

Details follow the jump.

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The Fate of the World Hangs in the Balance in the Season Finale of Warehouse 13!


The tagline for the second season finale of Warehouse 13 [Syfy, Tuesdays, 9/8C] reads: Following H.G. Wells’ treacherous attack and devastating betrayal in Egypt, the Warehouse team must determine the plan she has been secretly orchestrating for more than one hundred years. When it becomes clear that that Wells has her hands on an incomprehensibly dangerous artifact, Pete, Myka, Artie, Claudia and Mrs. Frederic race against the clock to stop her deadly endgame.

That, as they say, is an understatement.

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Lindsay Wagner Comes to Warehouse 13 and H.G. Wells Returns With an Unlikely Agenda!

WAREHOUSE 13 -- "For The Team"  Episode 206 -- Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy

Warehouse 13 [Syfy, Tuesdays, 9/8C] has been enjoying a spectacularly good second season. Its balance of humor, drama, weirdness and adventure has been spot on and this week’s episode, For the Team, keeps the streak alive – while introducing Dr. Vanessa Calder [Lindsay Wagner], the in-house doctor who cares for the Regents and the Warehouse 13 staff.

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Warehouse 13: The Identity Theft of the Century!


Warehouse 13 [Syfy, Tuesdays, 9/8C] returns tomorrow evening with the first two extremely different episodes – even for what is already one of the strangest [in the most delightful way possible] shows on television.

When we left the intrepid team of Warehouse 13, the rogue former Secret Service agent MacPherson [Roger Rees] had just blown up the umbilical tunnel that connected the warehouse to the outside world – and, apparently, Artie [Saul Rubinek] with it!

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TELEVISION REVIEW: Missing Artifacts! A Traitor Within! A Killer Cliffhanger! Warehouse 13’s First Season Closes on an Explosive Note!


Over the course of its first season, Warehouse 13 [Tuesday, Syfy, 9/8C] has become Syfy’s most watched series ever and it’s easy to see why. The oil and water personalities of Agents Pete Lattimer [Eddie McClintock] and Myka Bering [Joanne Kelly] and Warehouse 13 Supervisor/Curator/Cataloguer Artie Nielsen [Saul Rubinek] and kid computer wizard Claudia Donovan [Allison Scagliotti] produces a high ratio of clever banter per episode and allow for a sufficiently diverse group of personality types that pretty every viewer can identify with [or wish they were] one of the four. Add intriguing magical and/pr scientific artifacts that do weird and crazy stuff – and which must, therefore, be removed from easy access and/or nullified, and you have a premise that can go almost anywhere.

To that already intriguing mix, add a carefully built backstory that includes aura-reading Leena [Genelle Williams], the mysterious and dangerous Mrs. Frederic [CCH Pounder], and the ruthless former Warehouse agent, James MacPherson [Roger Rees] and you have the potential for an explosive first-season finale.

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