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Jimmy Olsen Joins Warehouse 13!

Aaron Ashmore, Smallville’s version of the iconic Jimmy Olsen, will be replacing Joanne Kelly as Eddie McClintock’s partner on Warehouse 13 – at least temporarily. Ashmore joins the series as Steve Jinks, a young ATF agent who has the innate ability to tell when someone is lying. Mrs. Frederic [CCH Pounder] brings him onto the […]

Syfy Christmas 2: On Warehouse 13 A Secret Santa Isn’t Necessarily A Good Santa!

The second of Syfy’s Tuesday Christmas episodes is Warehouse 13’s [Tuesday, 10/9C] Secret Santa. It opens with Pete [Eddie McClintock] and Myka [Joanne Kelly] popping by the Warehouse to say Merry Christmas to everyone before heading home for the holidays and discovering the office awhirl in the coolest Christmas decorations [marshmallow snowflakes, anyone?] courtesy of […]

TELEVISION REVIEW: Missing Artifacts! A Traitor Within! A Killer Cliffhanger! Warehouse 13’s First Season Closes on an Explosive Note!

Over the course of its first season, Warehouse 13 [Tuesday, Syfy, 9/8C] has become Syfy’s most watched series ever and it’s easy to see why. The oil and water personalities of Agents Pete Lattimer [Eddie McClintock] and Myka Bering [Joanne Kelly] and Warehouse 13 Supervisor/Curator/Cataloguer Artie Nielsen [Saul Rubinek] and kid computer wizard Claudia Donovan […]