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Movie Review: Robin Hood is Fun! Michelle’s Take

Photo provided with permission from EPK.TV. Photo by Attila Szvacse

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Robin Hood: A Bit of a Mess but a Fun Ride!

Robin Hood – Robin of Locksley (Taron Egerton) – Photo by Larry Horricks/Courtesy of eOne.

Otto Bathurst’s Robin Hood aims to out-Ritchie Guy Ritchie in this weirdly familiar take on Robin Hood – weird because it emulates Ritchie’s directing style; is influenced more than a little by Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins; Irish leading lady Eve Hewson sounds very American, and, like Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger, it’s a bit of a mess but still a fun ride.

Plus, machine gun crossbows; ninja-like moves and slow-mo archery.

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It’s Got a Nice Ring to It Trailer: Robin Hood!

Robin Hood – Robin Hood (Taron Edgerton), Little John (Jamie Foxx) – Photo courtesy of Lionsgate.

The final trailer for Robin Hood has arrived and it’s a montage of action and quips that moves like one of Robin’s arrows.

Robin Hood opens on November 21st.

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Movies: Sheldon’s Bottom Feeders of 2010

Despite protestations to the otherwise, 2010 provided a fair number of good, even great, films. Sadly, that meant there were still some real dogs to found – and I found some of them. In several instances, they were films I was seeing an invited critic, but several others where the result of being seduced by an enticing trailer, or clever TV ad spot. In one case, I was invited to the screening, but had already been locked into another screening that night. Overall, these films add up to approximately one day of life – and I want it back!

Watch out, Razzies, here we go…

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MOVIE REVIEW: Robin Hood – Too Long; Too Grim and Too Much!

robin hood

I can’t even begin to chart the historical inaccuracies of Robin Hood [which are the only things that Ridley Scott’s bloated origin story has in common with those Robins who have gone before] which makes all of the film’s efforts to evoke a real time and place kind of pointless. So Robin Hood is working from a negative sum to start.

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HIGH DEFINITION: Robin Hood Comes to Blu-ray


One of my favorite films of all time the Errol Flynn Robin Hood gets the Blu-ray treatment on August 26, 2008.  A classic tale of Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood robs the rich to aid the poor, tries to rid England of Prince John’s tyranny and gain the hand of the lovely Maid Marian. Errol Flynn is eternally charming as Robin in this rousing family adventure that co-stars Olivia de Havilland and Claude Rains. Starring Errol Flynn, the premiere swashbuckler of the sound era. Includes ALL special features of previous release! Winner of 3 Academy Awards® and nominated for Best Picture.  Has resonated over the decades. Selected in 1995 for preservation in United States Film Registry.  One of the few major 1930’s motion pictures filmed in color.

Welcome to the Tellybox! by Carole Gordon



Welcome to the Tellybox – the blog where I will chat about the very best of British telly, as well as the not-so-good and sometimes the downright nasty. So, you can expect lots of meanderings about the fabulous Doctor Who, the intermittently fabulous Torchwood, the yeah-okay-anachronistic-but-has-that-hottie-Richard-Armitage-in-it Robin Hood, and the one I’m still not sure about, Primeval. Maybe because the title is spelt wrong.

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