Welcome to the Tellybox! by Carole Gordon



Welcome to the Tellybox – the blog where I will chat about the very best of British telly, as well as the not-so-good and sometimes the downright nasty. So, you can expect lots of meanderings about the fabulous Doctor Who, the intermittently fabulous Torchwood, the yeah-okay-anachronistic-but-has-that-hottie-Richard-Armitage-in-it Robin Hood, and the one I’m still not sure about, Primeval. Maybe because the title is spelt wrong.

And I’ll be chatting about lots of other shows as well – what’s hot in the UK, and the British shows that have crossed the Pond, or are likely to. Or the ones that are being remade American-style for some unfathomable reason (yes, I’m looking at you, Life on Mars). Just because it worked for The Office….

So if you love British telly, can’t get enough of BBC America, or just want to know what’s happening tellywise on this side of the Atlantic, you’re in the right place!

Coming soon: Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen….


  1. I recently upgraded my cable service specifically so that I could finally get BBC America. I’m looking forward to reading all about the shows in your blog.


  2. I’ve enjoyed your interviews, so I’m looking forward to reading your posts here. I’ll especially look forward to your comments on Robin Hood, since the last time I cheered this much for a bad guy was the Sheriff in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

  3. Since reading this I am interested to see what direction you take this. I love many of the mentioned shows. Can not wait for the return of Dr. Who.

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