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The Age of Adaline – A Sweeping Romance in Every Sense of the Word!

The Age of Adaline - Surprise!

The Age of Adaline is an old-fashioned romance – in every sense of the word. There’s a love story, of course, but also adventure and the two weave together in unexpectedly delightful ways.

Adaline Bowman was 1906’s New Year’s baby. When she was twenty-nine, a confluence of events made her immortal. She married, had a daughter and was widowed by the end of World War II and narrowly avoided becoming a lab specimen. For decades, she moved and changed her identity every ten years. Then, she met Ellis.

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While We’re Young – Coming Of Middle Age!

while-were-young - road trip

While We’re Young may not be Noah Baumbach’s best film (I can’t quite decide between Margot at the Wedding, Frances Ha and The Squid and the Whale), but it is certainly his most enjoyable – and commercially viable.

It’s the story of a fortysomething couple who begin hanging around with a twentysomething couple and learning some things about themselves.

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The Forger Is A Forgery!

The Forger - 1-Sheet

The Forger is, as they say, in select theaters and on VOD beginning today. It’s a variation on a story we’ve seen before – an ex-con is manipulated into doing one more job.

In this case, the ex-con is an art forger and the manipulation is the favor he owes the man who gets him out of prison early so he can spend time with his dying son.

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Unfriended: The Ultimate Cyberstalker!


On the anniversary of Laura Barns’ suicide, several of her friends are skyping online when they notice a curious, anonymous participant logged into their call. One of them receives a text – allegedly from Laura – and things get real weird, real quick.

If you’re not comfortable with texting, Facebook and Skype – and not too sure about email – then this is not the movie for you. If you are conversant with all things internet and cyberspace, you are Unfriended’s audience and you will probably really enjoy it.

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Movie Review: Black Souls

_Vitagraph_BLACK_SOULS_KEYART_2_Low Res

Italian film Director Francesco Munzi takes on the topic of systematic and familiar violence in his latest film Black Souls; A story that shows that one small act of rebellion and criminal behavior can have far ranging consequences that go beyond it’s original act. The film is also quietly contemplative, as you know things are going to escalate, but he takes his time getting there. It’s akin to the much buzzed about award contender A Most Violent Year.

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True Story: A Distillation of Evil From A Slight Remove!

True Story - Prison Visit

True Story is, oddly enough, based on a true story – Christian Longo murdered his family and disappeared. When he was captured, in Mexico, he was posing as a journalist named Mike Finkel. Mike Finkel was a New York Times reporter who was fired for fabricating the subject of an important story – and became the only person Longo would talk to.

Finkel’s book, True Story, detailed those conversations and was a bestseller. The film adapted from the book is intriguing, occasionally compelling but creates a distance between itself and its audience that it almost but not quite earns back.

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Danny Collins – One Hit Wonder Wonders!


Danny Collins is a little movie with a big heart. The titular Danny Collins is a 70-something ex-rocker doing arena tours in which he performs his big hits for audiences of screaming middle-aged and senior citizen sufferers of nostalgia – but things might have been so much better if he’d only gotten the letter John Lennon wrote him forty years ago.

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Movie Review: Furious 7 Goes Out on a High Note and Makes Michelle Cry Like a Baby!


Let me start this review as though I’m at an AA meeting. Hello, my name is Michelle and I’ve never saw the first four Fast and Furious movies. Welcome Michelle, you are in a safe place… With that out of the way I say “Franchise,” I define it as from Fast Five onward…. Ok? Furious 7 is a shut your mind off, thrill ride that delivers everything you would want a movie like this to deliver – Thrills, Chills, several WTF moments and a lot of tears. This movie would be a textbook case on how you end a film franchise – if we didn’t know they were doing Furious 8.

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Furious 7: PHYSICS? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Physics!

Furious 7 - Ride The Bus

If you go into Furious 7 without expected the laws of physics to be ignored, you’re in the wrong theater. Aided by an incredibly gifted stunt choreographing team and CG that are invisible/seamless, you will see cars fly (sort of) her. You will also see a man suffering from ‘a shattered collarbone’ shrug off that injury is days and shatter a cast by flexing.

Yes, if you want amazing, incredible stunts, gunfights, street racing, street fights and maybe even a bit of nuance (more than a bit, actually), then you will want to see Furious 7.

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Home Is Where The Boov Are!


Last year, a short entitled Almost Home featured an alien race called the Boov and their attempts to find a new home after fleeing the evil Gorg. After a series of interplanetary mishaps, the short ended with them arriving at Earth.

In Home, the Boov invade and relocate all humans to Australia where they live in quaint little houses and, apparently, are fed and clothed but otherwise ignored (a Boov theme park has been assembled to keep them amused). Through a fluke, Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci is missed in the planet-wide relocation project and she and her cat, Pig, set out in the family’s battered car to find her mother. She encounters Oh, the architect of the interplanetary mishaps mentioned above and things get even weirder from there.

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It Follows – The Ultimate Stalker Or The Ultimate STD?

it_follows_ poster

In a unique bit of inspiration, teens having sex leads directly to their deaths – but it’s not a girls only club. It is an equal opportunity stalker/slayer.

It Follows owes something to John Carpenter – especially Halloween – but establishes its own identity almost immediately. This is the creepiest, most disturbing and certainly scariest horror film of the 21st Century.

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