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Cold-Blooded Killers Walk Among Us Trailer: The Alienist!

The Alienist’s Daniel Brühl – Photo courtesy of TNT

TNT has released its first trailer for The Alienist, the eagerly anticipated psychological thriller based on the Anthony Award-winning international bestseller by Caleb Carr. Set in 1896 amidst the vast wealth, extreme poverty and technological innovation of New York during the Gilded Age. The Alienist follows the hunt for a series killer responsible for the gruesome murders of boy prostitutes. Daniel Brühl (Rush), Luke Evans (The Girl on The Train), Dakota Fanning (American Pastoral) and Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker) star in the series, which follows the hunt for a serial killer responsible for the gruesome murders of boy prostitutes.

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Dakota Fanning Signs On To TNT’s The Alienist!

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning will play a headstrong secretary at Police Headquarters in TNT’s much anticipated new series, The alienist.

Based on the novel by Caleb Carr, the series follows forensic psychologist Dr. Laszlo Kreizler (Daniel Brühl) and reporter John Moore (Luke Evans) and Sara Howard (Fanning) as they investigate a series of brutal murders in New York City’ ‘Gilded Age.’

Details follow the jump.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Coraline – Still Your Best Bet at the Movies!

When it was announced that Henry Selick was developing Nail Gaiman’s wonderful novel Coraline for film, it was probably not something that registered with most moviegoers. If they recognized the name at all, it was most likely from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas – even Burton claims that all he contributed was the basic plot, lead character and a few hasty sketches. Selick did all the heavy lifting.


Coraline is a completely different story. Selick developed the film, both writing the screenplay and directing the film. Here, Selick’s genius becomes clear. He adds a character – the odd little boy named Wybie [voiced by Robert Bailey Jr.] – to add to the stakes, and provide a contrasting character for Coraline [Dakota Fanning]. He also makes a few other tweaks that give the film even more depth than that usually given by stop motion animation. Then he adds really excellent 3-D – not as a gimmick, though there are places where an action does pop toward the audience – but as a means of making Coraline’s unique world just that little bit more unsettling.

The story of Coraline is one of misunderstandings: Coraline’s parents [John Hodgman, Teri Hatcher] seem disconnected from her, disinterested – though they are really trying to make a deadline on a freelance job, producing a catalogue for a client; when Coraline finds her other parents, she really thinks they are genuinely interested in her – though she is merely a diversion for them [especially her Other Mother]; Coraline doesn’t understand Wybie, either, thinking him a pest when he’s really a very lonely boy who has no idea about how to make friends.

Her adventures in both worlds involve other minor players who contribute to the mood: Miss pink [Dawn French] and Miss Forcible [Jennifer Saunders] who appear to have been very naughty in their professional careers, and Mr. Bobinski [Ian McShane], who is an aging Russian acrobat who is trying to train mice as circus performers. These characters give the film world a little extra bite and reality.

Then there’s the cat [Keith David], who is the same in both worlds but can talk in the Other World. Gaiman does a smart-ass cat to perfection and Selick captures him just as well in the film [and doesn’t a good fantasy require a smart-ass cat?].

After taking in the boring for 113 minutes/exciting for 5 minutes so-called thriller, The International, it’s my firm recommendation that Coraline is the best film available for the smart movie buff this weekend, acing out the engaging Confessions of a Shopaholic by a nose.

Final Grade: A

INTERVIEW: Queen Latifah and “The Secret Life of Bees”

In the movie “The Secret Life of Bees” (opening today), Queen Latifah plays the role of August Boatwright, who along with her two sisters May (Sophie Okonedo) and June (Alicia Keys), own and operate a successful bee farm in South Carolina during the tumultuous Civil Rights era. The three women befriend a fourteen year old Lily Owens (Dakota Fanning) and her caretaker Rosaleen (Jennifer Hudson) on their journey to discovering the truth about Lily’s mother. Lily and Rosaleen quickly become part of the Boatwright sister’s family where they are embraced with love and a sense of belonging, something they both have been searching for.

I sat down with the Queen to discuss her role as matriarch and big sister to this incredibly impressive group of women both on the set of “The Secret Life of Bees” and off. We also talked about being confident in knowing who you are and how being comfortable with yourself in life can bring great happiness.

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INTERVIEW: Dakota Fanning on “The Secret Life of Bees” and Life Outside of Hollywood

When you think of Dakota Fanning the first thing that might come to mind is a cute, sweet, blonde haired little girl with acting chops beyond her years. Her resume is littered with co-stars that make up some of the biggest names in Hollywood. But she’s not that little girl anymore. She’s actually fourteen years old now and despite the outrageous actions and less than wholesome shenanigans her tween counterparts seem to be notorious for, Fanning has grown into the talented young actor you prayed she would.

She’s co-staring along side Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, Sophie Okonedo, and Alicia Keys in this week’s debut of “The Secret Life of Bees”. Fanning plays the role of Lily Owens, a young woman living in the south during the sixties in height of the civil rights movement. She’s searching for the truth about her dead mother while struggling with the knowledge that she was the one responsible for accidentally killing her. I had a chance to talk with Dakota about movies, family, and even making the cheerleading squad.

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