‘Tis the season for HELLBOY WINTER SPECIAL 2018!

Hellboy Winter Special 2018 presents three wintery and chilling tales: Happy New Year, Ava Gallucci; Lost Ones, and The Empty Chair.

Mike Mignola is joined by Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Tonci Zonjic, Ben Stenbeck, and the inimitable colorist Dave Stewart on this trilogy of wintery ghost stories.

Hellboy Winter Special 2018 is available now in stores and on digital. Check out the preview pages below.

‘Tis the season for HELLBOY WINTER SPECIAL 2018

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (December 12, 2018)— ‘Tis the season, once again, for the HELLBOY WINTER SPECIAL….

“There is a long tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas,” said legendary Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. “I love ghost stories more than just about anything and I love that Christmas time of year so I wanted to do my bit to carry on that tradition.”

HELLBOY WINTER SPECIAL 2018 presents three wintery and chilling tales:

In “Happy New Year, Ava Gallucci,” writer Mike Mignola, artist Ben Stenbeck and colorist Dave Stewart team-up for a New Year’s Eve séance gone wrong when Hellboy visits a family’s English home;
In “Lost Ones” celebrated cartoonists Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá revisit the acclaimed B.P.R.D.: Vampire; for a haunting, midnight ceremony; And in “The Empty Chair,” acclaimed artist Tonci Zonjic returns to write and draw a Lobster Johnson tale of mobsters, mayhem and murder at the holidays.

“The Hellboy Winter Special 2018 showcases the rarified talents of some of Mignola’s most revered collaborators including Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Tonci Zonjic, Ben Stenbeck, and the inimitable colorist Dave Stewart.”—SYFY

“When it comes to holiday comic traditions, few are as clever, exciting, and chilling as the annual Hellboy Winter Special, featuring exceptional creators telling short stories about the titular demon and other characters in the Mignolaverse.”—AV CLUB

“Would fit right in with M.R. James, at least until the punching starts.”—NEWSWEEK

“Mignola’s sense of devilish humour is ever-present in this short tale and Stenbeck’s mischievous, Mark Davis inspired, Hammer-infused art whispers black life into this gloriously morbid little outing….

“Ba and Moon’s brief, dangerous, beautifully illustrated and blackly funny taleflirts with the premise that, if you go into the woods at the wrong time, you can almost certainly be sure of a nasty surprise, before reining itself in to leave the door open for a future filled with wickedness…

“Forged in the late night, fireside tradition and filled with ghost, ghouls, all manner of things from beyond the veil and gritty, period, noir soaked adventure, the Hellboy Winter Special is destined to become one of the most re-read and well-thumbed books that’ll appear this Christmas.”—TRIPWIRE

HELLBOY WINTER SPECIAL 2018 goes on sale on Wednesday, December 12 with a cover by Mike Mignola, a variant cover by Fábio Moon, and a variant cover by and Gabriel Bá.