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Snake Plissken Lives! BOOM! Studios Announces Escape From New York in December!

Teaser - Powell

This is to officially announce that yes, BOOM! Studios will be publishing ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK comics, starting in December! High Crimes and DEAD LETTERS writer Christopher Sebela will be writing, and an artist will be named later.
Escape from New York is a cult classic sci-fi film from 1981 co-written and directed by John Carpenter. In the then-near future of 1997, Manhattan has been converted to a maximum security prison. When Air Force One crash lands there, ex-soldier Snake Plissken (played by Kurt Russell in the film) is given 22 hours to rescue the President of the United States and the sensitive information he’s carrying.

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BOOM! Studios Resurrects Supernartural Detective Lucifer in Hexed!


Luci Jennifer Inacio Das Neves, better known as Lucifer, supernatural thief-for-hire (described as a mash-up of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lara Croft), is back! Hexed, a new ongoing series, will find Lucifer up to her neck in all kinds of supernatural mayhem beginning on August 13th. Check out the press release, after the jump, for details.

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Happy Father’s Day! Stop Killing People!


Mike Richardson is best known for being publisher of Dark Horse comics, but he’s also a multiple Eisner Award nominate writer of such titles as 47 Ronin, The Secret, and The Atomic Legion. Now he has written a four-issue miniseries that ‘takes fanily matters to a whole new level.’

It’s been twenty years since Silas was the mob enforcer known as the East Side Butcher, and he’s enjoying his nice, peaceful life – until his estranged daughter arrives and, unwittingly, leads a horde of hit man with scores to settle right to her dad.

Father’s Day debuts on October 22nd in comics shops everywhere. Follow the jump for more.

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Valiant’s Oddest Couple, Archer & Armstrong Head to Silver Screen!


Archer is a young man who’s been taught that Armstrong will be the cause of the apocalypse – but he was raised in a cult. Armstrong is an alcoholic immortal who doesn’t much care about anything – let alone starting an apocalypse – and has totally given up on trying to save the world. Together, they fight crime… kinda… okay, more of a global conspiracy…

The odd couple stars of the Valiant Entertainment comic, Archer & Armstrong, they are heading to the big screen via a partnership between Valiant and the Sean Daniel Company (The Mummy, Best Man Holiday, MGM’s upcoming Ben-Hur). for more, follow the jump.

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Preview: Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #1


Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo is one of the longest-running creator-owned comics characters in the world. His rabbit samurai has become beloved around the world. Now, Sakai looks twenty year’s into Miyamoto Usagi’s future, as he fights against the most treacherous of enemies – until they must unite against an even greater foe. Think anthropomorhic samurai and War of the Worlds.

Dark Horse presents a preview of Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #1, just after the jump.

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Titles Coming from BOOM! Studios!

Cover #1

BOOM! Studios announces Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – a six-issue miniseries bridging the gap between the movies Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. In the miniseries – on opposite sides of the country, Caesar (played by Andy Serkis in the film) must figure out a way to unite all apes, while the human, Malcolm (played by Jason clarke in the film), must seek a cure for the plague that is slowly killing his wife. The miniseries is written by Michael Morsci (Curse, Hoax Hunters).

An additional one-shot, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Contagion – written by Caleb Monroe (Cloaks, Steed and Mrs. Peel), illustrated by Tom Derenick (Justice League of America, Hypernaturals), and featuring a cover illustrated by Garry Brown (Sons of Anarchy), the issue follows the story of Ellie (played by Keri Russell in the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes film) as she struggles to find a cure for the pandemic affecting humanity before it claims her daughter’s life.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #1 will be in shops in November; Contagion debuts at Comic-Con 2014. Follow the jump for more details.

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BOMM! Studios’ Memetic: Can A Meme Break The World?


Everyone knows what a meme is. What with I Can Has Cheezburger and Grumpy Cat, and so many others, the idea has become commonplace. But there are nasty memes that get as much circulation as the fun ones, so what if a weaponized meme was released? That’s the premise of BOOM! Studios’ Memetic – a three-issue, oversized miniseries that posits a meme so deadly it could destroy the world in 72 hours. Each issue will cover a 24-hour period.

Memetic is written by James Tynion IV (THE WOODS, Batman Eternal) with art by newcomer Eryk Donovan (In the Dark Horror Anthology, House in the Wall) and premieres on October 22nd. Follow the jump for more details – including ordering info.

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Dark Horse Unveils The First Wave of 2014 Comic-Con Exclusives!


In preparation for 2014 Comic-Con International, Dark Horse has announced the first wave of exclusive books and products for the annual event – items ranging from the Itty Bitty Hellboy Plush to Comic-Con exclusive cover variant for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 #5 and Witcher #1 (by Usagi Yojimbo’s Stan Sakai); from the Mass Effect Alliance Cruiser: Convention Exclusive Bronze Edition to the Captain Midnight: Stolen Future Convention Exclusive Slipcase Edition (above); from a Usagi Yojimbo lithograph (signed by Stan Sakai) to the Itty Bitty Hellboy hardcover and the EVE Source.

For a look at the first ten Dark Horse exclusives for this year, follow the jump.

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Doctor Mirage Talks With The Dead–Just Not The One Who Matters!


Shan Fong, aka The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage, has a gift – she can talk with the dead. Thanks to her gift, she’s brought comfort to many. In a cruel twist, though, she cannot contact the spirit of her late husband, Hwen. The she’s hired by a big-time occultist and uncovers a lead that might help her solve the toughest mystery she’s ever encountered – how to get get Hwen back.

The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage is a five-issue miniseries from Valiant First. Created by the team of Eisner-nominee writer Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages, Captain Marvel) and artist Roberto de la Torre (Shadowman, Darevil), the miniseries takes a fresh look at the occult and the afterlife. The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage will be comics shops on September 3rd. Follow the jump for a preview and check out the press release for more details – including ordering information.

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They’re Back! The Original Avengers Return in Steed and Mrs. Peel: We’re Needed!

We're Needed #1

Before there were The Avengers, there were The Avengers – John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel, two of the best and most unusual spies in TV movie history. Mixing the silly with the sublime; the action with the thoughtful; the comedic with the dramatic, Steed and Mrs. Peel took on mad scientists, robots and evil master spies with jaunty good humor and endless ingenuity. BOOM! Studios brought them back to fire the public’s imagination first with a new edition of an earlier British comics series, then with an ongoing series.

Now, due to public demand, The Avengers return in six-issue miniseries Steed and Mrs. Peel: We’re Needed. In two three-episode arcs written by Ian Edginton and illustrated by Marco Cosentino, our very proper, very British duo face a a grand conspiracy that leads to one of them being imprisoned in a strange village, then contend with mind-controlled prison inmates.

Weird? Just another day’s work for Steed and Mrs. Peel. Steed and Mrs. Peel: We’re Needed will be in comics shops on July 23rd. Follow the link for ordering details and more.

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Naoki Urasawa’s Monster Gets Perfect Edition!


Monster, Naoki Urasawa’s brilliant psychological thriller – about a cold, calculating killer named Johan, and Dr. Kenzo Tenma, the brilliant surgeon who has an unexpected and compelling reason to hunt him down – is getting a new, Perfect Edition from VIZ Media. This new edition will feature a new translation, re-mastered pages and color content.

Monster: The Perfect Edition will be published in print only, four times a year, beginning with Volume One on July 15th. For more details, check out the press release after the jump.

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