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VIDEO GAME REVIEW: X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Ok, I know this game has been out for a few months now, but give me a break game companies generally send me games about a month after they come out, then I have to get around to playing them, so it takes a bit for me to get a review out. I’ll try and do better in the future, but it is what it is. Let’s start by saying X-Men Origins: Wolverine is one of the best movie based video games to come out in quite awhile, if not ever. This seems to be the year when game companies have finally seemed to grasp how to make a decent licensed based game. Usually Game Developers don’t seem to get the properties they are trying to translate into a game or are so rushed and under the gun that the finished product is usually a half-baked, ill conceived, buggy mess. That’s not the case here, Publisher Activision and Developer Raven Software get Wolverine. He’s not that difficult to understand: he’s angry, has claws, can’t be killed and slices up everything in his path. In short he has all the elements to make a perfect game.

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MOVIE NEWS: Wolverine Beats Star Trek’s Opening Weekend

Star Trek Box Office Numbers

Whatever you want to say about the weasels at Fox, X-Men Origins: Wolverine beat out Star Trek for the biggest Weekend.  Star Trek pulled in a not to shabby $76.5 million this weekend, but Wolverine pulled in $85 in it’s first few days. Now Star Trek is the much better movie getting better buzz and raves so I fully expect it to pull in more money than Wolvie overall.  The fact that Wolverine only scored $27 million in it’s second weekend says this.  But the problem is, May is so packed to the gills with big films, a lot of these movies will only have the opening weekend to make their big splashes. It’ll be interesting to see how far Star Trek will drop off in the wake of next weekend’s big openings.

MOVIE REVIEW: Wolverine does not Suck. Michelle’s Review

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Review

Here’s the thing about X-Men Origins: Wolverine, while I watched it, I enjoyed about 2/3 of it. It follows the pattern of most summer blockbusters where there’s a strong first act that sucks you in, a 2nd act where things get a little shaky but still manageable and a last act that’s awful. I’m going to keep this review short because I really don’t have much to say about this movie. I liked it for what it was but if I think about it too much I’ll start to question every little thing and a this is a film that’s meant to be consumed and forgotten about not endlessly dissected and over analyzed.  I didn’t like this because it had good explosions – which, kind of sucked. I liked it because it gasp, had really strong acting from Hugh Jackman (Logan / Wolverine) and Liev Schreiber (Victor Creed / Sabretooth).  The movie really does a fantastic job of setting up their story in the first few minutes of the film.The opening credit sequence does a great job of setting up Logan and Victor’s relationship. It’s about as great an opening sequence as the one they used in the recent Watchmen movie. It gives you everything you need to know in less than five minutes.

The problem is there really is nowhere for the story to go after this opening sequence.  We can spend the rest of the film either showing them breaking up and fighting or I don’t know what the other option would be.  So the writers obviously selected option A. We find out what Sabretooth did to foster his and Wolverine’s hatred. But the explanation of why is pretty tame high school stuff – “He abandoned me.”  Yeah really? After having each other’s back for 100 years that’s all it takes for you to turn on your brother? I would think the hatred would have started in the first scene when Login killed their father when he was a kid. But they actually “bonded” over that and the movie never touches on it ever again, which made it sort of pointless to show it.

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MOVIE REVIEW: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Messes Up X-Men Continuity & Still Isn’t That Great!

When Bryan Singer’s creative team made changes to the continuity for the first two X-Men films, they made the story stronger. When Brett Ratner’s creative team tried to put things back they were supposed to be, the movie sucked rocks. Gavin Hood’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine sits somewhere in the middle.

Logan vs. Sabretooth

As an X-Fan since 1964, and a Wolverine fan since his first appearance in 1974, I have to say it was an interesting experience to see how the David Benioff/Skip Woods script took the elements of Logan’s [Hugh Jackman] origin and the creation of William Stryker’s [Danny Huston]team and folded in an odd, but unfortunately not compelling, retcon of the continuity of major Marvel characters like Scott “Cyclops” Summers [Tom Pocock] and Emma Frost [Tahyna Tozzi] – which, in the case of Summers, also contradicts the previous X-films.

Sure, we learn about Logan’s backstory – at least to the point where he loses his memory [handled here in a ridiculously silly manner] – but there are so many other characters that even his big brother [in more ways than one], Victor [Liev Schreiber], only gets two dimensions to play with: vicious killing machine and “brothers look out for each other. Outside of Logan and Victor, though, when another character does hold our attention it’s because the actor manages to stand out in spite of the script – like Taylor Kitsch, the young Canadian [!] who makes Remy “Gambit” LeBeau very magnetic.

I’m not saying that Hood hasn’t produced an entertaining film. He did. It’s just that X-Men Origins: Wolverine deals with some characters and situations that are compelling in the Marvel Universe, but are, here, nothing more than a series of effects and fight choreography because there are so many characters, there’s no time to really tell the story. It’s like fat-free potato chips: there’s a similarity, taste-wise, to the real thing, but there’s also something missing. Even the segments that deal with Logan’s attempt at the idyllic life with Kayla [Lynn Collins] seem more like a perfunctory interlude to build to another scene of Logan screaming, that their impact is minimal.

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, what’s missing, unfortunately, is the heart. It’s enjoyable but not essential. Color me disappointed.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Wolverine Has More Groans Than Howls

X-Men Origins Wolverine
X-Men Origins Wolverine

What’s Good: The X-Men comic book movies are purely character driven. It’s their interactions with each other and society as a whole which keeps the story as a whole interesting. So with that in mind, I have to give some credit to Live Schreiber pulling off a pretty convincing villain in Sabertooth. As opposed to his appearance in the first X-Men movie, Victor Creed in this film is far more cunning and vicious.

While he’s not on screen all that much, Ryan Reynolds also does a decent job of capturing Wade Wilson’s personality and mannerisms. Jackman is very good as Wolverine, of course, but this isn’t surprising since it’s his fourth outing as the character. Easily the best scenes are the fights and the verbal exchanges between Wolverine and Sabretooth.

What’s Bad: Sadly, while I liked certain individual performances in certain scenes, I have to say X-Men: Origins: Wolverine, on the whole, is a misfire. To start, fans of the comics, from those who are only vaguely familiar with the characters to the die-hard purists will see some major creative liberties taken with the characters which feeling jarring and out of place. Specifically, Gambit and Deadpool are handled often times in cringe worthy fashion.

The plot itself has very good heart to it, but can never seem to find its legs to be stable. X-Men Origins: Wolverine wants to be too many things at once: an epic drama, a mystery, and an off-the-wall action movie, that it never really gets its footing. Even the fight sequences feel a little bland. After seeing such films like Iron Man, The Dark Knight and even the second X-Men movie, when these characters cease to live in a realistic world, it becomes more distracting than enjoyable.

Parting Thoughts: This movie has the same feel to me as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull did. I think fans will want to see this movie just because it continues to have Hugh Jackman as the clawed mutant, and there’s no debate that as a character, Wolverine is fun to watch. However, this is not the movie fans are hoping for. There are too many “groan” moments to not leave the theater with a little bit of a bitter taste in your mouth.

Recommendation: For people who have enjoyed Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine; it’s slightly better than X-Men: The Last Stand, but nowhere near the quality of X2: X-Men United. Most will see it in theaters, but you could wait to rent it to satisfy your curiosity.

Final Grade C+

EM Review
By Christopher Troilo
Originally posted 5.01.09

MOVIES: Summer Movies Begin Opening Tomorrow: Five Must-See’s; Five To Avoid!

Today isn’t the last day of spring – at least, not according to the calendar. For movies, though, it’s another story. I’m not exactly certain when May became “spring” for movies, but it’s a fairly recent development. What marks the season is the first in an onslaught of blockbuster, tentpole movies that all the major studios have scheduled to make the most of their favored demographic’s spring break/summer vacations.


Most movie writers/critics have already listed the films they especially want to see, or expect to do boffo box office – and last week, our own Michelle Alexandria went against the grain by listing the movies she was least desirous of screening. After much consideration, I’ve decided to split the difference and have compiled a list of the five films I am most looking forward to – and the five I most wish to avoid at all costs [not that I necessarily will – such is life for film writers…].

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MOVIES: Worst Comic Book Movies of All Time

With all of the negative hype surrounding the upcoming Xmen Origins: Wolverine movie I thought it was time for comic movie fans to put things into perspective.  Remember no matter how bad X-Men Origins: Wolverine may be, or those of you that think Watchmen sucked, it can always get worse. Let’s go back….

The Punisher – Dolph Lundgren

Punisher Dolph

Here’s the thing, while I acknowledge that the original Punisher movie with Dolph was horrible, I thought it was still fun to watch and at least they got the essence of the character right. The problem with this movie is it was hamstrung by a shoestring budget and at times it tried to be a little “artsy.” But Dolph as the Punisher was actually pretty inspired casting. He really did look just like the comic book character.

Captain America

Captain America

I don’t want to date myself but I saw this as a child and thought it was pretty cool. Matt Salinger Reb Brown looked hot and muscular, the colors were bright and cheerful it was fun. I remember watching this movie again as an adult and shaking my head saying “what was I thinking?” The casting of Matt was pretty good, he looked like and was built just like the comic book character. The problem with the movie is, it was fine for the time it was originally released but by today’s standards it doesn’t hold up well at all.  I will say, I can’t see how they could do it much better today, the producers will still have to deal with the fact that Cap’s costume and Shield is a garish throwback to 40s era patriotism and 60s style spandex.  I don’t see how you get around that. Although, Superman’s costume always seem to translate pretty well on camera.

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