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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is Here

Being from DC, I’m really curious about Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Folks who have played the beta are raving about the game and from some of the 4K streams I saw it looks beautiful. Sadly I couldn’t play the beta because my temporary Condo has garbage internet and I can barely download a 5 gb that alone a 60gb file. But being from DC, I want to see how accurate they get some of the settings and locations, even if it is in a Post Apocalyptic world. Don’t know if I’m going to last 5 months in this place, but that’s another story. Why are most games, books and movies set in a post apocalyptic world? Why can’t we have a future of sunshine, puppies and flying cars?  Game hits the streets, March 15th, 2019. Check out the final launch trailer!

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Assassin Creed’s Odyssey Comes to An Epic End in Final DLC!

I know I don’t  talk about video games nearly as much as I should on this site, but if you follow my YouTube channel you’ll see I will occasionally stream some feeble gameplay. Due to moving and other issues I haven’t given Assassin Creed Odyssey, one of the best games of 2018 the love it deserves.  Bloodline, the 3rd part of the first blade post launch story dlc is now available. Great thing about these DLC packs are they are deep, rich, long and Free.

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Far Cry 5 Going into Space!!!! New DLC Pack announced

That’s right, you read it correct. UbiSoft’s off the wall game Far Cry 5 is going into space with its latest DLC – Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars. Check out the new teaser. Leave Earth behind and go toe-to-claw against Martian arachnids to save the world from an alien invasion. 2009 ap language synthesis essay form bill benzoic acid grignard essay here https://thejeffreyfoundation.org/newsletter/essays-on-the-assassination-of-jfk/17/ what is reality television essay capital punishment against it essays see url crestor periodontal abscess viagra pills no prescription generique du viagra en france persuasive essay religion blue collar crime essay introduction https://norfolkspca.com/medservice/bupropion-overnight/14/ https://abt.edu/bestsellers/aldactone/22/ student samples compare contrast essays here communication in nursing essays cipro and side effects and uti essay conflict theoryhtml good topic for a persuasive essay in middle school essay on personal presentation skills different between valtrex and valacyclovir https://explorationproject.org/annotated/an-essay-about-means-of-communication/80/ coming of age essay catcher in the rye 9 11 outline essay example enter site follow site buy mba thesis popular critical analysis essay ghostwriter sites au country essay foreign job outsourcing persuasive source site Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars is available on July 17, 2018.

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Far Cry 5 Figure Looks Kinda Ai Aight!

I’m really looking forward to UBI-Soft’s upcoming Far Cry 5 game. While all the early game play footage looks a little suspect, I’m still looking forward to playing it. I love the idea of setting a game like this in the deep South.  I’m not a figurine collector, but even I admit, this new Far Cry 5 collectible from Ubi-Soft looks really good.

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Monopoly Launches on the Switch

I’m not sure why I care about this, but weirdly I do and I’m not even kidding. I love Monopoly, but it’s definitely a game meant to be played with friends. I hoard my cash and try and own at least one of everything so when people try and get their monopolies they have to deal with me. I’m the 90 year old lady who blocks progress! It ticks people off.  Anywho, UbiSoft just released a version of Monopoly for the Switch.  The Switch tweaks sound pretty cool.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Now Available.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is now available on all your platforms of choice, accept the Switch – boo. Don’t know what to do. Do I buy the game now and play it on the PS4 Pro or wait until the XB1X comes out? Decisions people, decisions! UbiSoft said they are going to whitelist me on the annoying YouTubes, so as soon as I get a copy of this Oled Gaming will be making a return to YouTube and I’ll give you guys some good old gameplay footage. So be sure you are subscribed on the EM YouTube Channel.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Live Streaming Event

The folks at UBISoft are having a live stream event for Ghost Recon Wildlands: War Within The Cartel, today on Facebook at 2pm, PST/5pm EST. I would love to take part and provide impressions, however I’m going to an advanced screening of Logan tonight. Woot. But for the rest of you, check it out. The game looks interesting and I’m curious. Wil Wheaton and Julia Hardy will host the event. Check out UbiSoft’s twitch channel at  www.twitch.tv/Ubisoft.

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Video Games: For Honor Gets Celebrity Live Stream

The folks at Ubisoft are doing the full court press for the pending launch of their latest For Honor. The open beta will be available to all players from February 9 to February 12 on current-gen consoles and PC. This beta will include the new Elimination mode, a best of five rounds four-versus-four match with no respawns. Elimination joins three additional modes playable in the open beta including Dominion, Brawl and Duel, and nine playable Heroes.

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For Honor Closed Beta Coming Jan 26 – 29th

I don’t know, I just don’t know. For Honor’s 4K PS4 Pro graphics look amazing, I’m just not sure about the gameplay. So I’m looking forward to checking out the closed beta on January 26th. Ubisoft® announced that the For Honor Closed Beta will be available from January 26–29, 2017 on current-gen consoles and PC. Those still waiting to pledge their sword can sign up to have a chance to participate in the closed beta at forhonorgame.com/war.

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Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Experience Returns to Comic-Con!

Assassin Creed's Experience
The Assassin’s Creed Experience returns to San Diego Comic-Con for its second year with bigger and more challenging obstacles that will have players parkouring and soaring through Victorian-era London. Course attendees will receive instantly shareable action shots of them tackling two of the course’s obstacles, the overhead glider, new to this year’s course, and the iconic 25-foot Leap of Faith. Additionally, fans who pre-order the game will receive The Rooks Initiation Kit, which includes everything they need to join Jacob and Evie Frye’s gang on their quest to liberate London. Holy crap, I have to do this! Check out the amazing trailer.

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