Far Cry 5 Figure Looks Kinda Ai Aight!

I’m really looking forward to UBI-Soft’s upcoming Far Cry 5 game. While all the early game play footage looks a little suspect, I’m still looking forward to playing it. I love the idea of setting a game like this in the deep South.  I’m not a figurine collector, but even I admit, this new Far Cry 5 collectible from Ubi-Soft looks really good.

The Father’s Calling, an exclusive figurine inspired by Far Cry 5’s leader of the Project at Eden’s Gate Joseph Seed, is now available for preorder on the Ubisoft Store: http://store.ubi.com/us/far-cry-5-joseph-figurine/5a54e84aca1a64a30179854a.html#start=19. Pre-orders start January 9th, ack, yesterday! Run people.  Check out the full image!