Monopoly Launches on the Switch

I’m not sure why I care about this, but weirdly I do and I’m not even kidding. I love Monopoly, but it’s definitely a game meant to be played with friends. I hoard my cash and try and own at least one of everything so when people try and get their monopolies they have to deal with me. I’m the 90 year old lady who blocks progress! It ticks people off.  Anywho, UbiSoft just released a version of Monopoly for the Switch.  The Switch tweaks sound pretty cool.

With Nintendo Switch capabilities, Monopoly fans can feel the roll of the dice with the HD Rumble feature and play with up to six players online or offline. Players can experience the game across three different 3D boards including City, Amusement Park and Haunted themes. As they progress, players can also win rewards, unlock new exclusive content and watch the city evolve in front of their eyes!

With MONOPOLY for Nintendo Switch, fans can play their way. With six different sets of House Rules, a Speed Die mode and shorter session Special Goals there are plenty of ways to play. The addition of Action Cards lets players take control of their own destiny. By drawing three at the beginning of the game, Action Cards can be used to progress faster around the board, penalize opponents or earn players extra money.

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch will offer new twists on the classic board game with additional content, extra features and new rules.

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