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Tragedy Separates Best Friends Trailer: Super Dark Times!

When a traumatic incident drives a wedge between two best friends, their youthful innocence abruptly vanishes. Each young man processes the tragedy in his own way, until circumstances grow increasingly complex and spiral into violence.

Super Dark Times is now playing in select theaters and on VOD.

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Nuclear Clip: Unacknowledged!

It’s spring, so of course a young person’s mind turns to… government conspiracies, UFOs and the like.

Unacknowledged is the latest documentary that purports to tell the truth about Roswell, aliens and UFOs. The press release claims that 80% of the information in the film has never been seen before.

Sounds like fun (unless you’re a paranoid schizophrenic) – but a new clip has a new take that sets up that new information in a unique way.

Unacknowledged is now available on Digital and debuts on On Demand on May 23rd.

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You Really Shouldn’t Go Home Again Trailer: Donald Cried!

After fifteen years man returns home to Rhode Island to bury his grandmother – to discover, once he’s there, that he reverts to the guy he was before he left.

After a successful tour of the film festival circuit, Donald Cried will be in select theaters on March 3rd. Check out the genuinely odd, oddly compelling trailer after the break.

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A Real Bad Egg Trailer: Hunt for the Wilderpeople!


Ricky Baker is a bad egg – if you can believe the social worker who places him with foster parents Bella and Hec. Surprisingly, he finds himself feeling at home with Aunt Bella, Uncle Hec and their dog Tupac – until a tragedy occurs that could place him in yet another home. So Ricky and Uncle Hec head off into the wilderness.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is directed by Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows, Thor: Ragnarok) and stars Sam Neill and Julian Dennision. It opens in the U.S. and Canada this summer. Follow the jump for the new trailer.

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The Overnight: Their Kid’s Friends’ Parents!


From personal experience, I see that when someone gets married and/or has kids, they wind up gaining a whole new set of friends – people that they might otherwise have never met, or even liked.

When Alex and Emily, a thirtysomething couple with a pre-school aged son, RJ, move from Seattle to Los, RJ makes friends with another boy at a park near their new home. They are approached by the other boy’s father, Kurt (Jason Scwartzman) and find themselves invited to dinner – pizza – that night. Even though they’re not sure what to make of Kurt, with his hipster style and unhipster demeanor, they accept.

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Crazy Trailer: Harmontown!


Remember Dan Harmon, creator of NBC’s Community (now on Yahoo), was fired from his own show? Well, after being canned, he took a bit of time to take his disappointment, rage, cynicism and ironic wit on the road. The result is the odd documentary Harmontown.

Check out the first trailer for Harmontown after the jump. Harmontown will open in L.A. on October 3rd and be available on VOD on October 10th.

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