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Sam Raimi’s Darkman Gets Shout!Factory Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray!

Sam Raimi wanted to make movies so much that he went out and revolutionized the horror genre with Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. He was not to e denied a career in film, so it makes sense that – when he couldn’t get the rights to make a Shadow movie – he would create his own pulp hero and direct Darkman.

Now, Shout!Factory – a company known for giving cult movies prestige home video editions – is releasing Darkman Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray on February 18th. Once again ‘Crime has a new enemy, and justice has a brand new face.’ This collector’s edition will include new interviews with stars Liam Neeson and Frances McDormand, Larry Drake (who played the villainous Durant); an audio commentary track with the film’s director of photography, Bill Pope, and more. Check out the press release after the jump for details.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Gets 19-DVD Complete Series Set!

Power Rangers

Shout!Factory has announced the upcoming release of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series – a 19-DVD set that will include all 145 episodes from the first series, the 10-episode Alien Rangers miniseries and two discs of bonus archival content. The set will be released on November 20, 2012.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was cheap, repetitive, incredibly hokey and yet, at the same time, oddly but genuinely compelling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything even remotely like it – and I still think of Amy Jo Johnson as the Pink Ranger!. Is that so wrong?

Follow the jump for the official press release and details of the release.

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They Live Lives! John Carpenter’s Classic Sci-Fi Satire Gets Collector’s Edition November 6th!

image003 image002

One of John Carpenter’s most popular films – They Live – is getting the special Shout!Factory treatment. They Live: Collector’s Edition will contain a bundle of features (the same features, in fact, on both the DVD and Blu-ray!) including an audio commentary track with Carpenter and the film’s star, Roddy Piper. Whether you consider it a sci-fi/action flick with scathing satire, or a scathing sci-fi satire with action, They Live is one of Carpenter’s best and most thought provoking.

They Live: Collector’s Edition will be released on November 6, 2012. For the official press release – including a full list of the special features – follow the jump.

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Dark Skies: The Declassified Complete Series: Wrongly Ignored Alien Invasion Series Rescued For DVD!

Dark Skies

Dark Skies had the misfortune to run during the time The X-Files was at its peak. As a result, X-Files fans ignored it and others feared it was a rip-off of the Chris Carter series. Instead, it was first [and sadly only] season of a five-year arc that put an unusual twist on history – from the famed Roswell crash through the Gary Powers spy plane incident and the arrival of The Beatles – even further, through the assassination of JFK and even The Summer of Love, Dark Skies treated us to alternate history that had depth, weight and emotional resonance.

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ReBoot Seasons 1 & 2 Hit Stores On March 1st; Definitive Edition Available Through Shout!Factory & ReBoot.com!

S1 2

The first two seasons of television’s first completely CGI series,ReBoot will hit stores on March 1, 2011. Both seasons are included in a single release – ReBoot: Seasons 1 & 2. ReBoot: Definitive Mainframe Edition will be also available from in March, but only through ShoutFactoryStore.com and ReBoot.com, for the time being. Pre-ordering can be done now.

Details from the press release follow the jump.

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Dark Skies: The Declassified Complete Series – Everything You Know About History Is Wrong!

Dark Skies is one of those programs that reached for the skies [literally] but didn’t quite catch the public’s attention in spite of being a very high quality production. An intelligent, frequently thrilling alien invasion show, Dark Skies is but one of many one-season wonders that I wish had been given the time to tell their story. Unlike most of them, however, Dark Skies is getting an impressive DVD release – Shout!Factory is making Dark Skies: The Declassified Complete Series available on January 18th.

Follow the jump to the press release; a clip of the moment when Congressional aide John Loengard’s [Eric Close] world is changed forever, plus links to several more clips.

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Marvel’s Black Panther Comes To DVD!

Black Panther

The six-episode Marvel Knights Animation Presents Black Panther is coming to DVD! Based on the graphic novel by Reginald Hudlin and John Romita Jr., Black Panther features an all-star voice cast that includes Oscar® Nominee Djimon Hounsou [Blood Diamond], Grammy® Winner Jill Scott [#1 Ladies’ Detective Agency] and Golden Globe® Winner Alfre Woodard [Memphis Beat, True Blood].

Marvel Knights Animation Presents Black Panther will be released on January 18, 2011.

For details, check out the official press release following the jump.

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History As We Know It Is A Lie! Dark Skies: The Declassified Complete Series Explores Our Planet’s ‘Real’ History On DVD!


I’ve watched a lot of TV over the years – and become a fan of many quality series that lasted only one season [or less]. One of the best of these is Dark Skies, a sci-fi series that suggested that the Earth’s history was not what we read in history books. Rather, it was manipulated by aliens, acting on their own agenda. The series starred Eric Close and Megan Ward as Congressional aide John Loengard and his girlfriend Kim Sayers – who stumble onto this secret and set out to thwart the alien agenda.

On January 18th, 2011, Shout!Factory is releasing Dark Skies: The Declassified Complete Series on DVD – with a ton of special features. To learn more, follow the jump.

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Win The Complete Series Set of ReBoot!


Win the Complete Series Set of ReBoot!

Shout!Factory and Rainmaker Entertainment have announced a unique contest that is sure to spark fans of ReBoot to new heights of creativity.

They’ve launched a contest in which the five fans who create the most distinctive takes on their favorite characters will have their art showcased in the line of ReBoot-related product that debuts next year. And, oh yeah, the five winners will also receive a copy of the complete series set!

Fans can enter at ReBoot.com. Details from the press release follow the jump.

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We’re Not Worthy! On November 9th Shout!Factory Will Release Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XIX – With Gypsy Figurine & More!


Yes, there’s big news from Shout!Factory about the wild & crazy guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000!

Four never-before-seen episodes of MST3K are being released in a monster boxed set on November 9, 2010. Titles being ripped to shreds by the MST3K crew are: Robot Monster, Bride of the Monster, Devil Doll and Devils [I love these guys!].

And what of the other cool contents of the set? Follow the jump for complete details from the press release!

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