Carrie 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Features new 4K Scan! Coming in Oct!


Carrie, the classic Brian DePalma horror film celebrates it’s 40th anniversary with a brand new Blu-ray package from the fine folks at Shout factory. The new package is going to feature an upgraded 4K scan so the picture should look amazing. I can say this because I just picked up a new 4K TV today and a movie like Carrie should really shine with the deep black levels that 4K produces.

This is being promoted as the definitive edition of the film, but that’s been said of the other 10 blu-ray releases – of course I exaggerate.  Included in this package are all new extras and interviews with the cast and crew including Brian DePalma.  Preorders from Shoutfactory includes some extra goodies including early release, posters, and more.