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Carlton Cuse Returns To ABC!

Carlton Cuse – whose recent hits include Bates Motel and The Strain – is returning to ABC, the home of his biggest hit, Lost.

The Golden Globe-winning writer, producer and director has signed a multiyear deal – his company, Genre Arts, will  produce content across all network, cable and streaming platforms. Under the Genre Arts banner, Cuse will develop projects and collaborate with other writers to bring their visions to the screen under the new agreement.

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Television: Sheldon’s Favorite Fifteen for 2010

Lost S6

There are now so many television channels – and so much programming – that Sturgeon’s Law [‘90% of everything is crap’] may apply, but it’s no longer relevant! Now, with hundreds of channels to choose from, it’s virtually impossible to not find at least thirty or forty really good programs. I know because I watch about that many on a semi-regular to regular basis – and there are many more that I check in on from time to time.

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Marvel Entertainment Creates Television Arm; Names Jeph Loeb Boss!


Marvel Entertainment is taking a serious interest in television programming. Today, the company announced the creation of a division to create TV programming based around its extensive library of comic book characters. Jeph Loeb was named Executive Vice-President, Television.

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TELEVISION: Lost: It’s Really Over! Ruminations on The End!

Jack, Locke, Libby, Jin, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer

I’ve got a lot of things to do, but I’ve spent most of the day [so far] watching the finale of Lost over and over again. The last half hour really gets to me – not that that first two hours didn’t. The more I watch it, the less I think about it – and the more I feel.

Over the course of the series, I’ve grown to love Lost’s multitude of characters – Jack, Kate, Hugo, Locke, Charlie, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Michael, Walt, Sayid, Boone, Shannon, Desmond, Penny, Mr. Eko, Ana Lucia [though she took some work], Libby, Faraday, Miles, Charlotte, Rousseau, Alex – and love/hate others [Ben, Widmore]. Some were utterly reprehensible – like Keamy and, eventually, The Man in Black [though the writers did a nice job of making him ambiguous for just long enough].

So now, to quote Jim Morrison, this is The End. It all comes down to one last blowout episode. Was it, in the end, worth it? Absolutely! [Spoilers galore follow the jump…]

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TELEVISION: Lost – Like General Franco, John Locke is Still Dead!

Lost Supper [Locke Version]

After ten-and-a-half months, Lost returned with its final season premiere, a two-hour premiere called LA X, last night. The final Lost recap, in a stroke of genius, was narrated by Michael [Ben Linus] Emerson and tracked the individual character arcs of the main cast members – an approach that was unique for these things – and set the tone for a most unusual beginning to Lost’s end. I have no idea how many theories were rendered invalid last night, or how many fans were thrilled or ticked off, but no can say the answers didn’t begin with a couple of big bangs!

Spoilers follow the jump.

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TELEVISION: Confused? You Won’t Be After Tonight’s Premiere of Lost!

No, I haven’t seen anything more than the almost new footage-free spots that ABC has been airing for the much anticipated final season premiere of Lost [ABC, 9/8C – Recap at 8/7C] – or the collections of soundbites from the cast members – all content-free but talking about such things as the show’s legacy and their places within it. And no, you’ll probably still be a bit confused afterwards, but we are promised that answers will be coming beginning with LA X, so we’ll see…

losts6poster - huge

I do know that a few of the twelve thousand [12,000!] fan who traveled from around the world to attend the last Sunset on the Beach screening of the premiere have posted shaky, cell phone cam recordings of the premiere and those postings haven’t managed squat in viewings – and a wealth of comments to the effect of, “Why would I want to watch a shaky, cheapo version of this? I’ve waited for almost a year to see what happens next and I’m going to watch it in HD, not your pissy little video!”

Network suits everywhere are astounded!

Tomorrow, I’ll post my reaction to LA X, the two-hour premiere of the final season of Lost.

TELEVISION: Lost’s Final Sunset on the Beach Screening Set for January 30th!


As the beginning of the end approaches for ABC’s Lost [Tuesdays, 9/8C], the now traditional practice of holding an advance screening on the sandy beach of Waikiki comes to an end as well [though I’m not sure I’d want to party with this guy…].

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TELEVISION: The Final Season Of Lost Gets A Premiere Date!

Losties rejoice! ABC has announced that the last leg of the epic saga of Lost will premiere on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010.


While keeping episode details close to the vest, the network says that Lost’s final season will get underway with an evening-long event – a recap special at 8/7C, followed by the series’ final two-hour season premiere at 9/8C. The series will then move to its regular timeslot, Tuesdays at 9/8C, on February 9th.

BLU-RAY REVIEW: Lost Season 1 – 5 sets a new Standard for TV on Blu-ray!

Lost Blu-ray

I’ve spent the past three – four weeks having weekend Marathons, I’m up to season four watching Disney’s recently release Lost Blu-ray sets. I’m not a huge fan the show, I first discovered it on DVD a few years ago, watched the first season in a single weekend marathon and enjoyed it, but never got around to watching the Season Two DVD set. That’s not to say that I don’t like the show, I do, I just don’t love it. The only way I would put up with a show like this is to watch it in big 8 episode chunks.  Especially season two where I had to put up with Michael screaming Walt! every few minutes. Walt!

I have to say Disney Home Video has done a fantastic job on their recently released Lost Blu-rays, if, for no other reason than their way cool SeasonPlay option that gives you the ability to pick up your viewing where you left off whether you take the disk out or not. One of the things I’ve been complaining about lately is how the Java BD breaks the caching on most Blu-ray players, namely my PS3. Walt!!! Whenever I accidentally hit the stop button (which is frequently) on the PS3’s crappy remote control my place is completely lost and I’m stuck going through 10 minutes of startup crap before I can even fast forward to my last spot.  Well the folks at Disney have figure out a way around this with SeasonPlay.  Walt!!!

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BLU-RAY NEWS: Lost 1 and 2 Comes to Blu-Ray

Lost on Blu-ray

This summer, escape to a place of unforgettable adventure, mystery and suspense as the first two seasons of the critically acclaimed and enormously popular television series LOST arrive in all new Blu-ray Collector Editions June 16, 2009. Each episode of these already classic, Emmy® nominated seasons has been digitally remastered for the ultimate in high definition picture and sound. For first time viewers, this is the perfect introduction to the television show USA
Today called “the most gorgeous, audacious, expansive series on network TV.”

For existing fans, these breathtaking Blu-ray editions allow them to re-discover the adventure like they’ve never seen or heard before. Trust us, the Island has never looked this lush nor have the roars of the unseen monster echoed more terrifyingly than they do in breathtaking 1080p high definition picture and with 5.1 uncompressed sound. Whether starting your LOST Blu-ray collection with these two new sets or simply completing it, BVHE – LOST Seasons 1 and 2 Blu-ray, p. 2 one thing’s for sure: the adventure of a lifetime crash lands in spectacular new form this summer on Blu-ray!

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