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RoboCop: Fun Action Flick Lacks Demented Genius of Original!


You can tell RoboCop made by someone who understands how to make an action movie – the editing is superb and the camerawork both muscular and dextrous. Outside of Samuel L. Jackson’s tabloid television host, Pat Novak, there’s almost none of the demented genius of the original – though there are more than a few homages to it.

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Sleek Trailer: MGM’s Robocop Reboot Looks Pretty Great!


The first trailer for MGM’s Robocop reboot makes it clear that there is one big change at the most basic level of the story – from the moment he wakes up in his new form, Detective Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) knows exactly who he is. So the movie isn’t just a gussied up retread, it’s exploring some serious metaphysical ideas  – under the cool new Robocop armor and explosions and stuff. I guess we won’t know if it’s as much a lacerating satire as the original until it opens. Robocop also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, and Abbie Cornish.

Check out the trailer after the jump. Robocop opens February 7, 2014.

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The Killing: The Complete First Season – Two Weeks In A Frustrating Murder Investigation!


AMC’s The Killing debuted to rave reviews and hit us with four or five amazing episodes of television before seeming to wander off and devolve into self-indulgence for four episodes before roaring back with three amazing episodes to finish its first season. The season finale puzzled some, infuriated others and intriguing just as many. The extras on the first season DVD set go a long way toward explaining the series plan in a way that should win back the most frustrated and infuriated viewers – they’ve certainly got me anticipating season two.

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Check It Out: The Killing is the Best New TV Series of the Year!


If you missed out on the series premiere of AMC’s The Killing [Sundays, 10/9C], you can now view the two hour debut online, or on AMC, this evening, at 8/7C [followed immediately by episode three]. Shot at a very measured pace, The Killing follows the investigation of the murder of Rosie Larson. Each episode represents one day in the investigation – and the series follows three through lines: the actual investigation of the murder; the effect of the murder on the girl’s family, and the effect of the investigation on a political campaign that is tangentially connected to the murder.

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