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Fury Celebrates Veterans’ Day/Remembrance Day with Free Admissions for Veterans and Military Personnel!

Fury - Cast - 11-16-14

Sony Pictures Entertainment is showing its admiration and respect for veterans and military personnel by providing free admission the its film Fury at select theaters.

Veterans and military personnel with appropriate identification will be given free admission to Fury all day tomorrow, November 11th. Follow the jump for details.

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Sex Tape Is What You Might Expect – Fast, Loud and Very Intermittently Hilarious!

1138130 - SEX TAPE

Annie writes a ‘mommy blog’ and her latest entry is bemoaning the lack of opportunities to have sex with her husband and recalling the way they screwed like bunnies when they were first together. One night she gets the kids off to Grandma’s place for a sleepover, but she and Jay can’t quite get things going until she comes up with the idea of making a private sex tape.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Makes Spider-Man 3 Look Good!


For all its flaws, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 was committed. By comparison, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 a paint-by-numbers version of the comic. If not for the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, TASM2 would be a complete bust – their on-again/off-again romance is the only part of the movie that feels at all real.

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RoboCop: Fun Action Flick Lacks Demented Genius of Original!


You can tell RoboCop made by someone who understands how to make an action movie – the editing is superb and the camerawork both muscular and dextrous. Outside of Samuel L. Jackson’s tabloid television host, Pat Novak, there’s almost none of the demented genius of the original – though there are more than a few homages to it.

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