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Box of Wishes Featurette: Wish Upon!

What could be cooler than a music box that grants wishes? Unless, of course, every wish granted resulted in tragedy elsewhere – and the last wish meant the owner of the box’x demise… In Box of Wishes, a new featurette from Broad Green Pictures, the cast of Wish Upon talk about what they’d wish for […]

Blood Price Trailer: Wish Upon!

Claire Shannon discovered her mother’s suicide as a child. Now, she’s bullied in high school and embarrassed by her hoarder dad – until he brings home old music box that promises it will grant her seven wishes. And, at first it seems to help… Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Be careful what […]

Insidious Trailer: The Infiltrator!

In 1986, Federal agent Robert Mazur infiltrated Pablo Escobar’s drug-trafficking scene as a money laundering wizard. With the help of fellow agent Emir Abreu and rookie agent Kathy Ertz, Mazur was able to gather evidence that led to the indictments of 85 drug lords and the corrupt bankers who cleaned their dirty money, along with the collapse […]