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Never Tell Me the Odds: Spider-Man in Marvel Films, Iron Man 4, Sherlock Holmes 3, HD Version of Star Wars

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With New York Comic-Con in full swing, and Robert Downey, Jr. hitting the interview circuit, many rumors have been percolating regarding some beloved franchises. On this episode of GeekScholars Movie News, the crew plays “Never Tell Me the Odds”. Hit the jump to find out which topics the hosts and debate the probability of happening.

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Tetris Movie, Zombieland 2, Preview Reviews for Tak3n, and Inherent Vice

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On this week’s episode of GeekScholars Movie News, the crew kicks off the show with a conversation surrounding the announcement that a film adaptation of Tetris is in the works. The GeekScholars discuss how a viable movie can be made from this property and what the implications for future brands receiving film adaptations.

Hit the jump for more headlines and preview reviews! (or hit play to listen above)

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October 2014 Monthly Preview w/ Rotten Tomatoes and Opening Box Office Predictions

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GeekScholars Movie News is pleased to reveal their Rotten Tomatoes and Opening Box Office Predictions for October 2014! In this week’s episode listen as the hosts given their thoughts on:

  • Gone Girl – October 3
  • Left Behind – October 3
  • The Judge – October 10
  • Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Bad Day – October 10
  • Dracula Untold – October 10
  • Fury – October 10
  • John Wick – October 10

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Early Academy Award Contenders: The Best Films of the Toronto Film Festival 2014

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Over the past week, Toronto has been hosting its annual film festival, commonly known as TIFF. Such highlights from years past include Slumdog Millionaire, The King’s Speech, Silver Linings Playbook, and 12 Years a Slave, all of which went on to win Academy Awards. This years’ standouts may prove no different as viewers and critics raved about several performances and several films. This week on GeekScholars Movie News, the crew reviews the films from the 2014 Toronto Film Festival you won’t want to miss when they come to theaters.

Preview Reviews: 2015 Halloween Thriller Edition! Plus: The Rock in Shazam!

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As the Summer Blockbuster season concludes, film studios are gearing up for the Halloween Season. As such, GeekScholars Movie News presents Preview Reviews: 2015 Thriller Edition, where the hosts discuss and grades for various trailers debuting this Fall that fall into the thriller/horror genre. Hit the jump to see if your favorite upcoming thrillers are included! Continue reading

Star Wars: Episode VII Spoilers, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall Tributes, Aquaman, The Inhumans

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Last week, the Internet saw a deluge of supposedly leaked information regarding Star Wars: Episode VII. While GeekScholars Movie News won’t share any of these potential spoilers, the hosts decide to open this week’s show by discussing how spoilers will affect the next Star Wars movie, and debate whether the information is real, fake, or perhaps even created and propagated by the studio itself to create confusion. Hit the jump to learn more Continue reading

All-Female Ghostbusters, Spider-Man Villain Films, A Wrinkle in Time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reviewed

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Lots of franchise news to discuss on this week’s episode of GeekScholars Movie News. To kick things off, the hosts weigh the pros and cons that director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) has emerged as the front-runner to direct the next Ghostbusters film, which will purportedly focus on an all-female ensemble. Hit the jump for more franchise news!  Continue reading

August 2014 Rotten Tomatoes and Box Office Predictions, SDCC2014 News, Guardians of the Galaxy Reviewed

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As the end of the summer draws near, GeekScholars Movie News is ready to release their August 2014 Rotten Tomatoes and Opening Box Office Predictions! Hit to jump to learn more about which movies are profiled in this week’s show, or hit play above!  Continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy Rotten Tomatoes and Box Office Predictions, 150th Episode Q&A

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This week’s show marks the 150th episode of GeekScholars Movie News, and the crew have something very special in store for the occasion!

To kick things off, the hosts reveal their Rotten Tomatoes and Opening Box Office predictions for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which receives a wide release on August 1st, 2014. Hit the jump to learn more about the special Q&A featured on the show Continue reading

Batman v Superman Characters, Enchanted 2, Preview Reviews for St. Vincent, Jimi, and Foxcatcher

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GeekScholars Movie News leads off this week with a discussion of four DC characters rumored to make an appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—Victor Zsasz, Morgan Edge, David Cain, and Amanda Waller. If those names are new to you, the GeekScholars will bring you up to speed on their backstories and potential plot arcs that could make it into the movie. Hit the jump for more regarding Enchanted, and some recently released trailers.  Continue reading