VIDEO GAME NEWS: Watchmen End is Nigh Trophies Announced


Last week I reviewed the new Watchmen: End is Nigh Pt 2 game for the PS3. The one thing that bugged me about it was, I really missed getting the achievement points. I’m not an achievement whore but I really don’t like games that don’t give you achievements by playing the games “naturally,” where you have to do all of this non-game related stuff like beat up 3,000 people.  The Watchmen game I received a grand total of 2 trophies for playing and beating the game. I’d wondered what the heck you had to do to get any trophies. Now I know, the folks at Warner Interactive sent out a release this morning listing all the trophies to be had in the game.  You can see all the Trophies after the break.