VIDEO GAMES: Guitar Hero 5 Full Set List, Announced. Features 85 Tracks!

Guitar Hero 5 Setlist

This morning the folks at Guitar Hero sent over an email with the final GH 5 set list. I’m going through it and I honestly can’t say I’m excited. I’ve always said Guitar Hero is the better Music Game but Rock Band was the better Music Platform because while I love playing GH, I’ve never been particularly fond of their track lists – even the Smash Hits track list pretty much sucks. Highlights for me include, Dancing With Myself, All Along The Watchtower, Fame, Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting, Sympathy for the Devil, Superstition and Play That Funky Music – Seven awesome must play songs out of 85? Why, oh why can’t Activision embrace real DLC? I don’t want to pay full price to get 7 songs, especially when I don’t even know what 65 of these songs are!  The full list is after the break. What do you think?