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Chuck Goes Out With A Song And A Hug – But No Bang!


Over five completely unexpected seasons – the show was always on the bubble – NBC’s little show that could, did! Chuck [Friday, 8/7C], wraps up its fifth and final season with a two-hour finale that will make you laugh, cry and laugh some more [before you cry some more]. If any other show wraps its run like this, it would be a crime. For Chuck to wrap this way is perfect.

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The Cast Of Chuck Says Goodbye!

After five seasons, NBC’s cult favorite spy series, Chuck [Friday, 8/7C], reaches the end of its mission with a two-hour finale this week. In honor of that accomplishment, the stars of the show look back at what the show has done – and what it has meant to the.

Besides the remaining interview clips, a sneak peek at the series finale follows the jump.

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Chuck’s Zachary Levi and Ryan McPartlin and Guest Star Rebecca Romjin Behind The Scenes of Chuck Vs. The Curse [Videos]

NUP_143981_0500.JPG rebecca-romijn-chuck-gi

As Chuck [NBC, Fridays, 8/7C] works toward its series finale, we’ve been treated to some of the show’s best episodes and some terrific guest stars [Carrie-Anne Moss and Danny Pudi, last week].

This week, in Chuck vs. The Curse, Rebecca Romjin guests as a villain with a penchant for torture – and to round out ‘the tallest cast on television!’ She talk about the ep following the jump and series stars Zachary Levi [Chuck] and Ryan McPartlin [Captain Awesome] talk about the ep and the bigger picture of which it is but a part.

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Tangled: Disney’s Fairytale Toon Is Good Fun – Nothing More, Nothing Less!


The story of Rapunzel – considerably changed to make it appealing to a wide demographic – is the subject of Tangled, the latest CG/animated feature from Disney. Basically, it keeps the girl, the hair and the tower and changes most everything else. It is a bright, energetic, cheerful film that entertains without doing much else.

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TELEVISION: Chuck – The Intersect 2.0 Raises the Stakes for the Buy More’s Star Employee!

Tomorrow night NBC’s Chuck [9/8C] returns with two slam-bang episodes – before sliding into its regular timeslot Monday night [8/7C]. Now we get to see if all those Subway sandwiches we ate were worth it!

chuck & sarah at-odds

First up, Chuck vs. The Pink Slip deals with Chuck’s inability to access the Intersect 2.0 at will because he is inconsistent at keeping his emotions in check, resulting in his getting fired and slipping into a cheese ball hazed slacker stupor. The following ep, Chuck vs. The Three Words, brings back Carina [Mini Anden] who’s gotten herself engaged to arms dealer Karl [Vinnie Jones]. Monday brings us Chuck vs. The Angel of Death, in which Chuck saves the life of the dictator of a Cuba-like country who wants to bring democratic reform to his country. Plus more fun at the Buy More.

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HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: Chuck and His Creators Tease Season Three!

Last week, Zachary Levi, the star and Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak, executive producers of NBC’s Chuck – premiering with back-to-back episodes on Sunday, Jan. 10, 2010 at 9/8 and moving to its regular timeslot Monday, Jan. 11th at 8/7C – took part in a conference call Q&A session. Here are the highlights from that session:

S3 No More Mr. Nice Spy

On Chuck’s new abilities:

Zachary Levi: Well first of all thank you. Thank you for liking the show. We appreciate that very much. And as far as Chuck being able to fight this season I like it very much as an actor and as a man. For two and a half years I’ve – well for two years I kind of sat on the sidelines and watched Adam Baldwin and Yvonne Strahovski, Casey and Sarah respectively, kick bad guys’ butts and was very jealous of that. Not that Chuck should have been able to do it at that point, you know, he was much better at running away or screaming… like a little girl. But now that he has this new intersect (unintelligible) and the abilities that come with that he is able to kind of lend a hand in the kick butt-ery if you will.

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TELEVISION: NBC’s Chuck Returns In January With Two-Hour Premiere!

Devoted fans of NBC’s Chuck [and Subway] will be pleased by the news, just released, that the action-comedy series will return with back-to-back episodes on Sunday, January 10th, 2010 at 9/8C, before returning to NBC’s Monday night line-up the next evening at 8/7C.

chuck s3

Chuck Bartkowski [Zachary Levi], the world’s nerdiest secret agent begins the show’s third season with the newly uploaded Intersect 2.0 in his brain – finally giving him the combat skills to become a real agent. Unless, of course, his pesky emotions get in the way…

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