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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: The Dawn of a New Era is now Out

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

The latest and greatest version Konami’s popular Soccer franchise Pro Evolution Soccer, hits the streets today for all consoles. The release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PES 2014) marks a new beginning for the popular series, with an all-new engine allowing for the most comprehensive advances since its inception. PES 2014 uses Kojima Production’s renowned Fox Engine as one of the core components for its new football specific game engine.

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Konami Unites Metal Gear Solid Fans Worldwide with Interactive Website

This is something that Metal Gear Solid fans have been waiting for. Today Konami has released an amazing website dedicated to the upcoming game….Metal Gear: Rising. The site includes the trailer and several photos for starters. Additional information about the website from the press release after the jump:
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Konami releases Karaoke Revolution GLEE: Volume 3







For all the Gleeks (aka Glee fans) that are video game fans, yesterday was a big day. Video game maker, Konami released Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3 for the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. There are many new additions to volume 3 of Karaoke Revolution Glee that are worth checking out. More details from the press release after the jump:
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Konami announces release date for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection









Konami has OFFICIALLY announced the release date for their upcoming game set: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Their previous Metal Gear Solid games have been all fully remastered in HD and will be entertaining to re-play over and over again to any Metal Gear Solid Fan. More details from the press release after the jump:
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Partial song list and release date is announced for Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3

Konami and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products have come together to bring this exciting news to the fans that have enjoyed playing the Karaoke Revolution Glee game series. They have released a partial song list and a release date of November 22nd, 2011. Here’s the press release with the details:
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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands has Michelle Climbing the Walls!

I don’t know what it is about the Prince of Persia series. I think I’ve always liked them more as a concept and via watching the cool trailers than actually playing. Eventually, all the wall running and jumping along with the bad camera angles gets a bit tiring after awhile.  The Sands of Time remain the high watermark of the series, last year’s game was just ridiculous, they took away most of the combat and you every time you missed a jump your partner was there to save you. That I didn’t mind as much because I hate starting over a lot.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands takes the game back to its roots, the combat has returned and you actually have to make all your jumps now.  The story takes places sometime after the Sands of Time but before last year’s game.  It’s an odd duck, because it’s not a tie in to the movie, just timed to release along side it, but there are some elements early on, like adding a back story to the Prince and the inclusion of his brother into the story.  His brother foolishly unleashes an Army whose goal is to topple their Kingdom and rule the world.

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XBox 360 Brings Sexy Back

During yesterday’s E3 Press Conference, Microsoft unveiled their brand new XBox 360. It’s black, smaller, has touch controls, 250 GB Hard Drive, built in WiFi and is supposed to be whisper quiet all for the low price of $299. If you already have an Xbox 360 you’ll need to get the transfer cable for $20 to transfer all your data. The new 360 is replacing all current models and is available now – although, it hasn’t shown up on Amazon.com yet.  It’s an odd looking machine and still lacks Blu-ray playback, but this is a really nice design upgrade. Especially considering it addresses two common complaints – the noise and the $100 fee people had to pay for the WiFi accessory.  Also announced at the Microsoft Press Conference – Project Natal is now officially called Kinect. Kinect’s unique sensor and specially designed games transform full body movement into game play. I’m sorry but the entire concept of this device is just dumb.  ESPN is coming to Xbox Live in the form of a brand new subscription channel. New games include Gears of War 3, Halo Reach and Fables III. The press conference ended with MS giving everyone in the room a brand new Xbox 360! Why is it stuff like this never happens when I attend press conferences? I really want this machine, but I finally replaced my launch Xbox last November (no red ring) and just got a 250 GB HD last month, so I can’t justify a purchase.

250 Gig Hard Drive now Available for Xbox 360

My X-box 360 now only has 50 Gigs of space left on it. I for the life of me can’t tell what’s taking up so much space on my 120 Gig HD now after years of delay Microsoft has finally released a stand alone 250 Gig HD for the X-Box 360. The price of $129 is still outrageous by most standards, but considering that’s how much the weasels at MS were charging for the 120 Gig model up until a few months ago it seems reasonable to me. The new Hard Drive will come with a transfer kit so hopefully we’ll be able to easily migrate all our data over.

The Who’s Superbowl Mashup will be on Rock Band!

The folks at Harmonix, the makers of Rock Band is going to put The Who‘s upcoming Superbowl Mashup on XBLA for 160 points ($1.99). The band recorded a special version of their upcoming half time show just for us Plastic Instrument players. Frankly it’s a pretty terrible release. It didn’t say if it’s coming to the PS3 or exactly when this song will be or exactly what the mashup is going to be – but you can pretty much guess it’ll be combination of “Pinball Wizard,” “Baba O’Riley,” “Behind Blue Eyes,” “Eminence Front,” “Going Mobile,” “Leaving Here,” “Magic Bus,” “My Generation,” and “Real Good Looking Boy.” The main takeaway is, you’ll be able to play The Who’s Super Bowl performance. How cool is that?

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Michelle has a Gut Reaction for Darksiders!

Who says January through March is a slow month in the gaming industry. After taking the month of December off, the industry has returned with a vengeance in January, we have 5 big games this month Bayonetta (which I hated – 15 minutes of cut and loading screens for 5 minutes of gameplay), Dark Void (which I hated) and Darksiders. Then next week we have M.A.G. and Mass Effect 2, this Gut Reaction is about a weird little gem called Darksiders. I’ve played about 8 hours of this game so far, but according to the game stats I’m only 2 1/2 hours in – how is this possible?

Many early reviews have said that this game is a Zelda done right for the next generation and yeah, I can see some similarities between the two games, but I don’t think it’s as blatant as everyone is making it out to be. I mean sure at some point in the game you get a horse (which I haven’t seen yet) and you do have to collect skulls to sell to some demon to get your weapon upgrades and you are running around castles instead of dungeons, but really by now aren’t these standard gameplay mechanics by now? I think reviewers who spend hundreds of words talking about how this game is like Zelda misses the point.

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ESPN Streaming coming to Xbox 360

Here’s something interesting, ESPN Streaming is coming to the Xbox 360. With the Xbox 360’s large male audience this a great fit. According to the New York Times Disney and Microsoft are having closed door meetings and live streams of sporting events à la the now aptly-titled ESPN360 could come to the console on a per-subscriber fee, along with related interactive games. Now this is something I certainly pay for, but it’s an interesting example of where television is going. I’ll admit I have soured on Microsoft due to their restrictive licensing policies and if MS really wants the Xbox 360 to become a multi-media powerhouse they have to start releasing larger capacity HDs. I only have 40 gigs left and there’s no larger drive I can buy, even if I could, I couldn’t because I already did a license transfer and have to wait another year before I can do it again. WTF is that? I guess MS doesn’t want people to purchase multiple Xbox 360s! The PS3 let’s you redownload stuff up to 5 times.