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Reaper Star Joins V In Recurring Role!


In a second season that’s already introducing Jane Badler as Anna’s mother, V has gone deeper into the cult hit pocket to enlist Bret Harrison, star of cult favorite Reaper, to play the recurring role of Dr. Sidney Miller. Miller is an evolutionary biologist whom the fifth Column, led by Erica Evans [series star Elizabeth Mitchell], seeks out because he may know something about the Red Sky which was seen in the closing moments of the show’s season one finale cliffhanger.

ABC May 2010 Series Finales!

Goodbye Betty

ABC has announced the dates of the May finales for its primetime programming which you can check out following the jump – series finales and likely series finales are in bold print [note: some of these series are still on the bubble, so any uptick in their ratings could result in a stay of execution – except Betty. sorry].

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TELEVISION REVIEW: V – Welcome to the War: Is It Getting Intense in Here or Is It Just Me?

V vs. Erica

It’s been a while since we saw an original episode of V and, after a better-than-average clip show to bring us up to date, the series returns this evening [ABC, 10/9C]. Welcome to the War picks up with a number of plot threads that were left dangling off the proverbial cliff way back before the Winter Olympics – and resolves them in manners both expected and… not so much.

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TELEVISION: V – Previously on V – V: The Arrival Provides Crash Course on what Has Gone Before!

Cast shot

Remember how ABC’s V left us with a classic cliffhanger way back on November 29th, 2009? No? Well, if you lost track of the show over its unnecessarily extended hiatus, fear not! On Tuesday, March 23 [10/9C] ABC will present V: The Arrival – a one-hour special clip show to bring fans back up to date and provide new viewers with a jumping in point. Spoiler-filled details from the press release follow the jump.

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TV RECAP: V – A Bright New Day – But For Whom?

After the opening recap, we see Anna move into frame and face the camera. She is the first V to receive a diplomatic visa to the United States. Chad Decker’s voice proclaims “It’s a bright new day in America…” as we move outside the Peace Ambassadors Center, where Chad is broadcasting live – and protesters have gathered. We cut between various V’s, including Marcus, and the protesters. Chad’s assistant, Haley, tells him he helped make history. He doesn’t look particularly pleased. He sees Anna get into a glass elevator and sees her staring down at him.

Anna & Marcus get visas

Father Jack is hearing confessions. Some have reason to be grateful to the V’s; others feel lost, have doubts about God. Jack gets more distraught as they speak. At Erica’s home, she’s sorting files from the list she “procured” last week. We see two stacks: Crazies, and Deceased. As she listens to a newscast, she checks names against the FBI database. She complains to Tyler that there’s been no time to do a proper threat assessment – “it’s like 9/11 never happened.” She doesn’t want Tyler going into the city. He says he’s just giving Brandon a lift. As he’s about to leave, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Father Jack. “We work together,” says Erica.

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TV Recap: V: There Really Isn’t Normal Anymore!

Father Jack & Erica

The second episode of V opens literally seconds after the conclusion of the premiere with Father Jack and Erica sitting on that roof. A V shuttle flies by and the follow it to the scene of the underground’s meeting. The aliens are cleaning up – removing all the bodies, including Erica’s late partner, Dale’s. Erica calls 911 from a nearby payphone [we still have those?] but the call is intercepted by the V’s who sent a flying metal globe after them. As it closes in, it sprouts nasty-looking spikes, but Erica destroys it with a major league swing of an improvised club. She and Father Jack go home. They can’t take the V’s on directly.

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TV Recap: V; There is No More Normal; Cue The Lizard Men!

Anna's Team

What a morning! FBI Counter Terrorism Agent Erica Evans [Elizabeth Mitchell] awakens to a rumble that might be taken to be the harbinger of an earthquake and discovers her son, Tyler [Logan Huffman], hasn’t been home all night. The rumble intensifies as she calls him on his cell – he answers in a hospital, where he’s been treated for bruises from an accident. Elsewhere, Father Jack Landry [Joel Gretsch] is talking with the wheelchair-bound Roy [Stefan Arngrim] and Ryan Nichols [Morris Chestnut] is buying an engagement ring and wondering if getting down on one knee is too corny [“A classic, responds the jeweller. “Respect the knee”]. TV anchor Chad Decker is climbing out of the shower as the morning loop of his late night newscast is being broadcast. [I don’t have to tell you that there are big honkin’ spoilers throughout, right?]

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TELEVISION REVIEW: V – There Is No Normal Anymore!

Look Wa-a-a-a-ay Up!

V [ABC, Tuesdays, 8/7C] begins with an early morning rumble that awakens FBI Counter Terrorism Agent Erica Evens [Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost] to the discovery that her son, Tyler [Logan Huffman] hasn’t been home all night. Father Jack Landry [Joel Gretsch, The 4400] chats with the wheelchair-bound Roy [Stefan Arngrim] by the entrance to his church, and so on. In another home, anchor Chad Decker [Scott Wolf] reads the news on TV – clearly on a loop – as he also steps out of his shower. People are buying engagement rings, eating breakfast, and so on… Life is proceeding pretty much normally, even through the rumble, until an ominous shadow glides overhead – and an enormous alien craft moves into place overhead.

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TELEVISION NEWS: Abc Has Released the V Promo, and it’s Good!

Whenever people ask me what my favorite movie of all time is, I always say it’s “V The Original Mini-series.” For me it’s has always been and remains the perfect movie because at it’s core it’s a message movie that’s about something. I’ve seen it over 30 times and read the novel at least as much it’s the perfect example of how to write an adaptation – not just copying a screenplay but actually adding a lot of depth and missing moments to the original work.

I couldn’t gen up the passion to be outraged at ABC’s upcoming remake. I wanted to just pretend it didn’t exist. But this week ABC posted a 2 minute promo clip and I hate to say it, or am happy to say – it’s excellent. It hits all the beats from the original while making it relevant for today’s audience with nicely updated effects that are the same as the original but different. I love that this time around they are inviting everyone up and it seems like they are hitting the religious undertones pretty heavily this time where that wasn’t present in the original.  But so far, I really like what I’m seeing.