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Taboo Has Become Must-See TV!

The second episode of Taboo (FX, Tuesdays, 10/9C) finds James Delaney setting out to make his plans a reality. Suggestions made in the series premiere are affirmed and dangers encountered. The unfolding of events continues at its measured pace, drawing us in with its details and atmosphere. The first scene of this week’s episode confirms […]

Poisonous Teaser: Taboo!

James Keziah Delaney returns to London to take up the trading company he’s inherited from his father. Unfortunately, circumstances have that business a bit of a poisoned chalice. Fortunately, Delaney is ‘a very dangerous man to know’ (even if he does say so himself). Taboo is coming soon to FX. Check out the new trailer […]

Troubling Trailer: Child 44!

1953: A disgraced Russian cop (he wouldn’t denounce his wife s a traitor) is saddled with the investigation into the ‘accidental’ death of a young boy – but the boy was clearly murdered. His investigation leads to the discovery of others, also ignored or covered up – ‘murder is a capitalist disease!’ Tom Hardy stars […]