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Spielberg, Hanks Begin Shooting Untitled Spy Thriller!

hanks-and-spielberg 11-06-14

The Cold War is back!

Steven Spielberg has begun shooting his currently untitled spy thriller starring Tom Hanks. The film is based on the true story of James Donovan, an attorney who was given the assignment of negotiating the release of an American U-2 pilot.

Details, such as they are, follow the jump. The film will premiere on October 16th, 2015.

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Delicious Featurette: The Hundred-Foot Journey!


Can a talented newcomer teach a seasoned chef new gastronomic tricks? Can two wildly different cultures learn from each other? These are two of the questions posed by DreamWorks Pictures’ The Hundred-Foot Journey.

A new featurette features producers Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey discussing these ideas accompanied by new footage from the film. Check it out following the jump. The Hundred-Foot Journey reserves theater space beginning August 8th.

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Stephen Spielberg, Edward Burns Bring Public Morals to TNT!


TNT has greenlit 1960s-set police drama Public Morals for a 10-episode season. The series was created by – and will star and be directed by Edward Burns – and numbers Steven Spielberg among its executive producers.

The series centers on New York city’s Public Morals Division – where cops face temptations od all sorts as they deal the city’s vice problems. Public Morals is set to premiere in 2015. Follow the jump for more details.

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CBS, Amazon Sign Exclusive Content Agreement for Steven Spielberg’s Series Extant!


CBS’ new Steven Spielberg series, Extant, will be streamed on Amazon Prime exclusively thanks to a content licencing deal announced today. The serialized drama, starring Halle Berry, will be available to Amazon Prime subscribers four days after each new episode airs. The series will be accessible through any compatible Amazon Instant Video device, including: Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HD, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation and the Wii. Episodes will also be available for purchase and download exclusively at Amazon Instant Video.

Check out the press release, following the jump, for more details.

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Lincoln – A Brilliant Movie that Lacks a Soul! Michelle takes on Lincoln!

Lincoln Movie Review

Steven Spielberg’s latest opus is a look inside the inner workings of what many consider the greatest American President ever – Abraham Lincoln. The trailers and the advanced publicity on this movie are very misleading. If you walk into this movie expecting a sweeping autobiographical epic, then be prepared to be slightly disappointed.  What Spielberg delivers is his version of Masterpiece Theater.
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