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Grimm: The Godfather of Death!

With only three episodes in its run, after tonight, Grimm (NBC, Fridays, 10/9C) weaves mythology and a tender story of love and compassion to set up the series’ no doubt cataclysmic finale. Blood Magic opens with a Wesen murder and a confused old woman in a nursing home, follows Eve as she researches ways to […]

Grimm: Wolfman Wu?

Things just keep getting more ‘interesting’ on Grimm (NBC, Fridays, 9/8C). If it’s not Captain Renard running for mayor – backed by Black Claw, it’s Wu turning into some kind of wolfman; if it’s not Black Claw kidnapping children, it’s Adalind finally having ‘the talk’ with Nick. With the show’s fifth season tearing through its […]