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TV Recap: Gossip Girl, Episode 3.5, Rufus Getting Married


Did you know there is now a company that does Gossip Girl tours of New York? It’s from the same company that does Seinfeld and Sex and the City Tours. I think I’m going to have to give it a go in the next few weeks.  Anyway onto Gossip Girl, this week’s installment looks to be all about Georgina and I really don’t like the character or Michelle Trachtenberg. Let’s see how it goes. The name of this week’s episode is Rufus Gets Married.

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TV Re-Cap: Gossip Girl, Season 3, Episode 4, Dan De Fleurette


Disclaimer – My internet isn’t working properly this week so I’m not going to be able to fact check this week’s Re-cap so there may be errors. If so feel free to point them out and I’ll correct when I get to decent Wi-Fi.

It’s time for another thrilling episode of Gossip Girl. The buzz on campus is that there’s a hot new celebrity (Hilary Duff) who is coming to NYU for a normal college life. Of course Dan tells Nate he has no clue who she is and yes, they meet cute. Turns out she’s Vanessa’s new roommate. Serena and Rufus have a funny moment when they rehearse Serena telling Lilly she dropped out of school. Jenny tries to change Constance and Blair is not happy so she goes back to rule Constance once again. Serena looks for a job and is turned down by all of her Fashion industry friends. After a tough day job hunting she ends up meeting Hilary and her publicist who promptly offers Serena a job planning Hilary’s movie premiere. She befriends the movie’s co-star Ursula (Tyra Banks). Dan discovers his new crush is yes, the actress and he is not at all happy.


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Television Re-Cap: Gossip Girl, The Lost Boy, S3, Ep 3


Three weeks into doing show re-caps I’ve tried a couple of different methods – Tivo the show, watch the entire show and then provide you with a summary, that was a lot of work because it meant I had to "memorize" the details so I’ve started to do these re-caps "live" as I watch the episodes unfold. This way if something surprising, good, or funny happens hopefully it’ll come through during the re-cap. Anywho this week I wrote the re-cap with a pen and paper because I forgot my power cable at work. I tried to write in the Gossip Girl style but halfway through I just got annoyed calling everyone by their first initial. Now on to this week’s episode.

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TV RECAP: Gossip Girl, The Freshman, Season 3, Episode 2 Airdate 9.21.09


Lets dive into this week’s Re-cap of Season 3, Episode 2 – The Freshman

One thing I have to say about Gossip Girl is the show’s producers LOVE NYC, the city looks beautiful in HD. I find it amazing how these high-school shows somehow always manages to keep the cast together for their College years. Doesn’t anyone in TV High School ever go out of state for College? This episode starts with everyone preparing for their first day at NYU.  Blair (Leighton Meester) tells Chuck she’s moving into the dorms so that she can establish herself as queen of NYU. Really? How dumb is she?  Chuck (Ed Westwick) rightly points out that they don’t have "queens" who rule NYU, only Queens who have tickets to Liza on Broadway – funny line. Serena is talking to Dan (Penn Badgley) who is nervous about going to NYU. In more Dan jerkiness this season, he actually has a groupie, someone who recognizes him from being published in the New Yorker. Really? People recognize authors who have only been published one time? Turns out the girl runs a writers group and invites Dan to join. I can see where this is going, Dan is going to become the BMOC this year and live up to his “Ultimate Insider,” label.


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TELEVISION RECAP – Gossip Girl, Reversals of Fortune – Season 3, Episode 1

Gossip Girl

Summer is coming to a close Blair  (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) spent their summer being a couple.  Chuck is in a coffee shop where a blond picks him up; Blair comes in and tells the woman Chuck is taken and stay away from her man.  Turns spice up their relationship by playing games where Blair can play the role of the scorned woman.  Serena (Blake Lively) spent the summer in Europe being a tabloid sensation, while the Humphries summered in the Hamptons and are enjoying being part of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, Lilly (Kelly Rutherford) is away caring for her sick mother, leaving Rufus (Matthew Settle) to take care of the family.  Jenny (Taylor Momsen) and Eric (Connor Paolo) spent the summer hiding all the magazine articles about Serena from Rufus and Dan (Penn Badgley).

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Television: The CW Announces Their Fall Line Up

CW Logo

Hot on the heels of the sneak peek looks at two of their new fall series, Melrose Place and The Vampire Diaries, The CW Network has released their full fall schedule for the 2009/2010 television season. The CW’s new schedule begins on Tuesday, September 8 with the season premiere of sophomore drama 90210 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET), followed by the series premiere of the updated version of Melrose Place (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET).  As they did once before, 90210 and Melrose Place will combine for a great night of television.  

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The CW Network

In no surprise to anyone, according to TV.com The CW picked up Melrose Place, Vampire Diaries, The Beautiful Life get thumbs up; Gossip Girl spinoff, Privileged dead. The addition of those three programs likely means the end for some others. male viagra side effects go drug abuse essayВ https://artsgarage.org/blog/thesis-ideas-for-the-hobbit/83/ https://coveringthecorridor.com/rxonline/viagra-online-india/43/ winning essay contest essays on media influence https://caberfaepeaks.com/school/art-college-essay-help/27/ go to link scarlet letter light and darkness essay https://lynchburgartclub.org/spa-job-resume/ see homework help sites for circumference who am i essay examples thesis binding edmonton enter http://www.danhostel.org/papers/pay-to-have-your-essay-written/11/ viagra time frame see process analysis essay outline do my economics assignment http://mce.csail.mit.edu/institute/uc-davis-extension-creative-writing/21/ source site my happiest memory essay go to site https://tasteofredding.org/11862-buy-40-mg-cialis/ https://bmxunion.com/daily/dissertation-design-layout/49/ help writing a paper for college the thesis statement in a research paper cialis lilly brand source format on how to write a research paper Privileged, which had a shot at a second-season pickup, is almost certainly cancelled. The Gossip Girl spinoff about young Lily in 1980s Los Angeles is also looking like a goner, despite being set up by a flashback in a recent episode of Gossip Girl. You can read the full story, here.

MOVIE NEWS: Another Gossip Girl Gets a Movie, Chace Crawford to Star in Footloose!

Gossip Girl, Chase Crawford, The CW, Footloose, Paramount Pictures

Ok, the headline is a little missleading, it’s not a Gossip Girl, it’s Gossip Guy;  Chase “Bangs” Crawford who plays the whiny Nathan on Gossip Girl just landed the starring role in Paramount’s Footloose. I don’t like the idea of them remaking this movie At All, but I’ll say this is decent casting assuming he can actually dance. But based on what I’m seeing of the Fame remake I’m not holding out much hope for this.  The official Press Release is after the break.

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TELEVISION NEWS: It’s Season Finale Night for 24, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill

Don’t forget the season Finale of 24 is tonight. And for those that still care, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill have their finales tonight as well.

24 Promo

I’ll be watching 24 tonight, but I sort of lost interest 4 episodes ago when they went one twist two many with Tony’s reverse heal turn. I actually fell asleep on it the last two weeks. And this season was so awesome up till that point.

Gossip Girl

To bad I don’t have my DVR set up, but I’ll catch this when the DVDs come out.

One Tree Hill

Are they really going to kill off Peyton tonight?

TELEVISION NEWS: Gossip Girl Spinoff Dead, Lost Questions Answered, and Dollhouse Tanks

Gossip Girl

Our blog partners, the fine folks at TV.com  have a couple of interesting stories going on over at their site today including a look at The Dollhouse ratings tanking. The show ain’t coming back folks.  Check it out here. I don’t watch Lost but the TV.com folks try and answer the 10 questions that are still linguring from the show, here.  And they have this to say about the new Gossip Girl spinoff.

While a new Melrose and The Vampire Diaries are chugging along quite smoothly, Deadline Hollywood is reporting that the ballyhooed Gossip Girl spinoff, featuring a young Lily van der Woodsen (née Rhodes) tromping around 1980s Los Angeles, is “done” as in dead. “Put a fork in it,” said author Nikki Finke, a proven source of inside information.

Whoa, what!? This was a shoo-in for the fall schedule and now it’s done? E! Online has another side of the story, with insiders saying that “nothing is dead,” and everything is still in the race. However, that sounds more like PR spin than any actual scoop. For the record, the CW’s official statement on the situation is “No comment.” Read the full story.

TELEVISION NEWS: Gossip Girl Goes to the Prom tonight.

The folks at TV.com sent over a clip for tonight’s Gossip Girl.  It shows Nate and Blair at the Prom. And I think tonight is the flashback episode that shows Lilly’s past.  EM Writer Sheldon has never understood my love of GG, but I think I’m officially off the GG bandwagon. But I almost feel like I should watch these last few episodes since I’ve come so far, but I just can’t bring myself to care.  I will probably have more fun watching the Wanda Sykes clips over and over on Olbermann tonight.