TV RECAP: Gossip Girl, The Freshman, Season 3, Episode 2 Airdate 9.21.09


Lets dive into this week’s Re-cap of Season 3, Episode 2 – The Freshman

One thing I have to say about Gossip Girl is the show’s producers LOVE NYC, the city looks beautiful in HD. I find it amazing how these high-school shows somehow always manages to keep the cast together for their College years. Doesn’t anyone in TV High School ever go out of state for College? This episode starts with everyone preparing for their first day at NYU.  Blair (Leighton Meester) tells Chuck she’s moving into the dorms so that she can establish herself as queen of NYU. Really? How dumb is she?  Chuck (Ed Westwick) rightly points out that they don’t have "queens" who rule NYU, only Queens who have tickets to Liza on Broadway – funny line. Serena is talking to Dan (Penn Badgley) who is nervous about going to NYU. In more Dan jerkiness this season, he actually has a groupie, someone who recognizes him from being published in the New Yorker. Really? People recognize authors who have only been published one time? Turns out the girl runs a writers group and invites Dan to join. I can see where this is going, Dan is going to become the BMOC this year and live up to his “Ultimate Insider,” label.


Serena (Blake Lively) is off to Brown – how much you want to bet by the end of this episode or next she ends up at NYU with the rest of the gang?  Wow, not even 10 minutes into the show and Serena secretly moves in with Chuck instead of going to Brown. The freshmen girl’s reaction to Blair was great. Georgina shows up as Blair’s roommate. I love Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski) and Blair’s weird relationship. Nate (Chace Crawford) and Bree (Joanna Garcia) are still going hot and heavy. They decide to spend the entire episode in Bree’s apartment. I really liked Joanna in Privilege but she just doesn’t fit here. Serena and her big mouth ruins Chuck’s business deal. Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) befriends Vanessa (Jessica Szohr), Dan still doesn’t trust Georgina.

We 30 minutes into this episode and I’m really enjoying it. Looks like GG is bouncing back from last week’s poor beginning.

We’re back from commercial break, after her fight with Chuck, Serena hides out at Dan’s place so we get some quality Serena and Dan time. Dan tells Serena she should get advice from Rufus. It’s great watching Blair’s high-school tricks not work in college. Chuck rats Serena out to Rufus tears into her for her actions over the summer, at the polo match and lying about Brown. I’m done feeling sorry for Serena, so it’s nice to see Rufus not falling for her sob story. It’s the apocalypse Blair asks Dan to take her to Georgina’s party I always love good Blair/Dan time. Serena and Carter interrupts Chuck’s business meeting, which is a weird scene, because she already ruined the deal earlier in the episode. Scott’s true colors show a bit at the party when he goes a bit crazy when people grill him about his previous classes, the first sign that he’s going to go psycho by the end of the year.

Meanwhile Blair is an outcast at Georgina’s party. There’s this ridiculous conversation with two geeks debating which is better BSG or TNG and it was obviously written by someone who doesn’t watch either show. The points the two geeks make is totally incomprehensible. No wonder Blair is standing there with the "get me out of here," look. Blair doesn’t stay down long, she invites a bunch of Jesus freaks to ruin the party, great Blair moment and of course she once again screws Dan over. Popular Dan comes to Georgina’s rescue. Carter is ticked at Serena for using him and breaks up with her. I think we’re still on track for Serena to end up at NYU, but maybe by next episode and not this one. Rufus and Serena share a nice moment. Serena makes up with Carter. Dan and Georgina? WtF!?

Episode Review

This is probably the best episode of Gossip Girl that I’ve ever watched. The cast chemistry was strong, lots of great little character and relationship moments. It’s as if they crammed this entire season’s theme of growing up into this one fast paced tight episode. There’s almost no point in watching the rest of this season.


Episode Grade – A


EM Recap by
Michelle Alexandria
Originally posted 9.21.09