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Movie News: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Ghostbusters Extended Cut, Warcraft II

Lots of fun news to cover on this week’s edition of GeekScholars Movie News. The show starts with a round of Script Doctor where the hosts comment on a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child film, Jackie Chan receiving an Oscar, Ghostbusters Extended Edition, Deathstroke appearing in Justice League, and some musings on Warcraft 2. After all of that, Chris and Fox go head-to-head for […]

Ghostbusters Is Smart, Funny and Melodramatic Summer Fun! Sorry If It Ruins Your Childhood!

After a couple of decent trailers that actually withheld most of the film’s funniest moments, Ghostbusters arrives with wit, charm, lovable goofiness, some serious melodrama and comes thisclose to being as good as the original. The all-female Ghostbusters (and their dumber than a sack of flying mallets male receptionist) are worthy successors to Ivan Reitman’s […]

Lyft Lets You Ride the Ecto-1

There’s something strange…coming to DC this Friday and Saturday. If you want to ride the new Ecto-1, Who Ya Gonna Call…. LYFT! Today, the famous ghost-busting ride of the upcoming summer movie made a stop in the DC Area to give fans of the franchise a preview of their upcoming promotion.