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Hulu Licenses Exclusive Streaming Rights To Future Dreamworks Animation Films!

Hulu has announced a deal to license exclusive streaming rights to future slates of DreamWorks Animation feature films as well as ‘iconic DreamWorks library films.’ Hulu will work with DreamWorks Animation Television to develop original kids & family series for exclusive streaming based on the company’s popular franchises and upcoming feature films. Upcoming titles to […]

Beauty Trailer: Boss Baby!

If you’re one of the few who didn’t see Beauty and the Beast this past weekend (or saw it in come parts of Canada), you missed a bonus treat – a new trailer for The Boss Baby that was specially created to play with the Disney smash hit. It’s not just a terrific marketing ploy, […]

Home Is Where The Boov Are!

Last year, a short entitled Almost Home featured an alien race called the Boov and their attempts to find a new home after fleeing the evil Gorg. After a series of interplanetary mishaps, the short ended with them arriving at Earth. In Home, the Boov invade and relocate all humans to Australia where they live […]

Quirky Trailer: Home!

When an alien race called the Boov invade the Earth and relocate humans so that they can settle in properly, a resourceful girl named Tip (Rihanna) avoids capture and, with an alien called Oh (Jim Parsons) learns that there’s a great deal more at stake than intergalactic relations in DreamWorks Animation’s Home. Home invades theaters […]