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ABC’s Castle Writers’ Raising Support for Camp del Corazon




If you’re on Twitter and you’re a fan of the ABC show Castle, you know that their writers are frequently asked for group and individual shots of themselves on a pretty regular basis. So in the spirit of giving to both their loyal fans and to a worthy cause, Camp del Corazon, the writers’ decided to throw down a challenge and created the Castle Writers’ Will Take a Picture Together fundraiser.

Details about how to donate to the fundraiser, Camp del Corazon and what you get for donating after the jump.

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Castle Finale – Relationship Cliffhanger Packs Punch!

S5 Finale - Richard Cartwright

Every season, the writers of ABC’s Castle (Mondays, 10:01/9:01C) find ways to leave us fans breathless and chewing our nails. Usually, they do it by placing one or the other (or both) of the show’s lead characters – Rick Castle and Kate Beckett – in some form of deadly danger. This season, they’ve found the perfect way to keep us hanging on even without the threat of imminent physical danger. Sometimes, the possibility of a broken heart is harder to take than a near-fatal shooting.

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NBC’s “SMASH” Hits All the Right Notes!

It is extremely refreshing to see a series where a courtroom, a hospital, or a crime scene are nowhere in sight.  Networks don’t often take chances on a series without one of those popular and successful staples as its foundation.  And let’s also get another thing straight – with the exception of the inclusion of songs and musical numbers, there is simply no comparison between Smash and Glee, the first being a serious drama and the latter a comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  The good thing about Glee is that its success helped open the door to other shows interested in including music in its formats.

Smash takes us behind the scenes into the world of Broadway giving us views through the eyes of the struggling artist looking for that one break to fulfill their dreams; the creative team looking for inspiration in developing the next big thing along with its music and dance numbers; and the people who can write the checks to pay for it all.  The characters involved through each of these views are interesting and engaging, and the talented cast does an excellent job bringing them to life.  The musical numbers are richly produced and give a true sense of a Broadway stage while giving us an often-painful peek behind the curtain.  But the thing that will keep viewers interested will be the personal dramas associated with all the characters.  Based on the Pilot episode alone, Smash appears to be hitting all the right notes.

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Television: TV Guide Reveals The Winners of Their ‘Fan Favorites’ Poll And Put’s Them On The Cover


TV Guide Magazine has come to realize that the Nielsen Ratings doesn’t always give a true picture of which TV shows are fan favorites. That’s why they chose to give the fans a voice in showing their appreciation for their favorites. TV Guide ran a poll, the fans voted and some of the winners are:

Castle, The Big Bang Theory, Dancing with the Stars, Chuck and Supernatural. Congratulations to Jensen Ackles for winning best actor , Misha Collins for winning best Non-Human Character and Timothy Dalton for winning Best Villain.

Check out the video after the jump to see what the stars of all these shows had to say about winning this award.

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Richard Castle Launches RichardCastle.net!

Castle S3

Blurring the line between fiction and reality is something the best books, movies and television shows do on a regular basis. Mystery writer Richard Castle moves from the TV screen into cyberspace with the launch of richardcastle.com. The website follows Castle’s two well-received Nikki Heat novels [Naked Heat and Heat Wave].

Castle [Nathan Fillion], of course, is the dashing mystery novelist/crime solver who teams with Detective Kate Beckett [Stana Katic] each Monday evening on ABC’s hit hit series of the same name.

Details on the website follow the jump.

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Castle Kicks Off Its Third Season With A Deadly Affair!


The third season premiere of Castle [ABC, Mondays, 10:01/9:01C] finds Rick Castle [Nathan Fillion] in the unlikeliest of positions – seated in the interrogation room after being charged with murder! The arrest comes after Castle is found at the scene of a murder – with a fun in hand. Beckett [Stana Katic] is not amused – and not just because she’s found him in such incriminating circumstances!

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