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TELEVISION: BOOM[!] Go Its Ratings So ABC Gives Castle Third Season!


For each of its last two episodes [a two-parter guest starring Dana Delaney], ABC’s Castle [Mondays, 10/9C] has chalked up double-digit ratings increases resulting in the show being renewed for 2010-11.

The two-episode arc had Kate Beckett [Stana Katic] and Richard Castle [Nathan Fillion] being joined by FBI profiler Jordan Shaw [Delaney] when a serial killer began calling Beckett about murders he’d just committing – the twist being that he was calling Nikki Heat, the character Castle writes about in his new series of mystery novels. The first part of the story ended in a classic cliffhanger – which may have helped the second increase.

Besides having Dana Delaney guest starring, Castle has also benefited from having the new season of Dancing with the Stars as its lead-in.

Photo courtesy ABC; Photo by Adam Larkey

TELEVISION: Dana Delaney Sparks Explosive New Castle!

When ABC’s Castle [tonight, 10/9C] premiered last season, it was a clever twist on the veteran detective/amateur sleuth kind of series. It introduced a wit and charm that felt very much like classic series like Moonlighting and Murder, She Wrote, but with a fresh twist – the detective is veteran police detective Kate Beckett; the amateur sleuth is bestselling mystery writer Richard Castle [Nathan Fillion].

Jordan Shaw & Castle Cast

That Castle has become a very sophisticated show, without in any way seeming snobbish, is exemplified by tonight’s episode, Tick, Tick, Tick… – which introduces hotshot FBI profiler, Special Agent Jordan Shaw. Shaw has all kinds of new toys [she scans a fingerprint with her cell phone [prompting Castle to inquire, There’s an app for that?] and, once she gets past the idea of a writer helping a murder investigation, almost instantly develops a rapport with Castle that mirrors his rapport with Beckett. It’s both a novel twist and a send-up of the actual series.

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TELEVISION: Bestselling Mystery Author Richard Castle Goes Live on Twitter!

New York City. Summer. It’s hot and muggy and Richard Castle, the bestselling mystery writer has fallen into another mystery even as he scrambles to finish his Nikki Heat novel. As usual, Castle is procrastinating – and this summer he has a shiny new toy to play with thanks to his daughter, Alexis, who has made the mistake of introducing her father to Twitter.


While the Castles vacation in The Hamptons, a foot washes up on the beach. The police think it’s a shark attack but Castle, as usual, thinks it might be something more. And now he has put himself in the middle of the investigation, tweeting his theories as he goes. The police are amused, but could he be right?

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TELEVISION: ABC Renews Three Shows; Adds Seven New Ones for Fall!

Reports are coming in from multiple sources, including the Los Angeles Times, that ABC has renewed the Nathan Fillion headlined mystery series Castle, as well as Scrubs [though it is unknown if and how many of the current cast will return] and Better Off Ted, which has a very Scrubs-like sensibility. All three shows have helped ABC continue its tradition of supporting programming that takes traditional ideas and gives them unorthodox spins.


New comedies for the alphabet network are Bill Lawrence’s [Scrubs] single-camera series Cougar Town; Eileen Heisler and Deann Heline’s [Lipstick Jungle] single-camera comedy, The Middle, and Tucker Cawley’s [Parks and Recreation] sitcom Hank.

New dramas include: Scott Peters’ re-imagining of Kenneth Johnson’s sci-fi classic, V; The Forgotten, created by Mark Friedman and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television; Happy Town, from the Life on Mars [US] team of Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec and Scott Rosenberg, and David Hemingson’s The Deep End.

On the comedy side, Cougar Town stars Courteney Cox-Arquette as a divorced single mom and real estate agent who begins a much younger guy she meets at a club; The Middle stars Neil Flynn [Scrubs] and Patricia Heaton [Everybody Loves Raymond] as a middle class couple who live in Jasper, Indiana with their three children, and Hank stars Kelsey Grammer as a Wall Street executive who loses his job when the recession hits – and has to move back to his hometown with his wife and kids.

V, the alien invasion series, features a TV all-star cast: Elizabeth Mitchell [Lost], Morena Baccarin [Firefly], Morris Chestnut [The Perfect Holiday], Joel Gretsch [The 4400], Scott Wolf [Everwood, Party of Five], Lourdes Benedicto [Cashmere Mafia, The Nine],and Logan Huffman [Lymelife].

The Forgotten features a group of amateur crime fighters who take on John/Jane Doe cases and stars Reiko Aylesworth [24, Lost], Rochelle Aytes [Drive], Michelle Borth [Tell Me You Love Me], Anthony Carrigan, Rupert Penry-Jones [Spooks, Whitechapel] and Bob Stephenson [Jericho].

Happy Town, a mystery series set in a Minnesota town that suffered through a series of kidnappings many years ago and is now beset by a new crimewave, stars Amy Acker [Dollhouse. Angel], John Patrick Amedori [Gossip Girl, Vanished], Sarah Gadon [Bing Erica, The Border], Lauren German [Surrender Dorothy], Sam Neill [Jurassic Park, The Triangle], Jay Paulson [October Road], Geoff Stults [Reunion, October road], Dean Winters [Rescue Me, Sarah Connor Chronicles] and Robert Wisdom [Supernatural, The Wire].

TELEVISION: Castle – Where Murder She Wrote Meets Moonlighting!

Castle’s [ABC, Mondays, 10/9C] Nathan Fillion is a star waiting to happen. If you don’t believe me, just re-screen any of his work on television [Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Desperate Housewives] or movies [Serenity, Waitress] – or the incredibly funny web mini-series, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog – and you’ll see what I mean.


He has the look of a young Kirk Douglas [right down to the dimpled chin]; the timing of a Groucho Marx, and the acting chops of a Bruce Willis. He has a natural charm and holds the screen like the young Cary Grant. And yet, he’s never had a hit series [though Waitress was a minor theatrical hit].

Castle may change that. The premise melds the mystery writer who solves real mysteries premise of Murder She Wrote with the banter and unresolved sexual tension of Moonlighting – then a dash of police procedural to the mix just to provide an extra layer.

Rick Castle [Fillion] is a full-of-himself mystery writer who has just killed off the main character in his bestselling series and is suffering writer’s block. When two murders are discovered to have been taken from his books, he offers to help the police with their investigation and is partnered with Kate Beckett [Stana Katic, The Closer, The Librarian: Curse of the Judas chalice]. Beckett is a gifted detective who works within the procedural lines and her immediate reaction to the less disciplined Castle is one of distrust and wariness.

When Castle arrives at certain conclusions in his own unique way – conclusions that she has reached through more ordered deductive means, she begins to be impressed and, finally, comes to accept that they make a good team [even if it had to be formed at the behest of the mayor – one of Castle’s biggest fans]. The partnership also inspires Castle to create a new mystery series – about a female police detective!

On the periphery, Castle has a superb supporting cast that includes: Susan Sullivan as Castle’s frequently divorced mother, Martha Rodgers; Molly Quinn as his daughter, Alexis – one of the few grounding influences in his life]; Jon Huertas as a detective who support Beckett, Reuben Santiago-Hudson as Captain Roy Montgomery, and Tamala Jones as the Medical Examiner, Lanie Parish, probably Beckett’s best friend.

The premiere, Flowers for Your Grave, is written by series creator Andrew W. Marlowe and directed with all kinds of Panache by Rob Bowman. In order to introduce the show’s cast, the balance between humor and drama isn’t quite right – everyone gets time enough to give us a solid idea about who they are – but the chemistry between Fillion and Katic definitely has a Willis/Shepherd slow burn to it.

In next week’s ep, Nanny McDead, the balance is better and the cast is not only more comfortable, but more engaging. With everything it’s got going for it, Castle just might become the elusive hit series for Fillion – and it couldn’t happen to a nicer Canadian guy [not to mention his nice, Canadian girl partner].

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TELEVISION: ABC Greenlights Five New Series

For the fall season, ABC greenlighted only a handful of new shows: the drama Life on Mars [based on the British, series of the same name]; comedies Scrubs [moving from NBC] and The Goode Family; and two alternative [reality] shows, the Untitlted Ashton Kutcher/Tyra Banks and Opportunity Knocks.

Nathan Fillion

Now the network unveils five new shows: dramas Castle [starring Nathan Fillion, pictured], Cupid and The Unusuals, and comedies Better Off Ted and Single With Parents. Although the announcement of the five new shows comes a bit later than usual, Stephen McPherson, President of ABC Entertainment notes that, “It was worth taking the time to go through the pilot process to really do it right,” said McPherson. “We’re excited about these series and feel they’re perfect additions to our dominant core slate of shows. These are the initial pick-ups, but there are a number of other pilots we feel will also get the go ahead in some form moving forward.”

Details on the new series are as follows:


“Castle” is a comedic crime procedural about a famous mystery novelist, Nick Castle, who is bored with his own success. When a real-world copycat murderer starts staging scenes from Nick’s novels, Nick is teamed up with NYPD Detective Kate Beckett and the challenge gets his blood pumping as he steps in to help solve the crime. Nick and Beckett’s styles instantly clash and sparks begin to fly, leading both to danger and a hint of romance. Nick is kept grounded by his Broadway diva mother, quick-witted teenage daughter and his long-suffering ex-wife… who happens to be his editor. “Castle” stars Nathan Fillion as Castle, Stana Katic as Beckett, Molly Quinn as Alexis, Susan Sullivan as Martha, Monet Mazur as Gina and Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Capt. Montgomery.

“Cupid” is a romantic dramedy about Trevor, a larger than life character who may or may not be the Roman god of love, Cupid, sent to earth to bring couples together. As fate would have it, Trevor is under the care of famous psychologist and self-help author Dr. Claire Allen, who is also dedicated to helping lonely hearts find their soul mates. While she agrees with his cause, she questions whether he’s crazy or really is Cupid. “Cupid” stars Bobby Cannavale as Trevor, Sarah Paulson as Claire, Rick Gomez as Felix and Camille Guaty as Lita.

“The Unusuals” is a unique comedic procedural set in a New York police precinct. As a cop, it helps to have a twisted sense of humor, because every moment could be your last. Just ask Casey Schraeger, who started her day as an NYPD vice detective before unexpectedly being transferred to the homicide division. She quickly realizes that, not only does everyone in her new department have a distinct sense of humor, but also their own dirty little secrets. “The Unusuals” stars Amber Tamblyn as Det. Casey Schraeger, Jeremy Renner as Det. Joe Walsh, Terry Kinney as Sgt. Harvey Brown, Kai Lennox as Det. Ed Alvarez, Harold Perrineau as Det. Leo Banks, Adam Goldberg as Det. Eric Delahoy, Monique Gabriela Curnen as Det. Allison Beaumont and Joshua Close as Henry Cole.


“Better Off Ted” is a satirical office comedy featuring a successful but morally conscious man, Ted, who runs a research and development department at a morally questionable corporation, Veridian Technologies. No achievement is too far fetched and no invention too unorthodox for Veridian. Need a suicidal turkey? Done. Need a metal that is hard as steel but bounces – and is edible? Done and done. Ted loves his seemingly perfect job; he loves his superhuman boss, Veronica, and colleagues Lem, Phil and Linda, but he’s starting to take a closer look at the company’s extremely questionable practices… especially when they try to cryogenically freeze one of Ted’s scientists for testing purposes. Starring Jay Harrington as Ted, Andrea Anders as Linda, Portia de Rossi as Veronica, Jonathan Slavin as Phil and Malcolm Barrett as Lem,.

“Single with Parents” is a comedy about Lou, a woman in her mid-30s who is determined to have her own life despite her crazy blended family getting in the way. She’s thrilled that her divorced parents are leading exciting lives – really she is – except both of them rely on her way too much. Dad needs her as a surrogate parent and Mom counts on her 24/7 as a shrink and confidante. Lou has resolved to finally find a fulfilling life for herself. The series stars Alyssa Milano as Lou, Annie Potts as Elizabeth, Beau Bridges as Joe, Amanda Detmer as Sasha, Meagen Fay as Nancy and Eric Winter as Charlie.