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Avengers NOW! Titles Fly Off Shelves As Three New Series Return to Press!


All-New Captain America, Superior Iron Man & Thor are smash hits! Exciting and ambitious, these Avengers NOW! titles are bringing seismic changes to some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, reinvigorating and recharging some of the most popular characters in all of fiction. Today, Marvel is pleased to announce that three of these hit titles have completely sold out and will immediately head back to press! Missed out on these energetic and action-packed comics the first time? Now is your chance to get your hands on ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #1,SUPERIOR IRON MAN #1 and THOR #2 when they return to comic shops this December!

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Redford in Captain America 2 and A Walk in the Woods, Saldana as Gamora, Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, One Movie for the Rest of Your Life,Tons of Preview Reviews

084 - Featured Image

Lots of interesting discussion on this week’s episode of the GeekScholars Movie News podcast. The hosts kick things off talking about Robert Redford’s upcoming movies, including an adaptation of Bill Bryson’s bestseller A Walk in the Woods, and his involvement in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hit the jump to hear more about this super fun episode! Continue reading Redford in Captain America 2 and A Walk in the Woods, Saldana as Gamora, Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, One Movie for the Rest of Your Life,Tons of Preview Reviews

Epix’s Epic Super Hero Weekend Includes Debut of New Stan Lee Documentary!

Stan Lee on Epix

The Epix channel is turning into quite a cool little entertainment platform. This weekend, April 27 – 29, you can watch Thor and Captain America for free – as long as you sign up for a 14-day trial and catch the world premiere of a brand new documentary “The Stan Lee Story” about Stan “The Man” Lee (creator of the majority of Marvel’s characters) – who did give me permission to still his famous Excelsior! The documentary premiered April 27th, but I’m sure you can catch a replay. You can get Epix on your local cable systems, on the web and they have an app available for Xbox 360 (not sure about PS3.)  Hurry and register to catch your free viewing of Captain America and Thor. It still amazes me that one man created all of these amazing characters. Here is a taste of the great one’s new documentary.

Stan Lee on Captain America

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Captain Steve No More, Long Live Captain America!

Captain America #1

Captain America #1, the first issue of an all new ongoing series premiering in July from two of the comic industry’s most acclaimed creators—writer Ed Brubaker (Death of Captain America) and artist Steve McNiven (Civil War)!

Steve Rogers is back as Captain America but when a mysterious figure from his past returns with the Sentinel of Liberty in his crosshairs, deadly secrets will surface—and send shockwaves through the lives of everyone Steve holds dear. An all-new, high octane Captain America series begins here, just in time for the First Avenger’s highly anticipated feature film from Marvel Studios.

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Michelle’s CinemaCon Adventure Day 1, Thor! Captain America! and More!

CinemaCon 2011 Day 1

I’m in Las Vegas this week attending The Official Convention of The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), also known as CinemaCon. This is a week when Hollywood comes together with Theater owners to pat each other on the back and say “Job well done…” We also get a glance at what new technology and concepts will be making it to our local Cinemas in the next year. The exhibit floor opens today. Last night Paramount Pictures brought the stars out for a two-hour presentation of new footage from some of the hot upcoming releases. Due to embargo rules I can’t talk about much of what I saw. The two “watch” phrases of the night were “it’s a rough cut,” and “thank you Celine for letting us use the house that you built for the week…”

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Marvel Weekly #1 – February 7th

Marvel Fear Itself Spider-Man

Every week the fine folks at Marvel send over a bunch of images of their hot upcoming books. Starting this week, I’m going to group all the images into this one handy feature called Marvel Weekly. In this first installment we have the cover of Spider-man’s Fear Itself Poster, the first five pages of Captain America 615.1 and a couple of Secret Avengers Covers. Enjoy!

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MOVIE NEWS: Whedon to Assemble Avengers!

Variety is reporting that the man who made Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and the crew of the Serenity legends of sci fi and fantasy, one Joss Whedon, has been named as director of The Avengers.


Following two Iron Man movies and single films featuring The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and The Mighty Thor, The Avengers has Col. Nick Fury bringing the characters together, as The Avengers, to face an alien threat.

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Chris Evans IS Captain America!

The Hollywood Reporter started the rumors swirling a few days ago that Chris Evans was in the lead to become Captain America and now it’s been confirmed, Chris Evans is Captain America. He signed a long term deal Marvel that will see him appearing as the Star Spangled hero. He will appear in the main films, as well as the planned Avengers films and will make guest appearances in other Marvel Universe titles. My question is, what happens to Fantastic Four? Does this mean that franchise is dead or will get rebooted? I used to hate the guy, then I saw Sunshine and fell in love with him – he was the best thing about Fantastic Four 2, he really has some acting chops. Everyone thinks this is a great choice but to me he seems too young for the role of Cap.

COMICS: Steve Rogers Returns in Captain America 600


In one of those rare, leaked free, Pop Culture surprises, Marvel Comics killed off one of it’s icons Captain America a few years ago. Not only that, but it’s amazing the Death of Steve Rogers has stuck this long and many say the book has been better for it. As a matter of fact Bucky Barnes has become a fan favorite. A story that captured international attention, Captain America #25 polarized shocked audiences by starkly depicting the murder the cultural icon.  On that fateful day when shots rang out on the courthouse steps, Cap’s greatest enemy—the Red Skull– achieved his greatest ambition—or so it seemed. Since that time, the Marvel Universe has been in chaos, as as the Red Skull has worked towards his true endgame.  But now there is a ray of hope in the form of Steve Rogers!


How can Steve Rogers return from the dead, and will his rebirth be enough to stop the global threat of his sworn enemy? Hitting shelves on July 1st, the special five part series Captain America Reborn finally reveals the true scope of the Red Skull’s nefarious plan, and begins Captain America’s triumphant return. For fans of Captain America and those wanting to own a part of this historic moment in Marvel history, visit your local comic book retailer on July 1, 2009 to purchase Captain America Reborn #1.  To learn more about this landmark event, go to www.marvel.com/reborn! To find a comic book retailer near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com/ or call 888-COMICBOOK.  And be sure to pick up Captain America #600, on sale this week, as the road to Reborn begins!