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NYCC 2017 – Big Blue Is Coming for Arthur Teaser: The Tick: Season 1, Part 2!

The Tick – Arthur Everst (Griffin Newman) and The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) Photo by Jessica Miglio/Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

Previously on The Tick: Arthur had fallen into the clutches of The Terror!

Now: The Terror plays drums; The Tick and Dot ask each other, ‘Where’s Arthur?’, and The Tick becomes airborne.

Amazon Prime Video’s The Tick returns for the final six episodes of season one on  February 23, 2018.

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Evil-Doers, Behold The Tick! Returning In February!

The Tick: Season q, Part 2 – Courtesy of Amazon Studios.)

Amazon Prime Video has set a release date for The Tick: Season 1, Part 2.

Mighty Blue Justice will re-commence on February 23, 2018 with six new episodes.


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First Look: Amazon’s The Tick!

The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) – Photo courtesy of Amazon

Amazon’s The Tick, based on the classic Ben Edlund (who executive produces and writes) comics series, looks a bit different from the version that ran on FOX for all of seven episodes (yeah, I’m still ticked off about that…).

The new version of the deliverer of Mighty Blue Justice looks different – the new costume is weirdly textured – but the essentials are there.

Plus, Amazon has sent us a collection of photos that show us other denizens of The Tick’s superhero world – and Arthur definitely looks like an Arthur. Check out the photos after the break (click on thembnails to embiggen).

The Tick is one of three Amazon half-hour pilots that will drop on August 19th.

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I guess it’s no big surprise to know that your roving Eclipsemagazine reporter was in the Warner Brother’s Supernatural press room to get all the scoop on Supernatural season 7.

Of course the actors and producers weren’t giving out too many scoops, but what tidbits we did get are more than enough to whet the appetite for Supernatural viewers and fans alike.

We didn’t have time to get Jared to the round table I was seated at, but we did get Jensen Ackles, Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund. So sit back and listen to what this dynamic Supernatural trio had to say about Season Seven!


This Friday on Supernatural Things Heat Up For Castiel


This Friday May 6th, the hit action series Supernatural comes one episode closer to the rocking finale of Season 6. According to the CW, all hell is going to break loose (yet again) in S6.20 The Man Who Would Be King. In the episode directed by Ben Edlund, who also co-wrote it with Eric Kripke, Castiel (Misha Collins) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) about the war in Heaven and how he and Raphael ( Demore Barnes) became enemies.

In the last few episodes of the action packed 6th season of Supernatural, viewers and fans of the long running series have seen the Angel Castiel becoming not so angelic as his battle with Raphael reaches the level of desperate measures. In The Man Who Would Be King, Bobby believes Castiel is hiding something, but Dean refuses to believe it. The Winchesters are also dealing with the returned threat of the Demon Crowley ( Mark A. Sheppard) whom it seems Castiel is in league with behind their backs.

The Man Who Would Be King airs on the CW Network this Friday at 9 PM EST right after the last episode of Smallville before it reaches its two-hour series finale next week.

Supernatural Panel at Paley Festival, Part III

The http://archive.ceu.edu/store.php?treat=ibps-specialist-officer-it-model-question-paper https://lawdegree.com/questions/research-paper-business-topics/46/ extended essay help english https://thejeffreyfoundation.org/newsletter/civil-service-notice-of-room-assignment/17/ compare and contrast to kill a mockingbird essay click here financial help to buy cymbalta follow blood test before viagra https://sdchirogroup.com/savings/kamagra-wieviel-einnehmen/33/ https://homemods.org/usc/essays-on-controversial-issues/46/ abilify seroquel rex click https://dnaconnexions.com/last/unterschied-zwischen-avodart-und-finasterid/25/ https://shilohchristian.org/buy/biographical-essay-wikipedia-joey/54/ viagra in india market cialis viagra ou levitra qual o melhor viagra gefaehrlich source source url https://tffa.org/businessplan/thesis-statement-examples-persuasive-essay/70/ in an informative speech, the speaker is allowed to describe or explain, but not demonstrate. phd thesis project management pdf https://workethic.org/order/manufacturer-of-viagra/85/ advantages of levitra how do i write a term paper no script tretnoin interior design thesis format related literature thesis website nexium over the counter alternatives essay on indian national flag in english Supernatural Panel at the prestigious Paley Festival was truly an entertaining and informative event.  Kudos must also be given to the moderator of the afternoon’s festivities, Maureen Ryan, lead critic of AOL’s TV Squad.  She kept the discussion flowing, gave all the panelists equal opportunities to answer questions, and came prepared with knowledgeable, in-depth, intelligent questions to present from both, herself and from fans.  And if the discussion veered too far off track, she reined it back in again gracefully.  Part I covered the introductions, and details of a clip shown corresponding to the upcoming western-themed episode. We left Part II with the creator of Supernatural, Eric Kripke, talking about the many forms discussions take in the writers’ room.  This third part will cover comments from Eric about writing the season finale, his view on exposition, Castiel’s voice, Bobby’s scene with demon Crowley, Jared’s view on soulless Sam, the amulet, and much more!  There were also so many times that the facial expressions and actions were so completely hilarious, that I hope The Paley Center for Media releases the DVD of this panel as quickly as possible.  Again, please do not hesitate to support the Paley Center so that they can continue providing such wonderful panels.  And I won’t torture you any further.  This part completes the panel summary/transcript report in a marathon run to the end, and includes a highlight video released by the Paley Center.  Continue reading Supernatural Panel at Paley Festival, Part III

Supernatural Panel at Paley Festival, Part II

Supernatural made its first appearance at the Paley Festival during its first season and it was wonderful to see the cast and members of the creative team return once again.  The first part of my report outlined the introductions and offered a detailed narrative on the preview clip for the upcoming western-themed episode.  When the Q&A portion began, the first question dealt with the process involved in making episode 6×15, The French Mistake, wherein demon-hunting brothers Sam and Dean were angelically transported to an alternate universe where they found themselves to be actors named Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles working on a television show titled Supernatural.  This very-meta episode, loaded with in-jokes, not only scratched at the fourth wall but brought it crumbling down — just as surely as I suspect the wall in Sam’s psyche holding back the tortuous memories of hell will come crashing down as we approach the season finale.  And while news about a seventh season has not officially been announced, all indications are strong that fans will need to worry only until September about being left with a gut-wrenching cliffhanger.

We pick up the transcript as Eric Kripke started describing the difficulties encountered in working through some of the legalities associated with The French Mistake.  In case you missed it, Part I can be found HERE.

But just a quick note: if you enjoy reading about these events, please visit the website for the Paley Center For Media and do not hesitate to support them through a number of wonderful items they have available for purchase, including full DVDs of past panels of many different shows.  You can also become a supporting member so that these types of events can continue to be offered.  http://www.paleycenter.org/

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Television Review: Supernatural S6.15 The French Mistake: Funny Meta Episode? – Sorta Kinda


Wouldn’t you know it, right after I finished posting my promo article last night for Supernatural S6.15 The French Mistake and go off to bed, The WB puts out an invite to view an advanced screener of the episode. Sometimes it’s tough living on the east coast where you sometimes end up being  late to the media party (and let’s not even go into the freezing cold weather). But better late than never, so after a few minor technical glitches on my end, I was able to grab a can of diet coke, kick back and watch Supernatural S6. 15, The French Mistake.

I’m not exactly sure which of the four definitions of the term ‘the french mistake’ that are listed on the Urban Dictionary site this title refers to and that pretty much sums up my reactions and thoughts on this episode. You see, I’m not exactly sure what the writers and producers were trying to do with Supernatural S6.15, The French Mistake.

In a nutshell the premise of the episode, which is directed by Charles Beeson and written by Ben Edlund, is that Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) are sent to an alternate universe where their life and their history as brothers is an action series called Supernatural. The angel Balthazar (guest star Sebastian Roche’) has sent them there to protect them from being killed by Raphael (doing a bit of gender swapping by being played in this episode by the lovely Lanette Ware). In concept, the hilarity in the episode is supposed to be based mainly on the meta about the Winchester brothers finding themselves thrust into the lives of actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

I watched the episode twice, and both times I came to the same conclusion that the idea behind it was like cotton candy; kind of fun to think about indulging in, but not near enough substance to have warranted actually making it into an episode.

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