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Mind-Blowing Trailer: Interstellar


Christopher Nolan never gives anything away about his movies until he absolutely has to. Even then, he says as little as possible. As witness, today’s release of the first trailer for Interstellar. If a teaser trailer’s job is to intrigue, then this one does its job. Check it out after the jump.

Interstellar premieres in November.

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Les Miserables: Victor Hugo Spawns Uplifting Christmas Movie!


Tom Hooper doesn’t kid around. As a follow-up to his Oscar®-winning The King’s Speech, he could have played it safe and done another smart, funny period piece or a family drama – or any number of equally small independent films. Instead, he chose to adapt the hit musical Les Miserables to film – and, despite some pretty obvious flaws, did, indeed, create an uplifting Christmas release. In spite of those flaws, Les Miz is one of the best film-going experiences of the year.

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Les Misérables is full of Heart! Michelle’s Review!

Les Misérables Hugh Jackman

Les Misérables is one of the most popular and longest running musicals of all time. In the DC area alone it has grossed over $53 million dollars in its numerous runs. On Broadway it has earned over $800 million dollars. Based on the Victor Hugo classic (At 1,400 pages it is one of the longest books ever written) it is a universal, moving and emotional story about redemption against all odds.

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The Dark Knight Rises – Nolan’s – And Batman’s Finale!

Dark Knight Rises

Batman Begins was unprecedented. The Dark Knight was astonishing. The Dark Rises is merely… brilliant. At least, that was my first thought after seeing The Dark Knight Rises (not in IMAX, unfortunately, but that’s neither here nor there). Then I thought that maybe I felt that way because, even after seeing Batman Begins, the brilliance of The Dark Knight was completely unexpected and that, this time, I was expecting brilliance and getting it came as no surprise.

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If I Picked The Oscars®, 2011 Edition – Okay, Academy, Let’s See What You’ve Got!

Oscars - Franco & Hathaway-Bob D'Amico-ABC

Once again it’s the big dance – The Academy Awards [ABC, 8/7C]. Hundreds of movies have been screened and the alleged best of the best have been selected for quality of production, design, performance, direction and all that good stuff. Box office is up – because of 3D surcharges and increased IMAX presence, while the number of bums in seats has decreased noticeably. Questions arise, yet again, as to whether the quality of films has dropped, overall and the Academy Awards are looked to as an indication of that.

Inevitably, there are movies that should have been recognized but aren’t, and some that should not have been recognized, but are. Most of the time, though, there’s little agreement on what those movies are. Hence my annual look at the picks [sticking with major categories, this year] and the ensuing opinion slinging.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

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