Woman for President

I got this one out of a magazine.

16 ways your world would be different with a chick in the white house.

1) There’d be slumber parties at the White House, and all the leaders of the free world would eat ice cream and braid each other’s hair

2) Half-price clothing and shoe sales across the country once a month–on president’s orders.

3) Tampons would be free

4) Rather than attack rogue nations like Iraq, the president would give them a “time out.”

5) Eating a minimum daily amount of choclate would be a law.

6) Women would make equal pay, man!

7) When a guy says “I’ll call you” and then doesn’t, he would be punished by jail time and additional fines.

8) There would be more bathrooms everywhere.

9) You’d get the week you’re PMSing off

10) State of the Union address would only be shown on Lifetime-Television for Women.

11) The president’s husband, the first gentleman, would graciusly escort the press around the White House to show off the efforts of his East Wing remodeling efforts: neon beer signs, a big-screen TV, a lazy boy chair and posters of dogs playing poker.

12) Executive order: Yoga replaces baseball as the national pastime

13) The evening new would be reported by young hunks without shirts (buh-bye Dan Rather.)

14) Schools and kids would be prioritized over bomb-buildings adn campaign financing.

15) The White House would be pink and covered with pretty sparkly stuff.

16) New term in American lexicon: “Pre-menstrual veto.”

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Strange fact

Okay, I really need to stop listening to the radio. Someone just called in with a strange fact. Did you know that dolphins and humans are the only ones that have sex for fun. I always thought that it was just humans. Felt the need to share…sorry…


At long last, the Steven Spielberg opus E.T. The Extra Terrestrial is coming to DVD with a few nice surprises and a few catches. Three versions of one of the highest grossing films of all time are coming home this fall, but only for a limited time.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is the heart-warming family classic from director Steven Spielberg. When an alien is inadvertently left behind on earth, he finds refuge with youngster Elliot. As Elliot and E.T. bond as friends, it soon becomes clear that E.T. must find his way home before government officials capture him for study. Together, E.T, Elliot, and Elliot’s family and friends help reunite E.T. with his spaceship.Two regular versions of the film will be available, one in fullscreen and one in anamorphic widescreen. Both DVDs will feature only the 2002 enhanced version of the film. Other features will include an introduction by Steven Spielberg, new cast interviews and deleted scenes. Also 20 Years Later with Steven Spielberg featurette, John Williams Live Orchestra Segment an isolated score, Space Exploration – A high-tech 3-D interactive journey into space to learn about the planets in our solar system, The Evolution of E.T. documentary, a reunion featurette, and the E.T. archives. DVD-ROM features are also included.For more die-hard fans, or just those who want the original version of the film, will be a special two-disc set which includes both the original theatrical cut and the new directors cut as well as a bonus soundtrack CD, a script from the original feature and a collectible senitype.Like all previous releases of E.T. on VHS and laserdisc however, there is a catch. While the DVD will be available on October 22nd, the film will only be available for a ten week period, after which the disc will be pulled from the market. The regular edition will be priced at $22.95 while the special edition is $69.98.

Weekly Box Office News

LOS ANGELES (AP) The nuclear terrorism thriller “”The Sum of All Fears”” continued to add up with moviegoers, taking in $18.7 million to remain the No. 1 film for a second weekend. “”Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”” opened in second place with $16.35 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.

“”Bad Company,”” another film about a stray nuclear device, proved a bit of a bomb. It debuted in fourth place with just $10.5 million.Rounding out the top five were the year’s biggest hits. “”Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones,”” was No. 3 with $13.9 million, lifting its total to $255 million after 25 days. “”Spider-Man”” came in fifth with $10 million for a 38-day total of $370.1 million. The industry rebounded after last weekend, when the overall box office slumped for the first time in nearly four months. The top 12 movies this weekend grossed $101.7 million, up about 8 percent from the same weekend last year. Still, it was a relatively quiet weekend compared to most of May, when “”Spider-Man”” and “”Attack of the Clones”” drove up revenues by 50 percent or more each weekend. “”You get used to expecting record-breaking films every weekend, especially this summer. I think we’re just in a lull,”” said Paul Dergarabedian, president of box office tracker Exhibitor Relations. “”It’s a little slow now, then some big movie will come along and set the world on fire again.”” Next weekend brings three major releases: the live-action adaptation of “”Scooby-Doo,”” Matt Damon’s spy adventure “”The Bourne Identity”” and Nicolas Cage’s war drama “”Windtalkers.”” “”The Sum of All Fears,”” starring Ben Affleck in an adaptation of the Tom Clancy bestseller, has taken in $61.8 million in 10 days and should wind up topping $100 million. “”Ya-Ya Sisterhood”” is headlined by Sandra Bullock, Ellen Burstyn, Ashley Judd, Maggie Smith and James Garner in a tale of lifelong friends trying to repair a mother-daughter rift. The film drew a mostly female crowd but got a positive reaction from male viewers, too, said Dan Fellman, head of distribution for Warner Bros., which released the movie. “”The excellent word of mouth is going to make this movie have some great legs,”” Fellman said. “”Bad Company,”” one of several terrorism flicks delayed last fall after the Sept. 11 attacks, stars Anthony Hopkins as a CIA boss who recruits a street hustler (Chris Rock) to foil terrorists trying to obtain a nuclear device. The film got generally good scores from audiences, leaving distributor Disney puzzled over its weak performance. “”You can sit there and say, they liked it, what went wrong?”” said Chuck Viane, the studio’s head of distribution. “”And you don’t know.”” “”Attack of the Clones”” continues to slump well behind its predecessor, “”Episode I The Phantom Menace,”” which was approaching $300 million by this point three years ago. “”Attack of the Clones”” is expected to top out at a bit more than $300 million, compared to $431 million for “”The Phantom Menace.”” Factoring in ticket prices that are about 16 percent higher today, “”Attack of the Clones”” grossed less than half the $25.6 million “”The Phantom Menace”” did in its corresponding fourth weekend. In limited release, the romantic thriller “”Cherish,”” starring Robin Tunney and Tim Blake Nelson, debuted solidly with $40,000 in six theaters. Estimated ticket sales are for Friday through Sunday at North American theaters, according to Exhibitor Relations Co. Inc. Final figures will be released Monday.


Ok I am not a professional reviewer but I have to give my review for the move Spiderman.

I have to say I was reluctant that it would be great, I went in expecting only something so so but in the end I was clapping and I my husband and my brother both loved it too so as you can see even guys like it.

I loved many scenes and I really have to admit that I was wrong about the actors portraying the characters I thought they would suck but indeed they did a great job! I loved Kristen Dunst and MJ and Toby did a great job as Spidey. Actually saw him in a different light kinda sexy with his little boy smile. Anyways I loved and can ‘t wait for a sequel.

Two thumbs up!!!! 😀

Spoiler – Matrix Reloaded Ending Revealed!!!!!!

Do not click the read more button if you do not want to know the ending to the Matrix Reloaded. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I knew you would click.Matrix helicopter stunt revealed A HELICOPTER will fly at low level through Sydney’s CBD next month in one of the most spectacular aerial movie scenes ever filmed. The stunt for the $200 million sequel to the 1999 blockbuster The Matrix will take at least two days to film. The helicopter will fly below rooftop level from the eastern end of Bridge St towards George St in what insiders say is the climactic scene of The Matrix Reloaded. The scene will be shot over at least one, and possibly two, weekends in July. Stars Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne, who have been fixtures in Sydney’s social scene for almost a year, are not expected to be involved in the shoot, which is reminiscent of the jaw-dropping helicopter sequences in the first Matrix. Details of the stunt are being closely guarded, with directors Larry and Andy Wachowski fearing other studios could steal their ideas. Producer Joel Silver last month said filming was about to enter a critical stage. “”The most complicated sequence of the movie will not start shooting for two or three weeks,”” he said. “”That is a 14-minute sequence that is the most complicated sequence ever put on film.”” The Wachowskis will meet officials from the Premier’s Department on Tuesday to discuss safety details. Most of the streets surrounding the stunt will be closed to the public. “”We want to keep encouraging international film-making in Sydney, but we have to balance that with ensuring the safety of the public,”” a spokesman for Premier Bob Carr said. It is not the first time the area around Bridge St has been used for helicopter stunts

EA A Father’s Choice Part 16

Sorry Lynn this chapter is not exactly what you were expecting. I decided that it would be best to take a much different route. Although, your comment did get me to thinking that yours might have been the better path, but I guess I am just stuck on the road less traveled by..

Part 16

She took a different then usual way back to her room. She was almost positive that Henry would follow her, and try his best to comfort her. She did not want to see him or either of her parents right now. From the looks on their faces, she knew that all of them had known long before she was told and she resented them for that.

Once she arrived at her room, she began to pack her things. Her father, she corrected her thoughts, the King had offered her the opportunity to stay in the palace, but she was not going to allow herself to be a guest in her own home. She packed all of her clothes, books, and other things that she either wanted to keep or knew would fetch a good price. Tomorrow, she would leave the palace.

Her plan was simple. She would sell whatever she could and then she would use that money to find herself a place. She was a gifted cook and excellent seamstress she was sure she would be able to find a job. A smile graced her face. She would finally be able to know what it was like to be a real person and to be able to tell if people really liked her or if they liked her title. In a way, she was almost glad that this had happened.

Suddenly there was a knock on her door. She called out, “Come in Henry.” Sure enough, Henry came walking in the door. “I knew you would be here sooner or later.”

Henry took a moment to observe the scene. “Might I ask what you are doing? To me, it looks like you are packing, but I do not believe that you are actually leaving. Surely you know that you are welcome here.”

“Just because I am welcome does not mean that I wish to stay. I know that this might not make sense to you, but this is really for the best. It will give me a chance to live a normal life, and for once I will be able to know if people like me for who I am not what I am. Sure there will be a few people who will treat me different because of who I use to be.”

“Danielle, I can not let you go. If you left, I do not know what I would do. The castle would not be the same without you. I would have to bare father all on my own. I am sure you do not wish this on me.”

Danielle smiled slightly. She then gave him a hug. “You shall be fine. Just pretend that I have gone off to finishing school again. You have always been so much stronger than me and I am positive that you will be able to make it through this.” Danielle thought for a moment of a way that she might be able to please him. “I shall not leave a forwarding address because I do not want to constantly be bothered by palace matters. Instead, I will give an address to Jacqueline and she will make sure that all of my letters to you make it to you.”

Henry took a good hard look at Danielle. She was much stronger than anyone had ever thought. The old Danielle would have cried for a few days and then stayed at the palace. This Danielle was much stronger. She did what she knew was right even if she did want to stay here. Henry felt that it was his turn to hug her. “Even if I do not support your decision to leave I am proud of you. It takes a great amount of courage to do what you are doing. No matter what happens to you I shall always be here for you. Remember that.”

The hug went on for a good ten minutes. The rest of the night Henry helped her organize her belongs while they talked. She was going to sell almost all of her dresses except for the one she wore when she worked outdoors. She also planned to sell most of her jewelry and other belongings. The few things that she planed to keep were some books, letters, and other mementos.

When the sun rose from its slumber, Danielle headed out to town and sold the belongings. She was able to fetch a good price and ended up with quiet a large sum. Little did she know that her brother was following her ever step and was buying back ever item she sold. He was determined that some day soon she would want them again.

Once they were back at the palace, she made her plans to known to her ‘parents’. She was going to leave that afternoon and refused to accept any help from them. Their initial reaction was not a good one. Francis forbid her to leave while Marie just cried and begged her not to go. Nevertheless, she stood firm. She pointed out to them that they no longer had any control over her life and that she was finally going to do as she pleased.

Henry stood by her and promised her that he always would. He knew that as much as he wanted Danielle to stay things would be better if she did not. It would let her live on her own and let him try to cure the crush that he dared not to mention to her.

Danielle was able to follow her plan and was gone by two in the afternoon.


With the money she had collected through out the day, she was able to purchase a horse. It was not a white stallion like she was use to at the place, but it was a sturdy creature that would serve her purpose well. Her first stop was Jacqueline’s home. She would not allow herself to leave without at least saying goodbye to her dear friend.

After that, she rode until it was nightfall. It was only then that Danielle aloud herself to cry. She had put up a strong front before, but now that she was given time to think all she wanted to do was cry. Everything she knew and loved was quickly growing in distance and yet she road on, and would continue to ride one.

At nightfall, she found herself in a small town that she did not know the name of. She found an inn to rest and eat at. She would be off again first thing in the morning. Her destination she was unsure of. All she knew was that she planned to stop for good when she was far enough away that few people would recognize her as well as a place that looked inviting.

The next day she arose early and rode again until nightfall. While ridding, she was given a lot of time to think. With each passing moment, she began to miss her home more and more. She began to wonder if she had done the right thing by leaving. Her head told her that she had but her heart longed to be among those things that were familiar.

On the third day she rode again, she decided that whatever city or town she was near at lunchtime would become her new home. The city was of a reasonable size. It was not so small that each person was related to each other because of inbreeding, but it was not large either. No one seemed to give her a second look, and for that she was grateful.

Quickly, she walked into the marketplace and started to inquire if anyone need a new cook or seamstress. Many people were willing to hire, but not someone whose background was a mystery to them. Danielle refused to tell them where she came from. She did not want the Royal Guard here to try to drag her back home. However, it also was not in Danielle’s nature to lie. As a result, she told them nothing.

She decided a change in plans was in order. She went to a small inn and had lunch as she thought over her options. Living alone was not going to be as easy as she had once thought, but she was still determined to do so. She decided that she could go into her own little business. No one knew fashion better then her and she could turn a nice little profit out of it.

After lunch, she began her searched for a house/shop to buy. It took her almost all day but she found the shop that was just the right size she needed. It took her a week to buy everything she needed to get started. She had to furnish her small second floor apartment, and buy some supplies to start making some dresses. She placed a sign in her window offering to make or fix a dress for any dame in town.

Being the smart girl that she was, she knew that there would not be an immediate rush of people. No one ever trusts the new person in town. Nevertheless, she started to make dress hoping that someone would admire her work in her window. For a month, people walked by her window with out giving her a second glance. Shortly, she would run out of money from all the things she sold, and would not be able to make it home again.

In her letters to Henry, she was always very selective in what she wrote to him. She did not want to give him any ideas as to where she was, but she also wanted him to think that she was doing well. His opinion of her meant more to her then before.

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