Orphan Black – Recap – Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est


Ok, what the heck is the deal with this week’s episode title? Come on now. This episode was all about Helena and Rachel.


Episode starts off with Leekie cleaning up the mess in Rachel’s apartment and she’s not happy. She knew Daniel was her monitor. Paul is still sleazy as ever. Rachel asks him to be her new monitor. Rachel says that she’s been self aware since she was a child. She shuts down Cosima’s tests until Sarah gives in. Rachel shows a bit of her sensitive side. She’s trying to get more information on Cal.


Is there anything sleazy Paul won’t do? Rachel uses him as a sex toy. Why do rich people leave their windows open when they are doing the dirty?



Should I just call this the Sarah and Helena power hour now? Felix is weirded out by the fact that Helena and Sarah are working together now. He brings up the fact that Sarah did shoot her. I love seeing Felix and Sarah together again. Funny, Sarah told Helena to treat Felix with respect, like a sister.  Is Felix not the best brother in the world?


I was right, there is something not right about baby daddy Kyle. He has a gun, a big wad of cash and fake IDs stored away in his fancy RV. I did love Kira’s Tiger Hat. I want one of those. Glam, sexy Felix makes a momentary return with a little Tears For Fears in the background. His loving is interrupted by the police, looks like Paul is framing Felix for Murder unless Sarah gives Rachel what she wants. Boy they turned him into an evil Twat pretty quick. For minute there, I thought he was really going to kill Felix.

They need to sick Helena on him.



Poor Cosima. She and Delphine discover Leekie has been holding out on them and break into Leekie’s office. He catches them and tells them Rachel won’t help until Sarah gives up. They believe she is the key to recreating the original genetic map and he offers Cosima the cure as a sign of good faith and against Rachel’s wishes.

Helena and Art

Ok, so it’s not the Sarah and Helena show, it’s the Helena and Art show. I’m really enjoying this more playful side of Helena as she seems to enjoy rubbing everyone the wrong way. Art’s expressions are amusing. Art uses this opportunity to get answers from Helena about her involvement with the Proletheans. Oh god, Sardines and Mustard? I can’t unsee that….


What happened to Art’s annoying partner? She hasn’t been on the show in a few weeks.

Gracie is still alive after Helena attacked her, Henrik and the wacko lady sewed her mouth shut. How do they expect to get her to tell them what happened? They want to use Helena to carry their genetic clones. Creepy Mark has a thing for Gracie.

Helena overpowers Art and goes after Rachel. Super Art and Sarah show up in time to save Rachel and Paul. Helena and Sarah finally bond as sisters and Art looks at them like they are crazy.


Strong episode, lots of solid Art action, I love seeing Helena start to interact with others. We found out that Henrik is probably Rachel’s dad and one of the original project founders. What this has to do with their weird religion, who knows. Cosima finally had some interesting moments, Sarah now knows C is sick and sadly no Allison this week.

Final Grade A-