Orphan Black – Recap – Governed As It Were by Chance


I’m back, was out of town on vacation so had to do a bit of binge watching this week.


Sara is saved by baby daddy Cal after hitting them with his truck. She gets scared when a cop speeds towards them and is ready to have a shoot out with them, much to baby daddy’s shock. Apparently the cops in this town have no problem passing by major road accidents. Good thing, because she didn’t think it through because she was holding the murder weapon in her hand as the cop just kept going. She wiped off the gun, but her fingerprints would still be all over the steering wheel.

Baby daddy has some skill at avoiding the Po-Po. Sara leaves Kira with baby daddy while she returns home to track Mrs. S. down for answers. I don’t trust him. Mrs. S is trying to find someone named Carlton. Hey Black Bauer is now on this show, locking lips with Mrs. S. Ewwwww…..


Felix and Allison discover that Mrs. S. has been lying to them when they discover the project leaders were Rachel’s parents. Sara goes to Rachel’s apartment to get more information where she discovers Rachel may not have started off as the cold hearted bitch that she is now. Her boy toy Daniel is the guy who kidnapped Sara last week and is apparently Rachel’s secret monitor.  He catches Sarah in Rachel’s apartment and goes a little crazy by torturing her – against Leekie’s orders. He’s a little salty about the accident. Let it go man…



I can’t tell you how much I hate this Helena storyline. It’s confusing and at this point I don’t give a S. Although Art does make everything interesting. He’s outside the camp taking photos. One of the religious wackos tries to smother Helena with her pillow. Murder 101 – make sure your victim is dead before you turn your back on them. Helena escapes and runs right past Art who stops the wackos from following. She overhears Felix and Sarah at Mrs. S.’ house and ends up saving Sarah from boytoy Daniel by killing him. Helena looked all Bride of Frankenstein in one of the best, scariest shots of the season. I’m sure Rachel isn’t going to be too happy about this! Helena is actually interesting again. The B is just cray.


After last week’s accident, Allison finds herself waking up in Rehab. She calls Felix for help. Normal looking Felix is kind of hot and I love Felix and Allison together. Can I start the official ship – Fallison? I wish I had brows as nice as Felix’.  He convinces Allison to stay in rehab. Donnie threatens to take away Allison’s kids.


Is getting sicker. What I said about Helena, applies more to Cosima. She hasn’t done much of anything this season.


I don’t know, I loved last season, but this one is giving me the sophomore blues. I miss seeing the Clone Club together, this season’s emphasis on everyone having their own separate stories, just isn’t jelling right now. I was ready to give this episode a C-, but the last 15 minutes were really solid.

Orphan-Black-Season 2-Ep-4-Recap

Episode ends when it turns out those crazy religious wackos are creating their own clones? Are they implying that Helena is immortal? Sarah’s look as Helena was coming towards her was fantastic. I was ready to give this episode a C-, but the last 15 minutes were really solid. We got some real progress and answers in tonight’s episode.

Final Grade B