Interview: The 100’s Eliza Taylor and Jason Rothman have words with Michelle!

Anyone who follows my ramblings know how much I absolutely loved the first two seasons of The 100 on The CW. You also probably followed my slow decent into madness during my weekly recaps of S3. I never believed that “rage quitting” was a real thing until The 100. It’s a strange feeling, being so passionate about something that it when it goes off the rails it literally enrages you enough to just saying “fuck it, I’m out.” I normally quit shows when I no longer care and am ambivalent.

This feels different, I know the cast and I still love the show and want to give S4 a chance but I know it’s going to drive me BatS crazy. I had the opportunity to talk to┬áthe show’s creator Jason Rothenberg and star Eliza Taylor and you all know I have no filter, so you can guess how it went. The 100 Season 4 premieres this week on The CW. Jason did tell Eliza to watch out for me, because I ask tough questions.

Jason Rothenberg

Eliza Taylor