Famous In Love, Freeform’s Hollywood Fable Returns for S2! Michelle’s Review

FAMOUS IN LOVE – Freeform’s “Famous in Love” stars Charlie DePew as Jake, Georgie Flores as Cassandra, Bella Thorne as August, Niki Koss as Alexis, Keith Powers as Jordan, Carter Jenkins as Rainer, Pepi Sonuga as Tangey and Perrey Reeves as Nina. (Freeform/Nino Munoz)

I don’t talk enough about my love of Freeform  (formally ABC Family) – still hate the name change, because I suck and am lazy. It’s my go to channel whenever I want to watch something that’s non-fantasy or super hero related. Well, FreeForm and Investigation Discovery.  One of my obsessions last year was FreeForm’s “fantasy” drama Famous in Love. Famous in Love Season 2 returns Wednesday, April 3.

Season 1 Recap

Famous in Love is its own type of “fairytale.” A Hollywood fable about a 20-something College student who stumbles her way into getting cast in a major Hollywood movie. We watched the babe in the woods traverse the treacherous, back stabbing world of young Hollywood while trying to maintain that perfect GPA.

As I said it’s a “fantasy,” that’s headlined by Bella Thorne who plays Paige Townsen the fresh faced Hollywood newbie who got a break she didn’t want when her roommate Cassandra (Cassandra Perkins) went on an audition for a major Hollywood movie called Locked. Paige caught the eye of troubled, Hollywood “It” bad boy Rainer Devon (Carter Jenkins).

FAMOUS IN LOVE – Freeform’s “Famous in Love” stars Bella Thorne as August. (Freeform/Nino Munoz)

Most of season 1 focused on Paige and Rainer’s growing connection and establishing all the typical tropes shows like this have. Including the stereotypical hard ass Studio head Nina Devon (Perrey Reeves) who just happens to be sleeping with Rainer’s best friend Jordan Wilder (Keith Powers). Did I mention Nina is Rainer’s mother? Uh, oh. DRAMA! Watching all of this from afar is Paige’s other roommate her male best friend Jake Salt (Charlie DePew). They are killing me with these names. It’s a Freeform show so you know we’re going to have a love triangle.

The season cumulated with of course a someone getting shot. Rainer finding out who is real father is going on a drunken binge. A damage control press conference that ends with a scene stolen straight from Notting Hill when Jake storms in and declares his love for Paige. Who will she choose, Broody mcBroody Rainer or always happy nice guy Jake? DRAMA! Cliffhanger!

FAMOUS IN LOVE – Freeform’s “Famous in Love” stars Carter Jenkins as Rainer. (Freeform/Nino Munoz)

Season Two

I’m honestly shocked that this show was actually renewed. Season Two opens two months after the events of the press conference, Locked has been put on hold because Rainer is in Rehab. Last season’s murder cliffhanger is treated as an afterthought and revealed in a throwaway moment. You know this can’t be the end of that plot line, otherwise what was the point?

Jordan’s movie has been a success and he’s trying to go for an Oscar campaign. Alexis (Niki Koss) now has her own reality show, while Tangey’s new album is tanking and she’s now being treated like a joke. Notice I didn’t tell you who Paige ended up with yet? Calm yourselves we find out in the first 3 minutes. But I’m not going to tell you yet.

Cassandra’s character is still a waste of space, she doesn’t do much of anything or involved in any plot in the first two S2 eps that I screened. At some point she has to get jealous of her best friend. No one is that much of a saint that they’ll be happy their best friend is getting everything handing to them on a silver platter. Nina is in trouble with the studio and is on the verge of getting fired because Rainer shut the production down for two months and the movie has no more insurance.

FAMOUS IN LOVE – Freeform’s “Famous In Love” stars Georgie Flores as Cassandra. (Freeform/Eric McCandless)

While in rehab Rainer gets busy with some chick (a new character) who ends up convincing him that he should finish the movie and use his fame for good. So clearly, he’s not pining away for Paige. I guess this is where I tell you who Paige ends up with? Nah.

This is one of those you can turn off your brain and just enjoy kind of shows. I love the blue sky look of this show, it’s so glossy and clean. The acting is eh, but I don’t watch a show like this expecting Emmy level acting, I watch it for the cheese and fun factor. You should know if this is your type of show simply by watching a trailer it’s not striving to break new ground or be dark and grim.

For once the nice guy gets the girl! Paige and Jake are off filming his terrible indie film before Nina puts the kibosh on it. Seems Paige has an exclusive contract and now has to recast her part. This doesn’t stop them from moving in together. Of course, once Alexis blows the Jordan/Nina kanoodle, we’ll get a return of sad sack, bad boy Rainer and Paige is going to try and “save him.” Because you know, every girl thinks they can save the bad boy with their “love.”

FAMOUS IN LOVE – Freeform’s “Famous in Love” stars Charlie DePew as Jake. (Freeform/Nino Munoz)

One of the nice things about a show like this is predictability, every moment in the first two episodes was telegraphed and I can pretty much guess everything that’s going to happen. Paige will end up with Rainer midway through, nice boy Jake is going to become bad boy Jake and cheat on Paige out of jealousy of her “friendship” with Rainer.

Jake will most likely cheat with the new girl he casts to replace Paige. The Locked movie is going to tank, while Jake’s movie becomes the indie darling. Nina is going to lose her job because of the Jordan thing and will bounce back when Jordan gets an Oscar nom, etc.

There are no surprises in shows like this and I think that’s kind of refreshing, I’m tired of shows that just throw twists in just for shock value. Famous in Love is a refreshing change of pace for me and the type of show I love to binge. One thing I love about Freeform is last year they experimented with making the entire season of their shows Beyond and Famous In Love available on their Freeform app. Not sure if they’ll do that again with S2.

If you like soapy, young adult dramas, no reason not to give this one a shot. You can dive right into season 2 without knowing what happened in season 1. Famous in Love Season 2 returns Wednesday, April 3.

Final Grade B

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