Two New Jesus Phones, one coming to Verizon!

The big Apple rumor of the day is they are working on two new Jesus Phones. If they hold to their pattern, they’ll probably announce brand new iPhones in June. The earth shattering news is the iPhone could finally come to Verizon this summer. I like my iPhone and AT&T well enough while I’m here in DC. My troubles start when I expect to use it for business while traveling. So far it’s almost never worked – it failed at CES, Comic-Con, while I was in Salem, VA for a few weeks, etc. It”s proved to be pretty frustrating. The problem is, I’m not entirely convinced it’s AT&T’s fault. Verizon’s service where I live is horrible, so that’s not an option. I’ll admit, I’m really curious to see what a new iPhone would look like, all I want is a 64-Gig version, bigger, better screen, multitasking and for god’s sake a screen lock function! The constant rotating for no reason drives me up the wall.