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Win a Spiderpodium iPad and iPhone Stand!!!

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Spiderpodium Contest

Spiderpodium, Spiderpodium, does whatever a Spider can. Now in my 70’s commercial voice, it bends, it twists, it hangs, it’s one of the most flexible stands you can get for your iPod or iPhone. It’s Breffo’s amazing Spiderpodium and we have two to giveaway!  One for the iPhone and for the iPad!!  Remaining in my 70’s commercial voice – To Win is Simple – Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/eclipsemagazine.  Retweet some of our articles. Like us on facebook (facebook.com/eclipsemagazine – yes I know it’s not properly set up, but we’re working on it).  Send an email to contests@eclipsemagazine with your full name and address with the words Spiderpodium Contest in the subject.  The contest period is Oct 8 – to Oct 18th!  I haven’t decided if two winners will receive one of each or if one will receive both.  In your email please let me know what your preference is. If there’s a huge response for both, then one winner will receive both the iPad and iPhone Spiderpodium. I suspect not many people are foolish like me and have an iPad AND a iPhone.

Spiderpodium Contest


Spiderpodium is arguably the best travel dock available on the market today and certainly the most useful accessory suited to smartphone to smartphone video conferencing. The products flexible nature allows for Spiderpodium to position a phone at virtually any angle, in any position, in any location! This makes Spiderpodium the ultimate accessory for video conferencing without restriction! The fine folks at Breffo provided the prizing for this contest. Check out Breffo at http://www.breffo.com/.




App Incubator will Turn your iPhone/iPad ideas into Apps

App Incubator

If you have an idea for an iPhone game or app but don’t know how to create one yourself, MEDL Mobile is around to help. The company has a new App Incubator program that lets you submit your idea for your great game. If they like it, they’ll develop it for you. You can submit via their App Incubator app or using their website. They also have a Story Boarding tool (a PDF file) that lets you sketch your idea out frame by frame. They have already achieved success with their new game Jungly Jump, which quickly became a hit and featured selection in the App Store.

Star Wars Trench Run 2.0 Update

Just in time for Comic Con, THQ updates their popular game, Star Wars: Trench Run. The update includes the following new levels:

  • Escape – Man the turrets of the Millennium Falcon to fight off the attacking TIE fighters to deliver Princess Leia safely to the hidden Rebel base!
  • Han Solo – From the bottom gun turret of the Millennium Falcon, flying just above the trench, fight to protect Gold Squadron’s Y-wings during the Battle of Yavin!
  • Han Solo Arcade – Protect the 3 Y-wings and destroy on-coming surface cannons and incoming TIE fighters as long as you can!

New Ships include, Millennium Falcon, Y-wing, TIE fighter, Darth Vader’s Advanced TIE fighter.  Overall this is a very nice, meaty update. The game costs $4.99 in the iTunes Store.

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Battleship iPhone Game is a Blast

A few weeks ago EA Games slashed the prices on a bunch of their classic games including The Game of Life, Clue and Battleship to .99. Battleship is a blast to play (bad pun intended). It’s addictive fun; one minute turns into an hour.  The game matches last quite awhile, an average of 10 minutes or more (with the cut scenes) and it doesn’t remember the last position when you quit, so you are forced to play until the match is over. On the one hand it’s a flawless mobile game experience, but the match length means you have to be in a place where you can devote the time to finish a round.  There are neat little RPG elements that let you level up your character and rank, doing this unlock new weapons you can use in the Super Weapon mode.

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Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 for the iPhone Review

The U.S. Soccer team’s impressive World Cup Soccer run has given everyone the fever. Hoping to capitalize, the folks at Konami have ported their popular console soccer game Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PES 2010) to the iPhone/iPod Touch. It’s always amazing how much developers can pack into these ports. The game packs quite a punch with a full list of features including all the professional soccer teams (80 teams) and leagues represented,  You can play full seasons complete with stat tracking and set your match length from 3 – 10 minutes. There are 5 different game levels from Amateur to Top Player.

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Where is iOS4? Non 3GS Users Shouldn’t Bother Updating, it’s Pointless.

As many of you know the new iPhone update iOS4 is supposed to be available today. Apparently, as of  6:30 EST, it hasn’t launched yet, I’m assuming it’ll go live at some point today. The new update really only affects iPhone 3GS users as people like me who have a iPhone 3G and iPad get screwed.  The iPad iOS4 update won’t come until the fall and for iPhone 3G owners a lot of features won’t work including the main draw – multitasking.  I’m assuming iBooks and folders will work – ooh….   I have the latest iPod Touch 64 and am not clear on what will and won’t work on that device, I’m assuming multitasking won’t work either. So really this new “update” is pointless for non 3GS users. Way to once again screw over your customers Apple.

iPhone 4 Roundup


So it’s here, the iPhone 4. I’m not sure what I think about it, yesterday I was all set to get rid of my iPhone 3G and going with TMobile but I have to say I love the design of the new iPhone and the camera features are really tempting – especially now that I’m doing a lot of video for EM. I like the idea of having iBooks on my phone and it was funny watching Steve Jobs talk about the new features of iBooks like it was revolutionary when my Kindle App is already available everywhere, keeps track of where I am in my books and has a bigger selection. I do like the idea of being able to read PDFs directly in iBooks. The phone comes will be available in a 8Gig 3GS version at $99, 16-Gig at $199 and $299 for the high-end 32-Gig model. The price is surprisingly reasonable, I’m surprised ATT is letting people out of their contracts up to 6 months early to upgrade to the new phone. Of course my current contract expires next March so it does me no good. I was disappointed that there is no 64 or 80 Gig option, the screen size is exactly the same and the lack of a screen lock button – the constant rotation drives me nuts. So let’s rundown some of the key new features.

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Two New Jesus Phones, one coming to Verizon!

The big Apple rumor of the day is they are working on two new Jesus Phones. If they hold to their pattern, they’ll probably announce brand new iPhones in June. The earth shattering news is the iPhone could finally come to Verizon this summer. I like my iPhone and AT&T well enough while I’m here in DC. My troubles start when I expect to use it for business while traveling. So far it’s almost never worked – it failed at CES, Comic-Con, while I was in Salem, VA for a few weeks, etc. It”s proved to be pretty frustrating. The problem is, I’m not entirely convinced it’s AT&T’s fault. Verizon’s service where I live is horrible, so that’s not an option. I’ll admit, I’m really curious to see what a new iPhone would look like, all I want is a 64-Gig version, bigger, better screen, multitasking and for god’s sake a screen lock function! The constant rotating for no reason drives me up the wall.

Michelle uses Otterbox for her iPhone Protection

This is one of those shameless a company sent me something, so I’m going to do a write up about it Posts. Or in other words, this is my “payola” post of the week – before oversensitive people yell at me, I use the word “payola,” as a joke.  I wanted a new protective case for my iPhone, so I asked the fine folks at Otterbox to send me one. They sent their White Defender Case and it is one of the nicest iPhone cases I’ve ever used. It feels sturdy, solid and smooth, yet it doesn’t add any weight or girth to the phone. The case doesn’t really bend at all. My old case was flimsy and cheap as heck – even though it cost me $50 at the Apple Store.  At first I was concerned I would get the beautiful white color dirty, but I’ve had the case for about 4 weeks now and not a smudge on it, it still looks like new.

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You Guys Love Some Bejeweled! Over 50 Million Sold in 10 years.

I’ll admit it, I’m now getting addicted to playing Bejeweled on my iPhone. Apparently I’m not the only one, the game is celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary and has sold over 50 million copies on various platforms worldwide. Pop Cap Games, the makers of Bejeweled is going to celebrate throughout 2010. PopCap will introduce new installments in the Bejeweled lineup, hold the first-ever community-wide competition for Bejeweled Blitz, and stage promotional activities such as the upcoming “Show Your Bejeweled Love” contest. PopCap also announced today that Bejeweled has now sold more than 50 million units, making it one of the top ten best-selling video games of all time — and the company continues to sell a copy of Bejeweled every 4.3 seconds.

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CES 2010: iPhone’s Epic CES FAIL!


I’ve had an iPhone since last April, in my time with the phone I never experienced any problems with the phone or AT&T’s service. After 2 years on Cingular (which was horrible and yes I know it’s now AT&T), then two years of Verizon’s awful service I find AT&T to be pretty rock solid in my suburban DC area so when people complain about how bad AT&T I just didn’t see it. I was looking forward to using the Jesus Phone in Vegas this week. Now I understand why people are so upset with AT&T. My iPhone has been useless this week, it dropped every single call that I made, the internet connectivity was spotty to non-existant all week so I couldn’t check my calendar or email and don’t even get me started on the flaky accelerometer. I was so frustrated, I started to literally scream at the thing and people looked at me like I was crazy I wanted to throw it against the wall of the Convention Center. By comparison, I’m reviewing T-Mobile’s MyTouch and that phone has worked perfectly fine this week. AT&T usually gets the brunt of the complaints while no one is willing to admit that maybe the iPhone can’t handle data when there’s a large number of people. You never hear of other phones on AT&T’s network having these types of issues. If I traveled a often and covered a lot of large shows, there’s no way I would trust the iPhone to work.