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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (05.26.10 Finale)

Season 9 of AMERICAN IDOL is about to come to an end.  Who will wear the crown?  It’s mom and indy girl Crystal Bowersox versus former paint store guy and rocker Lee DeWyze.  Everyone pretty much agrees that Crystal took the night last night, but that doesn’t always translate into a win.

Also tonight, Simon Cowell’s swan song.  We say goodbye to Mr. Cowell and perhaps goodbye to IDOL.  How does it come back with no Simon?  That’s a question for another day.  On with the show…

Ryan tells us at the top of the show that before the finale there was only a 2% difference between Crystal and Lee.  VERY CLOSE.

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (05.25.10)

THIS IS IT!  We are down to Lee and Crystal.  Both age 24, both from the Chicago auditions.  Who will become the next American Idol???  Odds on favorite is Lee DeWyze.  Lee was also named favored to win by Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.  Will that cause Crystal’s fans to come out in force?  We shall see.  Now, this would be the night that my cable box goes absolutely haywire so I’m not sure it will make it through the whole show, but I’m gonna try.

Tonight the IDOL are singing their favorite song from the competition, a song chosen by IDOL EP Simon Fuller and lastly the song they will release if they win.  Those are usually cheesy horrible songs that nobody likes (or remembers).  So on with the show.

Crystal won the coin toss and she chose to go second, so Lee kicks things off tonight.

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (05.19.10)

Last night was, without a doubt, Lee DeWyze’s night.  Both of his performances were just spectacular.  He proved he is in this competition to win it.  His rivals, favorite Crystal Bowersox and some guy named Casey James.  I refer to Casey that was because last night he was out of his league.  He simply should not have made it this far in the competition, so I expect him to go home tonight.  On with tonight’s show.  I suspect we’ll see more of their hometown visits and, unfortunately for us, Justin Bieber is performing.  On with the show… AFTER THE JUMP.

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Television: American Idol Recap (05.18.10)

We are down to the final three!  Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze and Casey James.  All three IDOL finalists spent last weekend in their hometowns being praised.  Tonight, it’s time to be judged once again.  Only two will make it to next week’s big finale in the Nokia Theater.  And only one can become the next American Idol.  Tonight, each will sing two songs.  One song they will have chosen for themselves, the other is picked by the judges.  How will they do?  Let’s get on with the show!

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (05.12.10)

We’re getting to the end, finally!  Tonight one more IDOL hopeful goes home (me thinks Casey James) and then it’s the Top 3 who will travel to their hometowns for a heroes welcome.  Also coming up on tonight’s show, Daughtry featuring former IDOL hopeful, Chris Daughtry, and Fantasia.  And then some rock band named Bon Jovi.   Kidding!  Kidding!  Okay, on to the results show.  Quit reading now if you don’t want to know what happened!

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (05.11.10)

Before we get to tonight’s show, here’s your chance to tell IDOL producers what you think.  They want your opinion of the show.  Seriously, they do.  They have hired a company to conduct  a survey of IDOL viewers.  It’s very detailed and covers everything from the judges to mentors to themes, contestants and more.  This is your chance to make your voice heard so take the survey HERE.

Now back to the show.  There are just four finalists left and tonight’s theme is songs from the movies with mentor and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.  Jamie should be a good mentor.  I don’t see him pulling any punches so let’s see if  he lives up to that.  And now…the show.

TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (05.05.10)

It’s another results night and tonight, once again, someone goes homes.  I think it’s Casey James after his horrible performance last night, but I am never right.  Although, tonight I might be.  In any case, this week’s mentor and music arranger, Harry Connick, Jr., will perform tonight as will chart topper Lady Gaga.  I can only imagine what her performance will be like.  Hopefully the boring IDOLS will get inspired.  Enough chatter, on with the show.

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (05.04.10)

It’s another night of American Idol and we are down to the TOP 5.  This week’s mentor is my fellow New Orleanian, Harry Connick, Jr. and the theme is “Songs from Frank Sinatra.”  It will be interesting to see how our Top 5 interprets “Old Blue Eyes.”  However, Connick, Jr. is going a step above as a mentor this week.  No only will he advise them on singing, but he will also be arranging the songs and performing as part of the band!  A nice touch from the gifted musician.

I sincerely hope our IDOLS start bringing a little spark to the competition b/c with Siobhan gone, the show is desperately lacking sizzle.  {Sigh}  In any case, on with the show, shall we?

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (04.28.10)

It’s another elimination night.  33 million votes were cast last night and another IDOL hopeful is about to go home!  Who will it be?  I predicted Big Mike is going.  But we shall see.  Shania Twain was the mentor last night and tonight it’s pure country with Rascal Flatts and Lady Antebellum performing.  Shakira performing too!  Not sure how that fits into the country theme.  In any case, it’s time to get on with the show, so all of you who haven’t seen the show should stop reading now.

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (04.27.10)

It’s country night on IDOL!  More specifically, it’s Shania Twain night.  The Top 6 will take on the country diva’s greatest hits.  When I looked on iTunes I was surprised to see that Twain had more than 50 songs!!!  She should be a good mentor for the IDOL crew.  If there is one night that Aaron Kelly should shine, tonight is it.  Country is his genre, but stranger things have happened, right?  Okay, enough chit chat.  Time for some tunes…after the jump!

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (04.21.10)


The Top 7 are about to become the Top 6, but not before 2 hours of “Idol Gives Back.”  This is the night that celebs ask you to dig deep and help out the various charities that American Idol supports in our country and across the globe.  Ryan Seacrest is hosting the show in Hollywood and Queen Latifah is hosting from the Pasadena Civic Center.  It’s gonna be a star packed night with Mary J. Blige, Carrie Underwood, The Black Eyed Peas, Sir Elton John and many, many more.  Oh yeah, last night’s mentor, Alicia Keys, is performing too.  So, on with the show…

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