TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (05.25.10)

THIS IS IT!  We are down to Lee and Crystal.  Both age 24, both from the Chicago auditions.  Who will become the next American Idol???  Odds on favorite is Lee DeWyze.  Lee was also named favored to win by Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.  Will that cause Crystal’s fans to come out in force?  We shall see.  Now, this would be the night that my cable box goes absolutely haywire so I’m not sure it will make it through the whole show, but I’m gonna try.

Tonight the IDOL are singing their favorite song from the competition, a song chosen by IDOL EP Simon Fuller and lastly the song they will release if they win.  Those are usually cheesy horrible songs that nobody likes (or remembers).  So on with the show.

Crystal won the coin toss and she chose to go second, so Lee kicks things off tonight.

Lee sings “The Boxer” from Inspiration week.  From what I can hear, it sounds good.  My cable box is digitally skipping.  Ugh!   Randy says, “A great way to start it off…pick it up.  More energy.”  I don’t catch what Ellen says.  That skipping thing again.   Kara says, “I agree with Randy, push harder.”  Simon says, “I would expect a lot more excitement, a lot more passion.”

Crystal sings “Me and Bobby McGee” which as a big hit the first time she sang it.  Crystal seems even more relaxed, if that’s possible and she sounds great as always!  Randy says, “I thought that was dope, dude.”  Again, cable box is skipping and Ellen is unitelligible.  I promise I have nothing against Ellen.   Kara says, “I loved it the first time you did it and I loved it tonight.”  Simon says, “You know what, we’ve got a competition tonight.  That was terrific.”

Lee DeWyze is given “Everybody Hurts” by Exec Producer Simon Fuller.  Lee sort of looks like a deer in headlights.  He has no expression.  He really has to work on this, but he sounds great.  Randy says, “I like that, dude.  It was a lot better.”  Ellen says Lee pulled back a little too much during his performance.  This time Kara is cut out by the skipping cable box.  Simon says, “That was a brilliant choice of song for you.”  Simon goes on to tell him that he can see he’s nervous, but he has to believe in himself.

Crystal is given “Red Velvet” as her second song selection.  She is sans instrument which I always think makes Crystal a little uncomforable.  She sounds freakin’ awesome on it though.  Fantastic performance.  Randy says, “Mama Sox is in it to win it.”  Ellen say, “That was fantastic.”  Kara says, “You want it and you can tell.”  Simon says, “You took that song and absolutely nailed it.  I’m very impressed.”

For his last song, Lee sings “Beautiful Day” which will be his first song release if he wins.  Wait, it’s a U2 cover!!!  His first song release will be a cover???   IDOL PRODUCERS!!!!   Oy!  He too has no instrument for this song.  He definitely seems to be more into this song and sings it well, but it’s so well known, I can’t believe it will be his first release.   Randy says, “Good on ya, baby!  Good on ya!”  Ellen says, “I am so proud of you.  You did a great job.”  Kara says, “You have one of the most commercial voices of the season and you deserve to be there tonight.”  Simon says, “This is what this competition was designed for.”

Crystal sings for her last song “Up To The Mountain” by Patty Griffin.  It will be her first song released if she wins.  Such an odd choice for a first single.  Again, IDOL PRODUCERS!!!   Crystal’s voice is a power house, no denying it and she slays the song.  She definitely feels it emotionally and vocally.  Randy says, “An amazing song by an amazing singer.  This is one of your greatest performances.”  Ellen says, “You are in a league of your own.”  Kara says, “You were completely and emotionally invested in that song…amazing.”  Before Simon can speak, Crystal thanks him for all of the advice he’s given her and she wishes him well.  Simon says, “I thought that was the best performance of the night and since this is my final critique, I thought that was outstanding.”

It’s over.  This was probably one of the most boring IDOL finales in years.  Tonight the night was Crystal’s for sure, but Lee’s fans may still give him a victory.  We’ll find out tomorrow night in the two-hour stretched our finale.  Until then…  (Oh, and I promise to have a new cable box by then).