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Last night was, without a doubt, Lee DeWyze’s night.  Both of his performances were just spectacular.  He proved he is in this competition to win it.  His rivals, favorite Crystal Bowersox and some guy named Casey James.  I refer to Casey that was because last night he was out of his league.  He simply should not have made it this far in the competition, so I expect him to go home tonight.  On with tonight’s show.  I suspect we’ll see more of their hometown visits and, unfortunately for us, Justin Bieber is performing.  On with the show… AFTER THE JUMP.

The show opens with Ryan having a rather long Q&A with the IDOLS and their experiences on the show.   Ryan then turns to Randy for some commentary, but the thing I notice most is that whomever is running audio tonight keeps cutting off Lee DeWyze’s mic.  Just leave them on, for pete’s sake.

A quick break and it’s the Ford Music Video.  I’ll be glad when these are done.  Now it’s on to hometown visits.

Casey James — We see Casey go home to Texas where he is adored by fans.  Then he travels to Cool, Texas, his hometown and it appears that everyone there came to see him.   He also travels to the hospital that saved his life when he was in a bad accident several years ago.  He then performs a concert to a packed house!!!!

We take a break and then someone named Travis Garland takes the stage to perform.  Not sure who he is, but Ryan says he has a new single called “Believe.”  The girls will like Travis, but his voice leaves a lot to be desired.  His mix is also off tonight.  The vocal coming from his mic needs to be louder.  Someone needs to fire his choreographer too.

Another break and now we see Crystal’s hometown visit to Toledo, OH.   Crystal is immediatley met by a crowd at the airport and head to the local Fox station to be interviewed.  She does the morning news and then she plays with the paparazzi.  She has a parade through her hometown and gets the key to the city.  The crowd for her looks amazing.  She has some quiet family time and then puts on a show to a massive crowd.

Now we go home with Lee DeWyze to Chicago.   The crowds go wild and Lee is just in disbelief.  He heads out to a Cubs game and throws the first pitch.  Then he visists his elementary school and his mobbed by the kids.  Everywhere he travels, the crowds are going nuts.  he visits his family and has a parade where the young fans are screaming with delight.  He calls it the best day of his life.  After watching that video, I think I want Lee to win. 

It was very moving then Ryan ruined it by saying that Justin Bieber was next.  Ugh.

Back from the break and Bieber performs.  My TV is on MUTE.  I refuse to listen to this crap.

Another break and finally the reveal… the first person in the finale is LEE DEWYZE.  Lee gives a little fist pump at the news.  It’s no surprise.  He earned it.   Joining Lee will be…drum roll… Crystal Bowersox.  Crystal says, “Am I safe?”  She hugs Casey James and then she and Lee share a huge hug.  Crystal and Lee duke it out next week.   It’s gonna be a great night.  Until then…